NOTICE: E.M.S not permitted to be the first on scene of a violent crime

EMS in action (2018 photo)

The Antigua and Barbuda Emergency Medical Services would like to remind the general public that in the execution of our duty as medical first responders, (A.B.E.M.S) personnel is not permitted to be the first on scene of a violent crime incident or altercation in which the police has not yet taking control of the scene.


These international guidelines where created to protect unarmed first responders and as such we hold these standards in our day to day operations here in Antigua and Barbuda.


Please note as well, in light of the current pandemic, when a request is made for an ambulance by the general public our dispatcher and 911 operators will ask additional questions along with the standard ones.


This is to determine what type of ambulance would be sent to you e.g. the Infectious Control Unit versus the advanced life support unit or a basic life support unit etc, this helps to provide the best service possible with regard to the emergency and keeps everyone safe.


Thank you.

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  1. This makes great sense and is the practice all over. One man shoots a second man. Sees EMS tending to the shot person. Comes back to finish off the job, EMS caught in between.

    On the other note, I am now learning that there are different Ambulances set up differently for different scenarios. That is very good also.

    So people, when we call for an Ambulance, we shall trust the judgement of the experts in this field, and tap asking them why they asking all these questions. They know why.

  2. This is why nations have pubic relation officers in all public services.
    Ever so often, the PRO’s need to go to the media and disseminate essential information to the public. This is how a REAL DEMOCRACY WORKS.

    Do the rounds on the media houses because sadly we know how Antiguans are. It is said if you want to hide the truth from the people, just write it in a book. I would believe that the majority of the people listen to radio, watch the television…than people who read the papers.

    You just do not sit in your air conditioned office and expect the public to be aware of the regulations and descriptions of your responsibilities.

    Public servants are just that: they are to serve the public. Hence, it is the quintessential practice that they correspond with the societies in which they should function.

    This is pertinent information that the entire populace should be aware of.

    So I am not asking much if I am now telling the EMS body to go to the media houses and have your PRO outline these international policies that you adhere to. So in the event of any situations, the public does not criticize you ignorantly.

    It is time we begin to make a start to at least making this nation have even a slight resemblance of a an independent state.

    At present, the term “Independent” seriously does not apply to Antigua & Barbuda. It is still very much a “DEPENDENT” state. After all, all our basic necessities are still required to be imported. We see our government BEGGING EVERY TOM AND HARRY FOR MONEY. EVEN BEGGING ANOTHER NATION TO RECOLONISE US.


    It is time we refuse to continue allow POLITRICKIANS To fool the people, while they suck the wealth of the nation.

    Do your work, EMS and involve the people. You are their servants.


    • Don’t blame the EMS if people choose not to READ, oh sorry, a large number can’t read, seems we have more important issues at hand. Learn to read, stay in school, read, read, read, people don’t like to read. READ !!!

      Not even a sign they like to read, they see the sign and yet ask people directions, they prefer to listen to propaganda rather than reading the papers. read I say, READ !!!

  3. Each EMS team must have someone trained in Crime Scene Protection, Evidence Collection etc.
    Cross contamination from samples collected to disturbing the scene(s) comes into play at trial.

    • If i remember that’s still the job of the police. If that be the case then best they share out guns to everyone, that way everybody will be firing shots, that way plenty evidence will be found for everyone.

  4. E.M.S that is a very important decision.Good to know there are forward thinkers in that Organization.

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