NOTICE: Locations for Register for Elections

Constituency Registration Office Location Places within the constituency where lists are displayed
1. St. John’s City West Villa Primary School Browne’s Bakery- St. John’s Street, Antigua Workers Union Hall- Newgate Street, R & B Best Buy; Leaze’s
  Mrs. Sally Ann Browne Superette, Amy Byers Street,
  Registration Officer Percival Gas Station, Fort Road
2. St. John’s City East Peace Corps Building Spring Gardens; Brodie’s Shop
  Factory Road ALP St. John’s St. John’s City East Branch
  Mr. Dave Browne Mrs. Anthony’s Shop; Silver Streak Bakery;
  Registration Officer UPP St. John’s City East Branch
3. St. John’s City South Peace Corps Building EVC Pharmacy – New & Temple Streets;
  Factory Road Robinson Service Station – All Saints Road;
  Mr. Steve Henry E + I  Restaurant #9-Mega Plaza
  Registration Officer  
4. St. John’s Rural West Multipurpose Centre Highway Pub- Five Islands; Exhibition & Cultural Centre;
  Ms. Veronica Joseph Greenbay Police Station; ABLP Branch Office-Federal Rd.
  Registration Officer UPP Branch Office- Perry Bay
5. St. John’s Rural South Noel Nyah Roberts Sports Complex Health Care- All Saints Road, Carmen’s Retail Shop-
  Joseph Lane Ottos New Town, Noel Nyah Roberts Sports Complex
  Ms. Nicole Christian Dagan’s Bakery- Baxter Street
  Registration Officer  
6. St. John’s Rural East Chaia Building (Local Government) Walts Supermarket; Christo’s Supermarket;
  Office) Cross Street Ragens (Rawlins) Supermarket;
  Ms. Valerie Gonsalves-Barreiro Wheels Supermarket
  Registration Officer  
7. St. John’s Rural North Peace Corps Building First Choice Supermarket – Anchorage Road; Kareem’s
  Factory Road Supermarket- Yorks; Cedar Grove Primary School;
  Ms. Jeff Michael North Shore Supermarket; Coolidge Police Station
  Registration Officer  
8. St. Mary’s North Molyneaux Building Jennings Clinic; Bendals Clinic; Browne’s Avenue Clinic;
  Golden Grove Simon Shop- Golden Grove Main Road
  Mrs. Mitzi Crawford  
  Ag. Registration Officer  
9. St. Mary’s South Bolans Primary School Johnson’s Point Clinic, Ms. Agatha McKay’s Shop-Urlings
  Ms. Anika Anthony Aunt Mem’s Supermarket, Bolans
  Registration Officer  
10. All Saints East & Former All Saints Health Centre Bitars Pizza- All Saints; P.J. Supermarket- Swetes;
St. Luke Ms. Jose Samuel A.J. Superette- Swetes; Carty’s Shop- John Hughes;
  Registration Officer Ponds View Superette- Old Road;
     Money Barbershop- Old Road
11. All Saints West Former All Saints Clinic All Saints Police Station; Verdella’s Shop- Buckleys;
  Mrs. Janet Proctor R & B Best Price Supermarket- Herberts & All Saints Road
  Registration Officer Risk Takers Supermarket – Freemansville, Country
    Samuel Shop – Seaview Farm
12. St. George Potters Primary School C & J Supermarket- New Winthropes;
  Ms. Teneca George  New Winthropes School- Judge Hill;
  Registration Officer Ms. Adie’s Shop- Pigotts; 4D’s Groceries- Pigotts;
    Richardson Supermarket- Potters;
    D’s Superette/Sassy Wholesale- Potters Main Road;
    Jay & Jen Superette- Potters
    Cedar Valley Mini Mart Plus
13. St. Peter Parham Primary School Parham Clinic; Parham Police Station; Pares Village Clinic
  Ms. Wakiesha Peters Welsh’s Supermarket- Pares Village; KRAMM Distributors
  Registration Officer Ag. Factory Road
14. St Philip North Willikies Main Rd. Ruth Shop- Seaton; Wilikies Police Station
  Ms. Tracelyn Henderickson Wilikies Clinic; Newfield Clinic
  Registration Officer Ag.  
15. St. Philip South St. Philip’s Post Office Nora Phillip’s Shop, St. Philip; Post Office, Carty’s Shop,
  Ms. Almarie Carty Bethesda; Murrain’s Supermarket, Bethesda; Police
  Registration Officer Station and Supermarket on main road, Freetown
16. St. Paul Former Craft Shop – Horsford Hill Liberta Police Station, Dockyard Police Station,
  Ms. Althea Francis Spencer’s Supermarket- Liberta
  Registration Officer Bailey’s Supermarket- Falmouth
17. Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission
  Queen Elizabeth Highway  
  Mr. Mulvane George  
  Registration Officer