Nurse accused of falsifying and selling fake vaccine cards



Health Ministry Launches Probe After Identifying At Least 40 Bogus Vaccination Cards


At least 40 unvaccinated individuals have unlawfully obtained COVID-19 vaccination cards.


That update was provided by Health Minister  Molwyn Joseph during a special discussion programme Monday evening.


Minister Joseph says an investigation has been launched into the matter.


Sir Molwyn is confident the Health Ministry’s database will allow investigators to quickly identify the fraudulent vaccination cards.


The Minister also reveals the fraud has been linked to one individual; he assures the appropriate action will be taken and the matter turned over to the police following the Health Ministry’s investigation.


A nurse reportedly has been arrested for falsifying vaccination cards and selling them for a hefty sum.

REAL News has received information that the young nurse, from the Ottos area, was taken into custody by the Police after they got word that she was involved in the alleged scam.

Reports say the woman, whose licence to practice nursing in this country has been revoked, was issuing the fake temporary yellow cards for a fee.

A source claims that she issued up to 50 of these fake cards and was charging $1,700 for each.  However, another source disputes this figure and says the nurse was charging $1,500.

Reportedly the woman was signing and filling out the cards when she was not one of the nurses authorized to administer the vaccines.

On one card, which REAL News had the opportunity to see, the nurse recorded the Type of Immunization as “Janssen” – which, presumably, was meant to be “Johnson and Johnson,” one of the five vaccines available on island.  She also filled in the date of vaccination and the Origin and Batch No., which, reportedly, do not correlate to the drug in stock.

It has not been confirmed whether charges have already been laid against the nurse.

Meanwhile, there is a permanent card being issued by the Government which carries a barcode and other fail-safe features. — REAL NEWS–

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    • You can BET they looking into it!!! Everything aryou call up my name inna. Haffu man aryou want! You think me coulda do something like that and ALL ARYOU TINKING MOUTH FH na sit and WATCH ME LIKE TV just like how aryou watch me nf when me go get my vaccine. Y’all watch me like hawk when me get dig. Y’all didn’t see that too??

      Ease up offa my name man. WHO aryou fu talk about, which their actions directly affect y’all, aryou nah talk bout like aryou ministers. BUT LIKKLE OL JTRUTH aryou a chat nf!!

      • All that shit you was talking about the jab and then you go ahead and tek um! Where’s your dignity? Should have took ya jab in silence.

        Fraudulent as f*ck.

        • FRAUDULENT? Says you who talking in a comment section where nobody can tel who you are!!

          Go fraudulent ya mumma

          • yes, you is a damn FRAUD! Always talking. You have female energy. Antiman! You should be ashamed. All that shit you was talking. Nothing was keeping you from your kids except you. Stand your ground or stfu! Now you sheep like all the sheep you tried to shame.

            Nobody wanna hear nothing you have to say.
            A bag of chat. Next!

    • @ Charles Stop already ! this is how the nonsense keep repeating itself over and over again .! This would put other people at risk ? LOL and how exactly is it putting people at risk when both vaccinated and unvaccinated can still easily carry and transmit Covid .
      The only difference is the severity of sickness and that is subjective with each person medical history
      . You’re just repeating the talking points
      Google people Google !

    • It’s a shame how the media has shaped people’s thoughts and pitted us against one another. Every single one of us knows of someone who’s gotten the shot and been infected. I know a whole family. I also heard of one person who worked for the govt, that died just about 2 weeks ago. To go even further, how many unjabbed people do you personally know of that have recovered from COVID and been infected again? Not much, yet the idea pervades that the ‘unvaccinated’ are dangerous, including those who have gained natural immunity. I hope we have learned from the likes the great whore CNN and her many daughters. Fool me twice, shame on me

    • When our passports were sold to criminals, isn’t that putting our country at risk? Yes, it was wronged for what the nurse is accused of and she should not have done it. She is just doing what the PM has said that enrich yourself whenever an opportunity arises and she did.

  1. So much a money for a piece of yellow paper??? Shame on that ´nurse´and shame on those who chose to partake in her wrongdoing.

    • Ah how them say things so hard inna Antigua when dem hab $1500-1700 fu buy fake vaccine card🤣🤣🤣

      • EXACTLY! never hab any money except when it´s time to FETE and winkup in de band. And now added o the list – money for fake vaccine cards.

  2. the police arrest the pm who falsely say he take moderna booster shot yet. he also say he take he first dose illegally from a doctor that in the usa who did come here with drugs. so he can’t get lock for an illegal action.

    • @ Country Girl : Exactly who’s going to lock his ass up. Lol his signature was forged and where’s the investigation or arrested.

  3. 40 cards at 1700 each????? wow! Sounds like the nurse got tired of living in OTTOS and wants to move to Hodges Bay or Blue Waters.

  4. She’s a heroine in my eyes, in time, history will prove these ‘gene therapy’ jabs were the cause of many avoidable adverse reactions – or worse, like: Bels Palsy; blood clots; strokes; Pericarditis; Tinnitus; intermitted menstrual issues; nerve problems and the life threatening Myocarditis.

    I have a family member who works (and cannot speak out, or he will lose his important job) on the frontline in the healthcare services, and he’s involved in the distribution of pharmaceuticals, and currently, the most drugs that he and his team are prescribing at the moment are for blood thinning drugs … GO FIGURE!!!

    • a HERO????? for charging nearly 2,000 for a piece of paper with FALSE information?? Can´t believe you are comparing her to the likes of Sir Vivian Richards and Dame Nellie Dobinson

      • I note that you ignore the REAL issues with the ‘gene therapy’ jabs and the use increase in the blood thinning drugs …TAL!

  5. There is certainly morr than 1 individual involved. I can recall persons at my work place glorfiying that they can easily purchase a vaccine card for $800-$900 back in August before talks of mandatory vaccines to continue working were on the table.
    Of course comes October 1st they all came to work ‘vaccinated’ with ‘proof’ but were a part of the protest in town and were affected by the gassing.

    If this administration does nothing else for the people, investigate all your areas and make a spectacle of these terrorists.

  6. That named Vaccine on the Card above. Was it only administered in Antigua? I for one never heard of such a Vaccine Janssen.I hope that damn Nurse is arrested and prosecuted for Fraud.This is not a joke matter at all.

    • The vaccine is correctly called Janseen, so you need to research more. The parent company is Johnson and Joh son.

      But you all acting as though only in Antigua that is happening. In many countries that have mandatory vaccine, same thing is going on.

      It is just showing that people prefer to spend money rather than take the vaccine.

  7. When we follow our leaders corrupt practices things like things tend to happen, the only thing the leaders get away free. Moderna was issued illegally here no prosecution up to now, prosecute the head before you can prosecuted the tail

    • Who she following? Jackie, Wilmoth and Lovell?? Cause they just “get away free” on some charges today. Are you saying the 3 are not good role models for you and the nurse?

  8. LMAO- people really stupid! Imagine paying $1500 for something you could get for free…and then complain them no have no money- bull crap! Lock all them up and throw away the key….

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