Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Faces Backlash as Washington Bramble Contests Decision to Bar Her from Primary Election


Washington Bramble, a prospective candidate for the St. John’s Rural West Constituency, has openly contested the decision of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) Executive to bar her from participating in the upcoming December 08 primary election.

Bramble, who learned about the decision through public media on Friday, November 10, expressed her disappointment in a formal letter addressed to the General Secretary of the ABLP. The letter, dated November 17, 2023, highlights the lack of direct communication from the party regarding the decision, with Bramble noting that she discovered her disqualification after submitting her letter of intent on Monday, November 06, a date communicated to her by a senior party member.

The ABLP Executive’s decision, as outlined in a public statement, denounced Bramble’s letter of intent without providing a direct explanation or engaging in personal communication with the prospective candidate. Bramble expressed her willingness to overlook what she deemed “gross disrespect” if the party would reconsider its decision or offer a plausible explanation for denying her the opportunity to contest the primary.

In her letter, Bramble draws attention to what she perceives as inconsistencies in the party’s actions. She asserts that she applied before the given deadline, pointing out that on Friday, November 03, the Prime Minister called for additional candidates to join the primary, implying that the deadline had not passed. Furthermore, when Bramble announced her intention to run on the Prime Minister’s radio program on Saturday, November 04, there was reportedly no mention of a deadline, and she claims to have received encouragement to pursue candidacy.

Bramble concludes her letter by urging the ABLP Executive to clarify the discrepancies in the decision and provide an explanation for the denial of her right to participate in the primary election. She expresses a desire to know how to proceed and requests a formal response from the party.


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