NOTICE: Customs advises of closure


The public is hereby informed that the Antigua and Barbuda Customs and Excise Division will be closed on Thursday 27th August for the funeral service of our fallen brother Nigel Christian.

Normal business operations will resume the following day. Thank you kindly for your understanding.



  1. May his soul rest in peace and his killers be found soon, tried and executed according to the law. EVERY killer must pay with their life snuffed out on the gallows. Some that is not a deterrent. Wrong. It will deter them and they will never kill anybody again.

  2. @Conrad
    You state “EVERY killer must pay with their life snuffed out on the gallows”. Does this include Sherfield Bowen., a killer “endorsed by the UPP as a candidate in the next general election constiutionally due in 2023?

    • Really now!!!! Don’t you think this is more of a silly and insensitive comment that will cause the resurfacing of pain and suffering to those who loved and cared for the young lady so dearly. Yet to want to have trang for a lone Bat…Only the editor can stop this Bat!!!!

      • The “resurfacing of pain and suffering…” was brought on Sherfield Bowen’s recent publicity stunt.

    • ANAL THE 1ST:
      This is about the late Nigel Christian.A man cut down in his prime.He was a Customs Officer.Why was he killed gangland style?

    • @ANON that man said May his killers be found and should pay with Their life.. and you brought into the conversation someone and something that doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with this current situation! How dare you! My god NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT POLITICS JACK!!! Have some class man.
      I don’t care which party you support! Every damn thing is NOT ABOUT POLITICS!

      May Nigel’s soul Rest In Peace and May his family find comfort!

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