Nurses Press Labour Minister To Address Their Concerns

Steadroy "Cutie" Benjamin, Attorney General

Minister of Labour, the Steadroy Cutie Benjamin, met with the Executive of the Antigua and Barbuda Nurses Association to discuss several outstanding issues which were of concern to the association.


The main arguments were put forward by the President of Association, Soria Dupie-Winston, who led the conversation on some of the major issues plaguing nurses in the twin island state.


Dupie-Winston noted that Mount St. John’s Pension Plan, yearly scholarships and greater collaboration, inclusion as it relates to nurses’ affairs, are some of the association’s main areas of focus.


She professed that nurses are some of the most professional persons who take their role very seriously and emphasized that the time has come for their concerns to be properly addressed.  She noted that a lack of attention to needs affecting the professionals have led some to migrate thus causing a brain drain in the profession locally.


Minister Benjamin thanked the nurses for, what he described as one of the most professional meetings he has had in recent times. Benjamin said the caliber of nurses in Antigua and Barbuda must be recognized and their concerns must be addressed.


He mentioned that the negotiating team will meet this week and the report will be submitted to the establishment division, at that the Nurses Association will have access to the findings and recommendations of the Government Negotiating Team. The Labour Minister stated that he will report to Cabinet the results of Monday’s meeting.



  1. One of the major issues plaguing nurses is the LACK OF COMPASSION, PROFESSIONALISM & GOOD BEDSIDE MANNERS.

    What are they doing to address this issue?

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