Nurse Cynthia ‘Love’ Byers dies


Antigua and Barbuda has lost one of its front-line workers.

Nurse Cynthia ‘Love’ Byers has died.

Over the weekend it was reported that one of the country’s health-care workers had contracted the coronavirus and was hospitalized.


Addressing the COVID-19 situation in the country, UPP Leader Harold Lovell said a nurse at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre was on a ventilator after contracting COVID-19.

The Medical Association of Antigua and Barbuda (MAAB) extended condolences to the family of Nurse Cynthia Byers, our Sister, colleague, and friend.

Nurse Byers had a Nursing BSc, Postgraduate in Midwifery, Postgraduate Diploma in Critical Care Nursing, and a Certificate in Epidemiology.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with her family during this difficult time. She touched so many lives throughout her career and lifetime.”


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    • It would seem so huh? He needs to study what THEY would do in a Pandemic and give alternatives and not just constantly criticize.

      • Hi Imogen Pearce. It would be nice if your ABLP government take some of the advice given by Lovell and the UPP at the start of the pandemic. Some would definitely help slow the economic downturn, ease the sqeeze on poor people, and stem the uncontrollable spread of the covid virus.

        • That would be a disaster. In the first instance, they were not agreeable with the curfew.
          If they were not with the curfew , what advice can they give ?
          When a young man 👨 dies, they blamed the Prime Minister, saying is because of the curfew, why he died.
          All up do is oppose. That’s what they do best.
          Let my government run the country.

    • What turns on that? A life was lost and you chose to nitpick on LOVELL. ANTIGUANS SICK ME TUMMUCK NOW WITH YALL HATRED TOWARDS EACH OTHER OVER POLITICS.
      Rest In Peace dear lady and I wish her family comfort and strength during this time. Nurses please have each other’s back during this pandemic

    • Or take the alternative and had some protection rather than none at all. How about showing a little sympathy instead of spewing your uselessness.

    • Even the Oxford would have prevented her from dying… it is still 60% effective against the Covid and mutations. So no need to get The PMs vaccine. RIP! :((

      • It certainly wasn’t available 2-3 weeks ago before she contracted the disease.

        And it certainly wasn’t available 4+ months ago which is when she would have had to have taken the first dose in order to have the second dose 12 weeks later and have time to develop immunity.

        Seems some of you have lost the plot bigtime and just want to blame your fellow Antiguans for getting sick and dying.

        Let’s stay focused — None of this would be happening if your government didn’t allow visitors from diseased countries wide, open and free access to your country over the last 13 months.

      • How would it have prevented her from dying? Chances are, the lady had contracted the virus before the vaccines were available, AND YOU CANNOT VACCINE PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY INFECTED. THEY ADVISE AGAINST THIS SINCE THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW THE VACCINE WOULD REACT IN THE PRESENCE OF THE VIRUS. Common sense. How is that so hard to decipher?

  1. Like the BLACK DEATH this virus in late February last year descended upon my immediate family Kids ,Grand Kids , Nephew Wife and more .. Mask use was not talked about much yet .We were able to wrestle our lives away from this Beast but it took with it my Mother . . Gone was the foundation and four pillars of the family. Just got a phone call last week and a good friend passed from Covid didn’t even know he was sick because it was that quick . A great great guy , beautiful kids and wonderful wife . It doesn’t care about UPP , Lovell ALP or who supports Gaston and who doesn’t .Not even calling for the closure , but simply to have. tourists tested after arrival have gotten you called names and cursed out . Antigua it’s attack attack attack if it sounds different. NO ONE GETS A FREE PASS TEST THE DAMN TOURISTS N STOP PLAYING ” CATCH ME IF YOU CAN ” or HIDE N SEEK BECAUSE , IT WILL CATCH N SEEK SOME OF YOU ! THIS IS NO GAME . Bless you all .

  2. SOME ONE died helping others so they could live and no mention not even a kind word. All that could come out was Lovell ?

    • What turns on that? A life was lost and you chose to nitpick on LOVELL. ANTIGUANS SICK ME TUMMUCK NOW WITH YALL HATRED TOWARDS EACH OTHER OVER POLITICS.
      Rest In Peace dear lady and I wish her family comfort and strength during this time. Nurses please have each other’s back during this pandemic

    • They have no empathy, and it’s sad and disgusting. They are just like the people they crucify. We lost a person who may have taken care of us and our loved ones. I pray for comfort for her family, friends. Rest In Peace LOVE.

  3. That is rough!!! In the front line caring for people who don’t seem the care about the toll this thing is taking on those risking their lives to nurse the nation back to health when all some are thinking about is enjoying themselves. May your soul Rest In Peace dear nurse. Let us start to look out for one another and take all the necessary precautions so that this doesn’t continue to happen my people. God bless us all.

  4. Deepest condolences to the family, friends and the nurses association on the passing of a valiant soul. She served with dignity and selflessness. A true servant of the soil.

    God comfort her family and may she live again to see her Creator on that wonderful day.


  5. Thank you for your service to the country, Nurse Cynthia Byers. You knew you were risking your life and yet you still continued your good works. You are a true national Hero. May you find eternal peace.

  6. May her soul rest in peace. People please take your rest and try to eat healthy so the body can fight that virus sleeping is very important to the human body .and also eating dark chocolate and drinking green tea and grape all this help the body to fight The virus .if you have it.

  7. RIP to Nurse Love….
    And P.S even if you get vaccinated you can still get covid, read the news, so your statement is baseless….. Again rest in peace to one if our heroes.

  8. My condolences to the relatives and friends of Nurse Byers. We have lost a soldier in the battle and I hope we all try to do our best to protect ourselves and help save the lives of our health care workers.

  9. John 15:13
    New King James Version
    13 Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

    You’re a hero nurse Byers and our Gov’t should so recognize you.

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