Nurse in South Carolina charged with making fake Covid-19 vaccine cards


(CNN)A nurse in Columbia, South Carolina has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of making fraudulent Covid-19 vaccination cards, according to the US Attorney’s Office for the District of South Carolina.

Tammy McDonald, 53, is charged with making fake vaccine cards on June 20 and July 28, allegedly filling out vaccine cards for people she knew had not received a Covid-19 shot. She’s then accused of lying to federal agents when questioned about the matter in October.


“She provided CDC Covid-19 Vaccination Record Cards to individuals and had personally filled out the individuals’ identifying information and lot numbers for vaccines she knew had not been administered to those individuals,” the indictment said.


McDonald has been charged with two counts of producing fraudulent identification documents and one count of lying to federal investigators, according to the indictment. She was arraigned Friday and granted a $10,000 bond, and has pleaded not guilty on all charges, according to a press release from the US Attorney’s Office.


“Although the indictment speaks for itself, creating fraudulent or fake vaccine cards for those who have not been vaccinated poses a direct threat to the health of the people of South Carolina,” Acting US Attorney DeHart said in a statement.


According to the US Attorney’s Office, McDonald faces up to 15 years in prison for each count of making fraudulent Covid-19 vaccination cards, and five years in prison for lying to federal investigators.

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  1. … and yet, robberies, shootings, home invasions, murders, fraud, child molesting and rapes takes forever to solve in Antigua. HMMM!

    • Did you even read the damn article or you just jump straight to the comment section to tear down Antigua?

    • They solve where your brain has disappeared? Below is a table showing that almost 50 percent of alll homicides in the US remain unsolved ( data from Murder Accountability Project)

      Year Homicides Clearance Unsolved
      2019 15,449 58% 6,544
      2018 15,877 59% 6,537
      2017 17,004 58% 7,154

      • @Tenman:What is going on with that matter of the Nurse in Antigua.It has been alleged that a Nurse falsified Vaccines Cards for $$$$$$$.Seeing that you Ten-A-Man Hughes knows it all,tell us.

      • Tenman,what has become of that case of the Custom Broker? The one that Gaston did say forged his signature.

  2. Only in Antigua. When a similar case here was make public, it of persons co.mented that things like that only happen in Antigua. I wonder what the Antiguans residing in the USA saying now, as if they did not know it was happening all over.

  3. They need to lock up Dr. FRAUDCI for hiding the
    results of a 2005 NIH study that showed Cloroquines effectiveness on SARS. He knowingly watched hundreds of thousands of people die from lack of early treatment. After some outrage from a few dedicated doctors, he authorized a study on hydroxychloroquine with a TOXIC dose to prove it’s not safe. Making experimental “vaccines” the only mode of treatment – giving them the EUA that affords them indemnification. And he continues to watch and denies the carnage being done by these so called “vaccines.”

    NIH owns part of the patent on the Moderna vaccine.

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