NOTICE: Giant African Snail A Major Problem



The general public is hereby reminded that the Giant African Snail problem is a national one of mammoth proportions.


What Can You Do:

  1. All home owners in infested areas must take responsibility for collecting and killing snails found on their property.


  1. Land ownersmust ensure that unoccupied lands do not become overgrown and provide refuge and breeding grounds for this invasive pest.


  1. Communitiesmust work together for best effect.


  1. Farmersshould keep their farms free from excess bushes and debris that harbor the snails.


To help prevent further spread, movement of top soil, ghaut sand, and other such material from infested areas MUST be with permission from Plant Protection.

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  1. Once and for all…are thes snails edible? Can they be cooked up for stews, curry etc. Are they safe to eat? Surely somebody in the Government can give us an answer? If they are edible, they could be a food source for many. Answer please??? Some scientist in the agriculature or food departments should know, or should be able to get the answer. That is why they are being paid, and should get the information to the public. Other countries must have done some research on this. Answer please???

  2. One sure way of keeping the African snail under check is to introduce the Hermit Crab in their environment.
    The Hermit Crab forcibly removes them from their shells for their own use and leaves them out to die.
    When the introduction of crabs is made, a few medium size crabs should be the size to start the shell feud. The Hermit crab has to continuously shed its current shell as it grows, and that’s fast if there is a nice supply of food around, so that puts the snail population at risk. They also feed on the snails eggs and young.
    Put feed out for the crabs in the line of vegetables or fruit to keep them in a nearby compost and the African snails will be kept in check. You would be surprised how much of an area they will keep under check with no pesticide.
    Ask me how I know.

  3. They are edible… they are eaten by the african community here in antigua who says they are very tasty

    • The plant protection unit has advised the public NOT to eat them.

      So because the Chinese eat “good beef” (donkey) means we should follow suit?

  4. perhaps the Government should follow their own advice and clean the plots they own at the West Indies Oil development. Its not just snails causing and issue but ticks as well. I am constantly spending money putting down snail bait

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