Nurse on ventilator as Antigua’s COVID crisis worsens


One of the country’s health-care workers has contracted the coronavirus and is currently hospitalized.

Addressing the COVID-19 situation in the country moments ago, UPP Leader Harold Lovell said a nurse at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre is currently on a ventilator after contracting COVID-19.

According to the latest dashboard released by the Ministry of Health Saturday afternoon, 41 people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

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  1. That will happen when you want five course meal as opposed to bread and cheese that is on offer and you want to hold out!!!!

    • Well wishes for this Nurse to pull through, and health wishes to all nurses. Thank you for all you do .

      @just saying – go to the root of the nurses anger…PM … People lash out when they’ve been promised to & not delivered, lied to, exhausted, understaffed yet expected to keep quiet in the face of the greatest health crisis in our lives…they afraid…
      And this poor person is on a ventilator with his/her life in the balance because s/he has been caring for all of us.
      Please @just saying, where is your humanity?

    • @JustSaying you are an idiot… its so sad that the nurses have to fight for arrogant stupid people like you when the pm don’t give 2 shit about you. He done get his 5 course and you not even gonna get crumbs

    • When PM Brown took this vaccine did he stop to think about the nurses at the airport.. Did he?
      Dear father, please forgive our PM and please forgive Just Saying. If it be your will Lord, please let this nurse who worked screening passengers at the airport pull through. You alone know best.

      What the hell are you saying? There is a Nurse on a ventilator in the Hospital.That is the best you could come up with. I pray for her and for all of those infected with this Virus.That they all pull through to good health.

    • Where us sir carina joseph and covid brown aka top dog? When antiguans is going to wake up and hold them accountable?

  2. Please wake up Antiguans.

    Stop the nonsense with your silly political infighting.

    People who lived through what happened in NYC over the spring can tell you that what is ahead of you is worse than your most horrific nightmare.

    And it will be much worse here than in NYC because the infrastructure in Antigua is so much less equipped to deal with this situation.

    You’re going to have people dying in the streets.

    You’re going to have people dying because there are no ventilators or CPAPs or high flow O2 available.

    You’re going to have nurses and doctors dying.

    You are also going to have the rich and elite fleeing the country when things get really ugly. They are going to look out for themselves and not for you.

    You’re going to have sharp increases in crime.

    Things could easily descend into total chaos.

    There should be a united voice amongst Antiguans demanding an immediate change of course by the government.

    This isn’t a political issue. Who knows if your other party would have done a better job.

    The truth is that government in power now has FUBAR’d the pandemic response.

    Demand that they fix things NOW. It may already be too late.

    1. Close all borders to commercial and private traffic.
    2. Lockdown country. Everyone stays home except essential workers.
    3. Prophylactically treat everyone with I-MASK protocol.
    4. Reopen island in a month or so with REAL PROTOCOLS that apply to ALL VISITORS, TOURISTS, RETURNING NATIONALS.

    But fighting over your stupid political parties while your country is burning is ridiculous.

    • New York is one of the worst states for medical malpractice in all of America and more people die of medical error there vs. anything else. It has nothing to do with Covid.

      Comparing Antigua to America is nonsense.

    • You do realize that you are advocating the same protocols that Barbados and SVN have? It escapes you that for eg SVN has about 4 times the active covid cases that ANU has? The reason is yes they screened on entry but did not ensure their internal defenses were up (no mandatory mask wearing). They did not realize that just because a test says someone is covid negative, that does not mean it could not be a false negative.

  3. Do you listen to the mockery in the parliament of Antigua & Barbuda ? Complete mockery of democracy.
    The prime minister responded to his former minister’s assault on how tax concessions are given to the rich and powerful while the poor national catch hell. It is amazing how accusations and allegations come forth when once buddies in bed; now argue at the dining table.
    Mr. prime minister, you sat back in your office and condone all these acts, knowing all too well that they are all corrupt and evil. Yet, you did nothing to protect the interest of the nation. YOU ARE CORRUPT TO THE CORE !
    You are evil and deceitful. Wicked and selfish. All of you are !
    I am emphasizing once again: you may escape the justice of a corrupt human system but you will not get away in the universal court of the Righteous judge. You and all who sing behind you for their filthy lucre; will have your day to answer at the judgement seat.
    Do you believe that the loot would be able to save your skin ? NO WAY ! NOT EVEN A SLIGHT CHANCE !

    You and your corrupt followers will pay. Yes….all you fools who condone the corruption. You business people, taxi and bus drivers, trade union misleaders, religious misleaders, air traffic controller, calypsonian, permanent secretaries, statutory board members, hotel owners, political party jumpers, radio talk show hosts, retired civil servant pretending to be saint: HYPOCRITE !, those who lie to the max on radio every day and yes you too. Time to take a stand for righteousness.





  4. @just saying need to start thinking not just talking . you all need to stop putting politics over lives dont know if you get the most hand outs thats why. Its crazy how people lives is not important in your eye sight, only the leader you worship that does or say nothing wrong. It is best to think before you bark! The heart of man is desperately wicked just to get some crumbs from the leaders they defend their wrong doing at all cost

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