Nurse accused of selling fake vaccine cards suspended


Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet was also informed that a single medical personnel has been suspended, while investigations into the alleged fraudulent issuance of the vaccine booklet continues.

At least 40 individuals had received the booklets and the Cabinet has insisted that they proceed to having themselves vaccinated.

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  1. Why aren’t these persons who fraudulently paid for these cards not also being prosecuted? They too have allegedly committed a fraudulent act.

  2. Joan, I also look forward to Gaston Browne and his cabinet ministers being prosecuted in the future for coercion, Human rights abuse (including the Nuremberg Code) and excluding Antiguans who live abroad – with valid passports -; just because they refuse to have a ‘gene therapy’ vaccine still under trial, here are the official completion dates:

    AstraZeneca 14th February 2023

    Moderna 27th October 2022

    Pfizer 6th April 2023

    Why would Gaston Browne keep pushing this dangerous vaccination mandate on the people of Antigua, when these dangerous drugs are still on trial?


    • I look forward to the day when fools like you and the rubbish you write can be confounded by your own stupidity.

      • Sounds like you took the vaccine without doing any due diligence yourself. Also, people like you always shoot the messenger, and never blame the real culprits in this plandemic … ASK YOURSELF, JUST ONE QUESTION, WHY ARE SO MANY MEDICAL DOCTORS, SCIENTISTS, VIROLOGISTS, AND MANY OTHER EXPERTS IN THE FIELD OF MEDICINE WITH BALANCED VIEW POINTS BEING SILENCED?

        Even you can see that rational debates are being shut down by governments all around the world – sounds like you believe everything that Gaston Browne tells you …

        • … Oh, by the way, name calling is a sign of the uneducated – learn to debate and be a critical thinker … TAL!

          • @ Brixtonan ; Well said name calling is very common on this platform with those that disagree with the vaccine mandate
            Still cannot come to my country unless I inject myself with a substance that I disagree with .

          • That’s the issue with folks like you: simply because you can listen to someone spew some nonsense and claim that “rational debates are being shut down by governments all around the world” (in other words, conspiracy theories), you suddenly delude yourself with the grandiose idea that you are a critical thinker.

            Critical thinking is much more than that and folks like you have not displayed much of it. Many of you want to question scientists who have studied these areas for a lifetime, simply because you listened to a someone who claims to know. Get out of that standard three mentality and begin to really think!

    • So who is going to try them? Is not the same vaccine Britain, EU, US and the people who run the court using?

    • A sign of the uneducated is the inability to differentiate between fact and fiction Brixtonian. You need to look critically at the source of the information and half truths you blindly propagate. ALL vaccines are studied beyond their approval dates, not just the covid vaccines you’re bashing.

      Furthermore, the vaccines are not “gene therapy” as you falsely claim.

      Please enlighten us, who are all of the MANY doctors, scientists, virologists and MANY OTHER EXPERTS that are being silenced?

      Wash an’ Basin has a valid point; people that spread falsehoods do not deserve, nor are they entitled, to be treated with respect. Even you can see that your misinformation emanates from a limited number highly suspect sources. TAL!

      • Many of you are in denial to the real truth. I don’t care that you all are still shooting the messenger, while you all are giving the politicians a free pass.

        However, here are some of the professors, doctors, data analysts, virologists, Pfizer whistle blowers and many more medical experts whose voices have been silenced or their media outlets removed, because they wanted to tell the world what’s really going on with these vaccines:

        Dr Ramin Oskoui (Cardiologist); Dr Audrey Dionne (cardiologist); Professor Paul Marik; Dr Renee Hoenderkamp; Dr David Bull; Dr Peter McCulloch; Dr Pierre Kory; Dr Tess Laurie; Shaun Barcavage – vaccine injured FNP Healthcare professional; Dr Jane Orient; Dr Jay Bhattacharya; Dr Christina Parks, PhD – doctor & data analyst whistleblower; Peter Doshi, PhD; Professor Kevin Esvelt; Dr Tony Hinton; Dr Shankara Chetty; Dr Joe Ladapo; Dr Scott Jensen; MD; Joel Wallskog; Dr Ros Jones (Paediatrician); Lawyer Anne De Buisserey; Dr Mike Hobart – whose GP surgery was raided and patients records confiscated.

        There are many other experts like, politicians, broadcasters and many army veterans (who recognise the psychology ‘warfare’ tactics used by governments around the globe, due to their previous training methods), and all being silenced/or taken down by the Main Stream Media (MSM) and governments, who are all in this together.


        • … oh, and not forgetting about the Pfizer whistle blower, Brooke Jackson who blew the lid and uncovered some serious lapses in the Pfizer data trials. Brooke Jackson was eventually sacked for trying to reveal to the drug authorities that the trials were compromised, and should be discarded – HER VOICE WAS ALSO SILENCED BY THE MSM.

          • Who says they are not afforded air time…you? They had plenty of air time, but no one wants to hear from them now that they have been discredited. No interest means no air time; it’s that simple. That’s why they’ve been relegated to third rate news organizations that pander to far right conspiracy theories and shills on social media.

            Now ask yourself a question Brixie, what is the common thread that motivates the “experts” you so proudly follow? Be intellectually honest for once in your life and THINK rather than rehash the propaganda you’ve blindly memorized from Q and others. I’ll let you stew on that for a while. You my friend are trapped in an algorithm based echo chamber, interacting exclusively with like minded media sources and other social media users. You couldn’t make your own decision whether it’s safe to cross the street without someone telling you if it’s safe.

            And seriously Brixie, you think I’m a paid shill? For real? Lil ol’ me sitting in the sun in paradise a paid shill? And exactly how much money do you think someone is going to pay me to engage you on a local/regional website like Antigua Newsroom. TAL! My only motivation is to counter your ridiculous assertions. If I can help to convince ONE Antiguan that your gibberish is toxic, that is all the payment I seek.

        • I’m in denial? You are truly delusional.

          I think you are confused. You say your sources were silenced…the correct term is DISCREDITED… there is a big difference sunshine. Silenced means being prevented or prohibited from speaking. I don’t think that applies to any of the characters listed above. Discredited, on the other hand, means having been brought into disrepute; having lost respect or credibility. For example, consider Dr. Jane Orient:

          Then there’s Dr. Pierre Kory and Professor Paul Marik:

          How about Dr. Christina Parks?

          Who’s an example of a credible “political expert”, Trump? And how can a politician be an epidemiological or virological expert?

          I could continue, but I’m sure you get the idea. So you’ve mentioned about 22 “sources” Twenty-two out of how many accredited doctors and professors? That’s your so called “so many” silenced experts? More like a spit in the ocean. Subtract the discredited and how many are left? Keep following the teachings of QAnon and the reporting of OAN, I’m sure history will treat them kindly.

          • The people you have mentioned are in the pockets of big pharmaceuticals and governments and are paid very well to tow the line, whereas, the platforms of the medical experts that I have mentioned – in my earlier post – have had many barriers put in front of them to silence them.

            Ask yourself, why are they not afforded the same airtime as the PAID-UP SHILLS that continue to propagate lies, half truths and more lies?


  3. My comment is not about who are for or who are against vaccines.
    I am saying, if you are punishing the person who sold the fake cards, then equally punish those who took advantage of it.
    If on the other hand, you open the door, with no recompense, to those who received the cards to get the vaccinations then the nurse should be treated equally as well. Admonish her, maybe give her a demotion, she has gone against the law, but just like how a person who has received stolen goods, knowing them to be stolen has to face a charge along with the thief, then do the same here.

  4. That Nurse should be arrested and be charged for Fraud.Those who bought the cards should be charged also with a crime.

  5. What this nurse did was wrong and is punishable. The persons receiving should also be charged .. aiding and abetting… but I often ponder 🤔 wonder if they were paying these Nurses better salaries and their overtime and allowances if she would be forced to steal to make two ends meet. IT IS WRONG what she did … but … help me out here Short Shirt…🎶🎵 a man who is a…

    • Give the Nurse a slap on the hand. She might one day be your Nurse. You’re a patient diagnosed with a bad infection. Every time you’re due your antibiotics, she will document it’s given when in reality she puts it in her pocket and eventually sell it to a man or woman at the corner with a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Call me extreme, I might well be but I hope you get the point. That Nurse has no business caring for patients with her absence of professional integrity.

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