NSWMA’s Immediate Response to Cook’s Landfill Fire and Equipment Issues

File Photo/November 2023 Landfill Fire

NSWMA Antigua
JUNE 27TH, 2024

Addressing the Situation at Cook’s Landfill: Setting the Record Straight

St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda – The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) wishes to address recent claims regarding the operational status and management of Cook’s Landfill. We are committed to transparency and would like to clarify several points to ensure the public is accurately informed.

Contrary to reports, NSWMA has not received any complaints from staff at the landfill regarding their working conditions or equipment. Our Human Resources team is regularly engaged with staff, and any issues raised are promptly addressed.

The Authority further clarifies that there have been no new requests for equipment beyond what has been traditionally used and currently available at the landfill.

All necessary tools and machinery are in place to manage landfill operations effectively.

Regarding the timeline of the fire, while circulating statements falsely claim the fire at Cook’s Landfill started in May, we confirm that the incident began on the 9th of June.


We have been actively working to control and extinguish the fire since its onset, despite consistent heavy rainfall during this period causing delays.

While there is still some residual smoke, we are on track to have the fire completely extinguished by tomorrow. Our dedicated team is working around the clock to ensure this matter is resolved swiftly and safely.

We are actively exploring new waste disposal methods such as incineration and collaborating with key partners to transition away from the burial method used at Cook’s Landfill for the past 20 years.

NSWMA remains committed to engaging with the community. We encourage residents to report any concerns directly to us through our official channels.

We are dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication with the public. Updates on the situation at Cook’s Landfill and other NSWMA operations will be regularly posted on our social media platforms.

NSWMA appreciates the patience and understanding of the surrounding residents as we work to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all.

For any further information or to report concerns, please contact us at 562-1348.

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  1. Am not lying, you can’t describe garbage as quality, but the Cooke’s landfill was under proper technical management and condition during UPP time in office, as soon as the ALP comes to office in 2014 the government own bulldozer purchased by the Baldwin spencer administration was set on fire and the sheep foot roller went into disrepair and nearly all the Antiguans garbage contract terminated for syrians to take over, all the operators and technical people who had training in Japan to manage the dump was turned away for political appointees, the tractors that cut the side of the road more frequently was stop from doing the job to have some guys dressed in red ALP t-shirt giving them advertisement for such a mennial job to keep ALP ministers in office enriching themselves, Antigua is mixed up, I can never forget doc at state college when we were at the auditorium saying ” you are here because we accept you and not because you are bright” that speak of political interference in the education system that cause some comrade children to be sitting incompetently in office since they did not really matriculate, so as paddy say it’s not who say but a who say so. Look in our vernacular ” ALP mash up rubbish an all”

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