Nurse faces prison time after allegedly defrauding patient of over $4,000 – a third legal charge for Jahmesha Millwood


Once again, Nurse Jahmesha Millwood has found herself in legal trouble, this time facing charges of fraud in St. John’s Magistrates Court before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh on Thursday, May 4.

Millwood had been on bail for similar offences, but this latest incident violated her bail conditions, resulting in her being placed on remand at His Majesty’s Prison. Her lawyer, Michael Archibald, may request bail for her before a High Court judge.

Millwood is accused of defrauding a Crosbies man, who was seeking a private caregiver with medical training due to a leg injury that restricted his mobility. Millwood was recommended to the family, despite her pending legal issues, which were disclosed to them.

While working for the sick man, Millwood allegedly accessed his cheque book, removed cheques, and wrote various sums in her own name. She then cashed these cheques at a local service station, leading to the discovery of her forgery.

Sources have confirmed that Millwood is also involved in other legal matters before the Civil Court, having appeared before Chief Magistrate Walsh on May 3 for allegedly swindling money from a woman.

Despite telling the court that she could repay the sums by November, the court requested repayment before that time.

Additionally, Millwood is facing 21 counts of falsifying COVID-19 vaccination cards, which she allegedly forged and sold for a substantial amount. She was taken into custody in November 2021, and her nursing license was revoked.

Millwood, a 30-year-old Bolans resident, was previously granted $5,000 bail for the falsified vaccination card charges.

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  1. This nurse looks like she has some sort of mental issues going on?
    It seems some kinda of financial thing is happening also.
    Her problems always seem to involve money..
    She’s really making the noble profession of nursing look really bad..
    She needs help!!

    • Absolutely that’s my observation she’s is not normal and seems to be possessed. Pleaing to the coart for leniency , allowed her to pay back the funs and sentence her so she can get the appropriate correction measures

    • We can’t always blame mental issues. Some people are just perennial fraudsters. When they see an opportunity to swindle and make money, they go for it.

    • Agreed. These crimes seem to be impulsive. She definitely needs counseling not confinement.

  2. Millwood I feel for you even though what you did was wrong I hope this is a lesson to you . Sorry for your kids especially 🙏 pray 🙏 my dear for God answers prayers are a good nurse and you work very hard too become a” NURSE.”

  3. Bill Gates Ah FRAUD
    Fauchi is a Fraud.
    We All worked HARD
    Hook / Crook we Got Tooked.
    Covid part Some Leniency..
    Other Asoects
    Country Small Life Hard.
    Put her in the Hands of
    The Lord..
    He Can then Decide .she Willing to Repay!
    Even though she POOrly Deserve it!

    • And hopefully @ MysticLean someone in High Office 🥸 will also be held accountable for what happened here in Antigua on Teargas Sunday 21st August 2021 … least we not forget!

      • This nurse is seen as the “low hanging fruit”, where those behind the Covid-19 fiasco haven’t been held to account – yet!!!

  4. Oh my she needs help!!! She’s so desperate maybe no money for a long time, that she has to revert back to what she knows. Does she have kids? Help her please.

  5. I think she has mental health issues. No one person can be consciousl doing the same things over and over. Sorry for her and the victims.

  6. I wasn’t mad at her for the covid “fraud”. Covid was a fraud itself.

    This is incredibly low, however. Now she is taking advantage of vulnerable people. She’s a real wolf.


    • Think about it. Whether or not you think Covid was fraud, cunning desperate people to pay huge sums of money for covid vaccination cards was also low. She tried to profit from people’s vulnerability. It’s obviously a pattern of behavior.

  7. She needs spiritual help she need deliverance I believe this is a curse that was place upon her by the enemy.
    Our leaders are fraud too (not condoning wrong) but it is what it is.

  8. If she tell the court she can pay the find by November and the court want it before what do you think she going to do ??????

  9. She should perhaps never have messed with the wrong person in the first place! My mother always tell me “touch not the Lord’s anointed and do his Prophets no harm!” There may be a curse somewhere; much MUST be done to remove it

    • @Wendel Robinson…☠️😃really? I though practicing Obeah was illegal in Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA?

      Since, #Redonda_Obeah, Inc, performs so well, how in #Jesus_Of_Lubeck name does our crooked politicians can’t seemed to be caught, charged, prosecuted and sentenced? Are politicians covered in Teflon Obeah dust with the Midas_Touch, to steal from the ‘lords anointed’ and walk around like King_Peacock?

      Her habits are that of a #clepto!

      BTW…I’m a career criminal according to the law. I love and appreciate the vibes from having THC, running wild through my receptor cells to keep me calm, cool and collective, as I work hard, as a Carpenter and a Farmer!

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  10. She needs help. Probably stealing from one to pay back the other. Digging herself into deeper and deeper holes. At one point I was considering reaching out to her . Right now I think she needs psychiatric help.

  11. @Jj I agree with you. She really needs spiritual help because it could be a generational curse. Are there any deliverance pastors out there who would be willing to help her? How come others in high places that have committed fraud are not been arrested? Enquiring minds would like to know. Anyway, what they get away with from man, they surely will not get away with from GOD.

  12. The PM like he place a spirit of fraud on the country, the thing is he gets away while others pay. Waiting to see the outcome of the fraud he committed. He confessed of moving voters out of his constituency to help others win.
    He claimed his signature was Forged.
    He claimed Chosk went on a romantic trip with his girlfriend knowing the outcome.
    He said they are bringing Wealthy investors from Africa knowing that was not true.
    All these are acts of deception

    • @smh, You sre so right!
      And as for the nurse, she is one of the many Health people who took advantage of people during covid
      Covid showed the good in some people and the bad in others .. Thank you to all the hard working nurses and doctors who have been building our nation since our Independence from England
      This nurse though, might want the latest iPhone but guess what, if an Alcatel is what you can afford: buy it & be content. In the meantime, save for your needs (and mark you, there is nothing wrong if you prefer a rollsroyce to a honda) and treat yourself ever so often from your savings….ALWAYS aim high BUT always REMEMBER TO Ieave other people money alone!!!!!!!!!

  13. 9% growth consistently yet the people are impoverished.
    I wonder if Petra is her financial advisor?

    Things are hard in this country, just another way of crying out for help. Community support structures are no longer in place, it’s every man and woman for themselves..

    Prison time will not help her pay her bills. Interest rates are abusive the loan sharks have no mercy FAST CASH, COURTS, AXEL, ALL THE BANKS. Food prices are extremely high, utilities.

    The government was elected to make living easier and they are making excuses as to why it is beyond their control to rectify. PUT THEM IN OPPOSITION AND YOU WILL SEE HOW QUICKLY THEY COME UP WITH ALL THE SOLUTIONS.

  14. She’s a career criminal, a thief who wants what is not hers.
    Old Neargah say: no hang U cuffee wey u cyan retch um.
    Ebrey ting bad a obeah so, bout smaddy do she subben. Jail she teefing backside!
    Call me wah r u want fu call me, den siddung pan de fingah dat u point attah me.

  15. She should have just sell she front like most dem here do and she wouldn’t have to go thru all that

    She wanted to be different and see what happened

    Best she min just sell front and make she money like all dem do here already

    • Was it the same thing Your mother did to support you? Sounds like you are talking from experience.

  16. She is very good nurse and knows her work she has a good heart may God help in this time pray nurse asked God to help you he will he answer all and forgive all ask for super natural favor

  17. Until all of us are below the surface then we understand,she is wrong totally
    But just as teachers nurses have children rent and bills to pay
    It is not easy to go to work everyday put your heart in and have to still beg to survive as a Nurse
    We cry we cry we cry we beg for raises better salaries and yet we are turned down
    Social security took majority of the so called 5%
    Now I really sincerly pray that through all of this an unknown struggle was there.
    Yes,yes,yes again nurses struggle too.
    A nurse that has devoted years of help genuinely,working hard and selfless
    So do I celebrate today no I cannot I feel every drop of tear that she had made before
    Becoming this way!!!!

  18. Some achieving many suffering a country with so much growth. The PM told his ministers to enrich themselves, what we are witnessing is what the PM meant by self enrichment?
    The sad thing the higher heads don’t give account for their wrong doing the force is well controlled by these leaders

  19. Give jack his jacket. Mamsell is a tief. Although i commend her on the card forgery. Shame she got for that.

  20. That lady needs an evaluation done on her. There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with her. Send her for therapy and then judge her based on those results. In my opinion,she has deep dark issues.I do hope she gets the help needed.

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