NOTICE: Details of the traffic interventions for this week


Traffic Management NOTICE          

Date: Monday 4th July, 2022.

Works: Construction Works by C.O. Williams on Valley Rd North and on Sir Sydney Walling Highway.

Ongoing works associated with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda Second Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation project will result in: road closures, slow moving traffic as well as single lane traffic on sections of Valley Road North (VRN), along sections of Sir Sydney Walling Highway (SSWH) and Old Parham Road (OPR).

Details of the traffic interventions are as follows. Traffic intervention for week beginning Monday 11th July 2022 include:

ROAD CLOSURE – Diversion           

There will be a diversion on OPR between Paint Plus and CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank, controlled by flag persons with local access only for emergency vehicles, businesses and trucks.

Work on Old Parham (OPR) Rd and Sir George Walter Hwy (SGWH)

Milling work will continue on OPR between SGWH and First Caribbean Bank. A Diversion is in effect with local access only. Flag persons will be on hand to control the flow of  the traffic.

Valley Road North (VRN)


  • Single lane traffic on VRN between the Chinese constructed bridge and Creekside is controlled by flag persons for base work.

  • Single lane traffic on VRN from Little Creek and progressing Northwards. The traffic will be controlled by flag persons.

 Friars Hill Road

Work on Friars Hill Road will result in the closure of a section of the Northbound Lane on Friars Hill Rd in the vicinity of Woods Mall. Traffic cones and signs will be deployed to control the traffic. The turning lanes will become the Northbound Lane. The southbound lane will not be affected.

All traffic interventions will be controlled by flag persons. Road users are advised to proceed with caution when traveling in the work zones.  For additional inform please contact the PIMU via email: [email protected] or call us: 562-9174/6 or 562-7782

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  1. Please fix that area in Piggotts that APUA dug up close to Mouse and also the bad area by Lingies, ironically close to the APUA. It is amazing how we leave these things to just fester to the inconvenience of motorists. Yes me write pro layba stuff but nonsense ah nonsense arnda any administration.

    • Sometimes I wonder if people in government have an attitude of “It’s not my job” so nothing gets done. I’m sure that senior persons in Public Works drive on the roads everyday and pass these problem areas and eye sores that should have been dealt with before they become bigger issues.
      1. The entrance to Kendall Auto Care: Are they going to wait until the water eats out the road all the way across.
      2. That stretch of gutter from Obeez to the lawyer office (blue wooden building). That has needed cleaning for years and is an eyesore.
      3. The 3 newly built round-a-bouts, on Factory Road, at Government House and at Dickenson Bay St. Can someone plant some flowers or something to beautify them. Or at least please level off the dirt and gravel in them.
      4. At the Factory Road round-a-bout, there is about a foot wide circular edge of the road missing from since the road was completed. Are they going to wait until the rains eat out that edge and damages the rest of the road. I’m sure it won’t take more that 3 or 4 shovel fulls of asphalt to fill that hole and solidify the road edge.
      More people need to take initiative before small issues become bigger problems.

      • These people do not know what they are doing. I have a friend, young man who has a degree in road engineering and he can’t get work and all he keeps saying when I ask him is that they are constructing the roads wrong…. the young man said all roads are base on a CBR value and that that after you determine that along with ad…. something… (the amount of cars) you will derive with the thickness of the road. He also said he doesn’t think Antigua has an actual road engineer because the way the build and repair roads are completely incorrect. This young man can name the type of road damages by name and how to fix each damage accordingly he said most potholes comes after you have alligators cracks… I ask him to go public works he said he tired go and just want to leave Antigua…. Our young people see no future here but yet we have anybody with no degree come and destroy my beautiful land and still say they country better than here but nah leave… So sad Antigua is just a rock with with friend and company running it…

  2. Sad Antiguan , Antigua is full of engineers but yet we have contracted out all our roadworks to one foreign company. They have not hired one piece of equipment owned by an Antiguan. What they are doing are getting duty free concessions on these road construction and purchasing more and more equipment.
    Government bankrupt local equipment owned, service providers. Use them don’t pay them . However, the foreign contractors when they are not draining the treasury. They are collecting lands .

  3. Another 4 years for it to complete and that’s being hopeful

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