NOTICE: All Dogs Found Roaming In Heritage Quay To Be Impounded

All dogs found at large within Heritage Quay after  March 1st, 2020 will be removed from the area and impounded by the Dog Registration and Control Authority. Please ensure that your dog is secure within your yard or under your direct control at all times.Thank you  for you prompt attention.
Yours truly,

Agnes James , Mrs
Dog  Registration and Control  Authority Board

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  1. Where will the dogs be impounded, there is no pound. This is not a long term solution, its a quick fix, they will be replaced by other dogs within a couple of weeks. There is only one answer spay neuter all dogs strays included. Its not rocket science.

  2. What is the plan for those impounded dogs that do not have a owner? Do they need to be euthanized? Those dogs would be good pets in other places. This problem will likely recur again. A system of spay/neuter and release like the Cuban model would be a nice way to solve the problem. A financial incentive to those owners that spay and neuter their pets could also be helpful. Please save the Heritage Quay innocent dogs. Let them be adopted to good homes after these animals are spayed/neutered, and well nourished. A more long term plan is needed. Dogs are not disposable material. They deserve good homes!

  3. Unfortunately this is a long standing situation and I have come to the conclusion that not many seem to care as long as they are not around. Granted people will argue that they shouldn’t be roaming around on the streets of Saint Johns or where Tourist roam. But whats the real plan behind the plan? Will they be euthanized or spayed /neutered then open for adoption? The local organizations, Cats and dogs, Paaws etc are doing the best they can. They have saved many and even sent some abroad to good homes in Canada.

    I wish I was filthy rich so that I could open a place dedicated to animals and have housing etc a Animal hotel or something.. but I am not, I only have 3 dogs all adopted..I wish I could have more but I’m not in that position.

    I’m worried about these dogs just like I’m worried about the homeless people on the street… What can be done about that? Can they be put in a good home? The Homeless need homes.

    So much wrong in this world..Where is the love? Does anyone know where I can go to donate food for the poor/homeless?

  4. Why is it that people want to spay/neuter animals? what if the roles were switched and you people were to be spay/neuter? how would you feel to know you can no longer have kids? you people are really sick. God made them the way they are for a reason. We need to build a permanent home for these animals not no little shed and nice place for animals to be well taken care of and be themselves where people can go an adopt a pet.
    If i was only rich a lot i would do and change to better antigua. God know why he make some people rich and others poor.

    • First of all why you don’t research before sprouting nonsense..that’s all I hear.. medical wise..Neutering a male dog prevents testicular cancer and reduces the risk of other problems, such as prostate disease. A neutered male dog might also have less desire to roam.. May help with certain behavior issues and may also decrease aggressive behavior in some dogs.

      For the female Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast tumors, which are malignant or cancerous in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats. Spaying your pet before her first heat offers the best protection from these diseases….So it is not all about people wanting to cut off their pets sex/pup baring lives.

      Some folks on the other hand do it to avoid over population issues and lessen the need for pets to be euthanized… Local shelters are often overpopulated. If all pet owners spayed and neutered, their local animal shelters would experience a reduction in their populations. This reduction would not only result in fewer animals living on the streets and being euthanized, but it would also increase the available space in shelters for animals that may otherwise be thrust into homelessness.

      And all my precious pets were able to breed at least once or twice and pups I couldn’t keep given to good loving homes ..Some people use the poor animals however to breed over and over til the dogs can barely manage ..their tuts reach the ground and they keep breeding to sell the pups to people and half of them don’t take care of the animal.

      So say 1 say 2 say what you want to say at least they are trying to save the dogs. Would you rather they kill the dogs? Can they have kids then? Or are you all about the $ making money off of breeding dogs for sport?

      Who said anything about a little shed? Are you helping the shelters? Their only method of funding is tru Bingo nights, selling books and asking for donations and proceeds go towards dog food, etc. Some of these people don’t have a second job..some put half their money into helping in some way or the other and btw the shelters are temporary homes…but at least they are trying their best…What are you doing? How many People live in Antigua? How many people have 3 , 4, even 6 dogs…

      How much more can they take? How many people have dogs, still try to foster and find good homes? How many people left in Antigua that take on responsibility for a dog then have them chained in a yard with no water or food? Matted fur etc. GIVE ME A BREAK

      Yea God really knows why he make some people rich and others poor.

  5. I have watched negative press
    releases world wide on many islands that are tourists hot spots and overwhelmed with stray dogs.
    I have watched UKs Daily Mail news paper get involved where mass dogs were rounded up and culled. I watched the tourist numbers declined and watched how the bad press stayed for ever on the internet.
    Yes Antigua has a lot of stray dogs,
    but they also have good clear thinking animal welfare groups prepared to mass spay and neuter. Antigua also has has vets world wide willing to come and get involved spaying and neutering.
    Before negative stories fly around please talk to the governing bodies . Statistics are important as are tourist numbers.
    Remember for the world wide press good new is no news,
    and bad news is good news!!!
    Don’t let Antigua give the press a platform for a story of story of dogs being caught and murdered so the beautiful island will attract tourists, as then sadly it won’t. !!!!

  6. I have just been sent this story. We had seriously considered Antigua for a holiday, but if this is how you treat your dogs then we will not be going. I assume the term impounded means later euthanised? Invest in spay and neutering like European countries have done to tackle street dogs in tourist areas. It is inexpensive, HUMANE, and addresses the cause at source. Other countries that have ‘tackled’ street dogs this way (euthanised), have alienated tourists – like us now. Do your homework, look at how, for example some councils in Europe have addressed street dogs, with local businesses sponsoring the neutering of dogs in return for the dogs’ collars and tags promoting the businesses that have paid for it. Great marketing for the businesses, great goodwill felt towards the local council and it cuts numbers so there are hardly any street dogs now. For goodness sake, someone with a brain wake up and realise the solution is not a mass cull! I am appalled by your ignorance.

  7. I really hope the authorities are reading these comments. A long term plan is necessary to address the ongoing problem of stray dogs having litter after litter of unwanted puppies. A public education campaign is definitely needed as well, since many locals do not believe it is in the best interest of a dog to spay or neuter it. It’s appalling that people think it’s cruel to neuter, and not cruel to subject a starving dog to pregnancy and having puppies. The dogs are not wild animals like birds and fishes. They depend on the kindness of humans for their proper care. If the stray dogs are going to be euthanized, then you need to have a plan for the rest of them or else there will be more there every week. Education, mandatory spaying and neutering as well as registering and properly vetting every dog on the island is the only plan you can have. If you want the island to be tourist friendly, make sure every dog in Antigua is well cared for and accounted for! You should also have a law there that you have to register your name and identification to purchase poison there, since so many local people are poisoning their neighbors dogs. My friend had his dog in his fenced in yard poisoned by a neighbor. The authorities should be ashamed of themselves for letting this problem go on for so long and are only addressing it now because of all the flea infestations and negative press.

  8. Mrs James,
    I implore you to rethink this plan. Impounding the dogs is not going to solve the problem, it is a short term fix and within a very short time more dogs will appear. Don’t become another one of those countries where governments spend tens of thousands of $ culling/impounding dogs only to have to carry the program out every 6 months because new dogs have appeared. Whether you like it or not those dogs will be playing an important role in controlling the rodents in the area. Antigua is a tourist hotspot and I cannot imagine for one minute it will remain that way if international press gets hold of this, Antigua will just become known as another barbaric place that is inherently cruel to animals and no one will want to come there, just as it will not be a desirable place to have a holiday when it becomes a rat infested pit because you have removed the natural predators that control the rodents etc. Why not work with the rescue groups on the island to put together a proper TNR program to reduce the population humanely. Show the rest of the world you have compassion, do something positive and humane, show the world that you are not just another barbaric nation, think about the people who live on the island who make a living from tourists, how will they support their families if Antigua turns into the place no one wants to come to because of the way they treat their dogs.

  9. I was appalled to read this article today and very disappointed in your proposed brutal solution to the stray dogs on your streets – why do you not follow the solution that other countries have and offer a free or subsidised neutering service which would soon make a large impact on the stray situation , Work with the charities already on your island trying to help the dogs and bring in an education system in your schools promoting responsible ownership .
    The resulting negative press that will result if you proceed with your plan will greatly effect your major industry – tourism .

  10. I was sent this article. I have worked with vets all over especially in the USA
    The only answer for this problem is trap neuter release. Where there are not enough homes this is the best cause of action;
    To be humane; not alienate animal lovers and to loose tourism the trap meter release action is the answer, Apart from being humane to animals I have been involved with those having to euthanize on mass, and for some it has cost them their lives, and have had break downs.
    No one wanted to have people’s lives on their conscience, and no animal lover wants to see mass culling.

    Trap slay neuter release , and in time the population of the island will decrease hugely .

  11. Utterly shocked to read this article. Why can you not work with the rescues and people who try so hard to help these dogs by spaying and neutering them. This would hugely help to reduce the numbers of strays. Educate people about responsible pet ownership. A mass cull is not the answer and surely the humane thing to do is improve the lives of the strays but prevent further births. Spay/Neuter, Release and Educate. With these things in place the stray population would hugely decrease. Positive press can only benefit a country that relies heavily on tourism.

  12. If the authorities believe that rounding up and mass culling stay dogs is going to eradicate the problem and make the area more appealing to tourists, then the authorities are very mistaken! You can’t eradicate a problem without first dealing with the underlying causes, and seeing as most tourists view dogs as companion animals that should be treated with compassion, then they are unlikely to want to visit a country that treats them in a barbaric and murderous manner! These wicked actions will not go unnoticed, it will be published to great extent, which will result in a worldwide public outcry and steep decline in tourism!… what a backwards approach to the very issue you are trying to improve!
    Instead of wasting funds and resources on barbaric, counter productive and short term solutions, the authorities would be far wiser to give support to the organisations that are already addressing the underlying causes and trying hard to improve the situation in an humane manner. Will the authorities portray their country as civilised, compassionate and forward thinking… or show the world that it’s just as backwards and evil as China!

  13. This is terrible. I love Antigua but won’t go again if this is how the treat the strays. Please rethink this.

  14. Spay/neuter, release. Tourists are animal lovers too and who would enjoy a holiday in a place that destroys dogs to tidy an area. Positive, kind action and education can only improve the future for residents, dogs and visitors.

  15. Why don’t you try spaying them instead?
    I always wanted to visit Antigua but if this is the way they treat animals, forget it! Will be spreading the word!!

    • @L nev, We have a few groups on the island that are doing their best to help stray dogs..If they have mange etc, they carry them to the vet that helps them..they also find foster homes if they are full and they either home them here or ship them to Canada, UK to good loving homes. Some tourists come..fall in love and end up taking the dogs with them. The organizations hold events to help raise money to feed/take care of animal in the mean time.

      We have folks such as myself and others that try to support the different events held to raise money. They also host dog shows etc. We have a spay and neuter clinic that work along with a vet and its cheap sometimes free on certain days to make it easier on people who cannot afford to spay/neuter their pets.

      This is something new…and I really hope they don’t plan to euthanize these dogs..but truth is we need help..

  16. Absolutely horrific to impound dogs and put them on death row. Neuter, rehome… euthanasia is not the answer. I certainly will be scratching Antigua off my places to visit list if this is allowed to happen.

  17. For gods sake educate your people to be kinder and care for their animals as they feel pain, hunger and distress just like us. Spaying and neutering is much healthier for the dog and stops the cycle of stray dogs trying to survive on the streets. It sounds a very harsh life for them. Could never visit this place if the people are capable of this cruelty.

  18. Travellers are more environmentally and ethically aware than ever. Their criteria for choosing a destination are no longer ‘wherever has nice beaches and hot weather’. I factor animal welfare, environmental abuses and treatment of human minority groups into my travel decisions now … and I know many who do likewise. Beware Antigua – word of your invisible ‘pound’ is spreading like a wildfire. You stand at a historic juncture. You can project compassion and forward thinking to the future travellers who will line your pockets – or choose a backwards brutality and watch the backs of those people as they choose to walk away. There are many good people in Antigua, standing by to help you choose the right path. Reach out to them and you will be rewarded.

  19. This unnecessary, unethical, uneducated nonsense has to stop. How do you expect to have the respect you expect by making such irrational decisions? There are people around the globe willing to help with the over population of dogs, and that doesn’t mean ‘impounding’ them as we all know that this really means you are hoping for ‘out of sight out of mind’. Just because you remove these dogs this month, doesn’t mean that the hundreds of others that have been born in unfavourable conditions won’t find their way out from wherever they have been hidden away by their mama dog from the cruelty they’ve learnt from humans. And within 6 months all those babies will be producing babies of their own. Then what? The only way to tackle this long term is to accept the international help; whether that be a funded program, vets volunteering their time and skills, donations of equipment, taking training courses offered by bigger organisations, finding secure homes on island or overseas, linking with foreign rescue centres that have a strong community and high rehoming rate, but mostly by educating the people of Antigua! Education isn’t just for the children in the schools, often they are the only ones without their ego standing in the way to stop them learning. We can all learn something every day and we never stop learning. No one is asking anyone to change who they are, merely be open to the idea that there may be other options.
    Of course tourism will be affected, but it will be either way; whether the dogs overrun the island or you make a periodic culling. As a country of God, I would have thought that moving into tomorrow with blood on your hands would be the last thing on the agenda, but articles such as this one make me question faith.

  20. Euthanizing theses dogs is NOT the answer. They will only be replaced by more. Instead, try showing some humanity by giving support to the shelters and other organisations who are carrying out spaying programs. Antigua relies heavily on tourism, euthanizing healthy dogs is likely to impact heavily on those considering visiting in the future.

  21. There are to many animals dying at the hands of governments. Its appalling how easy it is for you to even think this. In this day and age there are many ways to put this right yet you choose a barbaric way to handle it. Shameful. These animals have no voice so we speak for them. Stop the killing and do it another way where they are not harmed.

  22. Absolutely disgusting. This will not solve the problem, this is inhumane. Those dogs deserve loving homes or to be in rescue centres,not killed. They need to be taken to rescue centres where they get spayed. Why aren’t you trying to do more for these animals instead of just a ‘quick fix’ it’s barbaric. Tourism will decrease if you become a country that abuses animals.
    Don’t do this.

  23. This is awful! Antigua was on my list of places to visit.. but maybe not any more! As the above comments say, the key is to spay and neuter all the dogs and educate people on their welfare! Ensuring all strays are spayed and neutered will drastically decrease the increasing stray population. This is just plain cruel and inhumane.

  24. Why are you not tackling the problem byspaying/neutering the stray dogs.Without that the problem will just continue.And what of those you round up? This is just a mass cull undera smoke screen.You have no facilities to handle them,so they will rot in cages till you “euthanise” them.Work with thw charities and animal organisations to get to the root of the problem

  25. LMAO wow Antigua Newsroom needs to publish more dog notices. Look how ppl a get rile up over wan animal. Wish they would have even a modicum of that reaction when it comes to vagrants and the vulnerable in our society. HUMAN LIFE IS PRICELESS!!!!!

  26. Disgusted yet again at antigua’s way of dealing with things ,watching from the uk
    You are wanting to try and hide away the stray dogs from the tourists arriving in everyday,
    The fact of the matter is thats probably the only reason these poor dogs are still ‘just about alive’ when the tourists are giving them food. Then leaving the country disgusted that there is no order set to protect animals . Its down right disgusting and cruel the sheer vast amount of neglet on this Island toward innocent creatures. The hafe filled neglect and cruelty i witnessed alot especially towards dogs in Antigua is beyond heart breaking . Alot of people there are cruel to animals and hurt them for fun i witnessed .
    Shocking place. Disgusting .

  27. There are many articles written about what to do with stray dog populations.The traditional method was to capture and euthanase stray dogs , but there is compelling evidence from many countries that this does not help in fact it may even increase numbers.Capture, neuter ,return programmes allow the dogs to be vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and treated for external parasites. This leads to a healthy ,disease free dog population of dogs within a community which prevents other dogs from entering the community and provides benefits for the dogs and humans. Other Caribbean islands which trap, neuter ,return are Bahamas, Cuba and Dominican Republic as well as countries such as Samoa,Cape Verde,Galapagos,Ukraine,Turkey,India,Bali, Sri Lanka and Thailand. As you can see by the comments above many tourists feel very strongly about impounding dogs as they feel this is one step away from euthanasia.A properly run trap, neuter ,return programme with sponsorship and endorsement from local businesses which have their favourite street dog that they feed their lunch to, is a much friendlier approach.
    Was this a unanimous decision by the Board of the Dog Registration and Control Unit ? Were all the ramifications of this decision considered by the Board?Was there discussion as to the methods used in other countries for stray dog control?Was the Minister of Tourism asked for his input?What about the Prime Minister?
    There is a very good article entitled “Free roaming dogs in developing countries:The benefits of capture, neuter and return programmes” Here is the link:

  28. I think its a good thing to remove all animals from the streets. They should also take care of these animals, they were on this earth before us humans and here in Antigua seems like some stopped caring for them. They have a soul too like us and they deserve to be taken care of and adopted by those who can and will take good care of them. Please save our planet by also saving our beautiful animals. Good blessings to all who care and do good towards them.

  29. Governments should be made to keep safe all its animals whether pets/wild to make sure they are not neglected and not abused or put on death row and euthanized and lastly not eaten for their meat .We all ought to boycott and not holiday in Antigua and hit them where it hurts their Tourist trade pockets.Antigua Bow your Heads in shame BARBARIC ANIMAL KILLERS !!

  30. I thought you were a progressive island not a backwards thinking place. The tourists will stay away if there is any suggestion of being so harsh, dogs were domesticated by humans we took their wildness away made them dependent upon us and then we decide to let them down so badly. Neuter and release you only need to ask a charity to help you and you will look humane. Please do not think dogs must be rounded up they are peaceful loyal species who do no harm and will die out in a short enough time just have a short life anyway life is tough enough don’t be miserable and mean to your strays. Live and let live is the way to get by on your island. We don’t do think in our island the people would take to the streets in protest.

  31. Really fed up with the leaders of the world who are self obsessed, greedy, ignorant or just so indifferent that they take the easy cheap option of death and destruction. Where is the compassion/humanity? I suggest people (tourists) who love animals vote with their feet and stay away from Antigua until controlled capture, neuter and return programmes are set up. Share this with as many people as you can.

  32. Where the hell in the notice above does any one see the word “euthanize”? Since when “impound” means euthanasia? Stick to the spay/neuter solution and DO NOT spread propaganda on Antiguans & Barbudans saying “the country is rounding up stray dogs to be euthanized.

    • And what do you think they will be doing with all these animals they round up? It is extremely niave of you to think they will be sheltered, fed, vetted, rehomed. We ALL know that will never happen. My question is, how do they plan on euthanizing ? Properly thru a veterinarian or a shovel to the head then left to die after seizuring ?? 🤬.or do they plan on giving them to their buddies as bait dogs for all those dog fighting rings that police are involved in, and from what has been said, even some government people. Ignorance truly is Not bliss

  33. I visited Antigua on 23rd January for 12 nights. in my first day I came face to face with an adorable placid emaciated female. I fed her with dried dog food immediately. I then went twice a day to the spot where I first fed her and left food or waited until she turned up. I have been shocked to my core at the number of emaciated neglected stray dogs that roam around the streets. I am appalled by the attitude of the general island residents who seem blind to the state of the welfare of these dogs and cats.
    I will never ever go back to Antigua and I will support the charities that look after these poor animals. The Government is atrocious to let this state of affairs to continue.
    The revenue that this government must earn from all the cruise ships that dock on a daily basis must be being squandered because the Town of St John’s is a hovel – a dump of a town. there is no bus service. the roads are full of pot holes. there are hundreds of broken down cars rusting on bricks. Yet the best building in the town is the Treasury – unbelievable!!!
    I will spend the rest of my life describing to anyone who will listen to me how disgusted I am with how this country is run and especially the cruelty meted out to these poor dogs and cats. It’s a Holocaust for dogs. they are dropping down and dying on the streets of Antigua and the majority of the people ignore them. It’s appalling.

  34. Shocking to read that the dogs will be impounded, hidden away with no future. Are you unable to rehome these animals rather than keep then unsocialised behind bars in kennels, or even worse euthanise them? Disgraceful behaviour.

  35. I was appalled to read this article today and very disappointed in your proposed brutal solution to the stray dogs on your streets – why do you not follow the solution that other countries have and offer a free or subsidised neutering service which would soon make a large impact on the stray situation , Work with the charities already on your island trying to help the dogs and bring in an education system in your schools promoting responsible ownership .
    The resulting negative press that will result if you proceed with your plan will greatly effect your major industry – tourism .

  36. I think it’s really cruelty how some people treat animals it’s sad and disgusting. They need to be a plan in place to deal with all stray animals In Antigua because it’s bad

  37. why is it that you do not see roaming dogs and vagrants roaming in the city streets in the major developed countries. Could it be that they remove them before they even reach the city gates. Or do the people in those countries just love their pets far better and take care of them. We have a major problem with stray dogs and may I say vagrants as well. And lets deal be the dogs first. They need to be removed from the street forthwith. Not just for our tourism product but also for our public health. Who know one day they will spread a new virus and then what. I guess some people love animals more than they love humans. But I had horrors preventing my children when they were young to touch those dogs. And you know what none of the VETs will have get together and launch a program to 1) spade the female dogs for free or 2) give the free medical care. They all want the government to do that. They love dogs so much but they won’t stop one day in the week and go into town and just give free medical service to the stray dogs.

  38. Well I was looking at properties here BUT nope not if this happens. The spay neuter release would be the best idea!! You have to show your dogs compassion. People and dogs have lived amicably so let it be ❤️

      • Just because cats, dogs, cows, pigs, and other animals were born in bodies different from ours doesn’t make then any less worthy of equal rights of bodily autonomy and freedom. By rights this means the right to be cared for and fed, the right to not be tortured, the right to be with their families, the right to not have their throats slit.

        Scientists have demonstrated that animals are intelligent and sentient, but more importantly, (they) are capable of suffering. In our ability to suffer and our desire to live and be free, we are all equals.

        • @Tick Tock. You can spew smoke from your ass if you want to. The fact is ANIMALS ARE BELOW HUMAN BEINGS. I wonder if you saw a homeless person on the street if you would be the one to “care for” and “feed” them. No one should abuse animals, but animals are NOT equal to human beings. If you want to let your dog and cat lick you all over your face with their nasty, sloppy saliva, that is up to you to engage in that unhygenic habit. A dog is a dog id a dog.

          • @Hypocrisy Wow you have no manners at all.Very disrespectful too I didn’t come at you in an aggressive way..What is up with that ?lol..

            First of all you don’t know me..I have helped the homeless donating clothes, food etc..bought food and put in hand to the crackheads to instead of giving them money. I also donate to charities to help hospice, Red Cross, The barbudans, people that lost their homes to fire and what ?

            Have you ever seen me allow a dog to lick all over my face? How does me campaigning for animals show I am allowing a dog to slobber in my face? wow you are all over the place..

            anyway I don’t need to defend myself..God knows my heart

          • Next time leave your negativity and bad vibes at the door. Instead of acting like that..Come with a proper discussion without the theatrics and have a civil discussion. I swear people don’t know how to talk/address people anymore

  39. Your so wrong
    Get your facts right
    The Ark do a greatly reduced spay neuter program
    Get educated
    Also to remove dogs tben new packs move in
    To spay neuter release they live out their lives healthy and socialised and causing no trouble
    I have seen them hang round your towns statue placid gentle and pregnant
    We are talking about dogs not vagrants
    Talk to Dr. Francis or Paaws or Antigua dogs and-cats or spay neuter Antigua
    And help tb make a difference
    Or donate to tbe spay neuter project of spay neuter Antigua
    Government listen…. or your tongues will make you deaf… should be working for tbe good of your county and the country relies in tourism

  40. This is a reply for From the sideline
    For the last three years i have donated one day per week to provide a low cost or free neutering service for persons who find it difficult to find the money to neuter their pets.The service is provided through fund-raising and hard work by the Antigua Spay and Neuter team.Yesterday we spayed our 1500th animal at the Ark Veterinary Clinic.Through donations many of these animals also receive veterinary care in the form of worming, parasite control and vaccination.The Humane society also has a monthly low cost neutering programme.
    Charities such as Dogs and Cats of Antigua and PAAWS as well as Antigua Spay and Neuter regularly pick up stray dogs and rehabilitate them to the point of finding them new homes, but the supply is endless.Shelters are often full to capacity.Building more shelters will see them fill to capacity also.Through targeted spay and neuter campaigns ,numbers will be reduced.This is the reason that you don’t see stray dogs in the big countries.Simply there is a greater acceptance of spay/neuter.
    I can safely say that all the vets in Antigua whether private or Government give of their services free or at reduced cost to all of the charities here that exist to help all the animals, not just the dogs but the stray horses, donkeys and ruminants as well.

  41. I am appalled by your ignorance. We are seriously considered Antigua for a holiday, but if this is how you treat your dogs then we will not be going. I assume the term impounded means later euthanised? Invest in spay and neutering like European countries have done to tackle street dogs in tourist areas. It is inexpensive, HUMANE, and addresses the cause at source. Other countries that have ‘tackled’ street dogs this way (euthanised), have alienated tourists – like us now. Do your homework, look at how, for example some councils in Europe have addressed street dogs, with local businesses sponsoring the neutering of dogs in return for the dogs’ collars and tags promoting the businesses that have paid for it. Great marketing for the businesses, great goodwill felt towards the local council and it cuts numbers so there are hardly any street dogs now. For goodness sake, someone with a brain wake up and realise the solution is not a mass cull!

  42. Spaying and castrating stray dogs and cats will solve the problem long term. With a little funding local animal charities can provide this service efficiently. There is no absolutely need to kill these animals. This is simply a knee-jerk reaction from a government which can’t be bothered to do the right thing. It’s appalling.

  43. I’m sure that the authorities in Antigua want it to be a beautiful place with a successful economy and are worried about the stray dog population. The charities that are trying to help are also worried so there is common ground for sensible discussion. The authorities haven’t started a campaign of euthanasia yet and I hope that they are good people who will take the honourable step of contacting the charities and working as a team in harmony together to make Antigua a better place for the animals and the people. Antigua could become a shining example to the world of how to do things right with kindness and consideration.

  44. Please reconsider your actions. If you do not address the underlying issue at its source you are not going to help the problem. There are people willing and trying to help your problem and you are ignoring them. Spay and neuter will alleviate your problems. There are people who come to Antigua who like to see the dogs but will also be appalled at the emaciated, injured and diseased animals, and it will prevent people from returning. Surely that can’t be good for Antigua. I implore you to reconsider your actions and to turn your attention to supporting the wonderful people who are trying (without much resources or support) to help the animal population of Antigua.

  45. How can you be so cruel, what did these poor animals do to deserve such an end. Why cant you catch and spay or neuter and release.

  46. you can tell the true measure of a person or a community or a country, by how they treat others. Whether it’s the elderly, children, the homeless or the stray populations of cats and dogs in their neighbourhood. if a country relies on tourism for it’s income then they absolutely HAVE to be seen to do the right thing by looking after it’s under privileged both humans and animals alike……otherwise the tourism stops!

    • My husband and I were thinking of visiting Antigua, but there is no way we will go now! The way you treat animals in your country is barbaric! The UK look at and treat their dogs like humans and part of the family.

  47. Dear Mrs James,
    What stands out in the single UK press report – in one small corner of the country -is the dedication of the 4 animal rescue teams, their vets and volunteers working really hard to do what they can to help the large population of Antigua’s animals including street dogs -many indigenous to the island.
    There is clearly much love and care shown by sponsors, volunteers on the island, visitors to the shelters and now a new body of supporters. I am an ‘outsider’, knew hardly anything about Antigua until quite recently, but have been touched by the love and compassion I have read about.
    Please, at this turning point in the growing level of support for the shelter teams, and well set-up team-work between groups, do give the vets and rescue teams more time to treat the dogs, improve their health, spay/neuter/release to gradually reduce the overall number of strays rather than resort to a mass round – up and having to resort to the unthinkable -euthanasia – for many.
    Let Antigua shine out as a country where children are educated in how to look after animals, compassion is paramount and the island is an example of international human co-operation, love of animals and the gradual improvement of health of the dogs who share the island with them.
    This would be a massive achievement for all involved and an incentive for people to visit the island. Yes, it may take a little time, but with extra support for the rescue centres’ they will be able to create the change you hope for, and by doing so maintain the island’s desirability as a humane, compassionate place where travellers will happily go and local people will be justly proud.
    Please do not go ahead with the proposed round up of stray and street dogs – rather give the rescue teams time to do their amazing work.

  48. Further to the above – sorry I left the end off my message –

    Instead of a mass round -up with all the ensuing implications, please support a gradual capture, treat. spay / neuter, release ( or re-home where possible ) project . Thank you.

  49. If you intend to kill these dogs, you should be aware you will also be killing your tourist industry. The world is learning of your intentions and we are horrified. Help is on the way. These dogs need to be neutered/speyed. Please do not kill these innocent victims. How we all treat our animals is a reflection on how we treat people. I know there are kind folk over there who want to help-they need support. Let us help them to help the dogs.

  50. Its the people who have caused this problem by irresponsible dog ownership. The dogs are the innocent victims. Spay/neuter is the only way to go then maybe rehome in other countries if there are not enough homes on the island. Like many people I would never visit Antigua, or any other countries with no respect for living beings what ever they are. Please do the right thing for these dogs.

  51. Disgusting, these dogs are going to be rounded up and destroyed when there are rescuers trying to help treat, neuter and give them a chance of life Why do animals not matter to The governing bodies who simply use them as a tourist magnet until no longer healthy maybe the governing bodies should be rounded up and destroyed.

  52. I will never go back there on holiday again if they kill them. I thought the people were lovely but if they kill them I would be disgusted! Please see sense and as a Christian country try harder to find a Christian alternative…

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