NODS hints at forcing Barbudans to leave stadium

Devastated By Irma, Barbuda's Population Took Shelter at the Stadium (file photo)

Director of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) Philmore Mullin says his office “will take the necessary steps” to have Barbudans removed from the stadium.

Mullin said Wednesday that “there have not been any official steps taken to remove those persons from the shelter.”

He said whatever action his office decides to take will be done when the alternate shelters are ready to host the evacuees.

Approximately 40 people remain at the Sir Vivian Richard Cricket Grounds and are refusing to leave.

They want proper alternate accommodation before moving out. Over 100 people have already vacated the stadium to either go back to Barbuda or relocate to other shelters in Antigua.

The stadium is being prepared for several international cricket games that Antigua will host against England as part of their tour of the West Indies in two weeks time.

From those who insist on continued residence at the stadium, Mullin said: “some would have to go back to Barbuda.”

He said the deadline of January 5, 2018, remains in place “and we have no intention at all to go beyond that deadline.”

According to Mullin alternate shelters including those on Barbuda will be ready for use within the week.

But he said the confusion was limited to “a family” and appealed for calm.

Meantime, based on reports staff at the stadium stayed off the job for the second day this week to avoid confrontation with Barbudans who are refusing to leave the facility.

Sports Minister Paul “Chet” Greene told state media tonight that he is disappointed that NODS did not do enough to have the Barbudans moved by the original date of December 31st, 2017.

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  1. So “a family” is causing all this raucous at the stadium?? What a terrifying experience. Which is more important- a cricket match or people’s expectations?

  2. Barbudans are being forced to leave, they are homeless, Cricket trumps People! No preparation made for a new shelter. HOw inhumane!!! How can we allow this???

    The churches are deafingly quiet… I suppose when you are homeless you have no 10 percent to put int the. Collection plate!! What would Jesus do??? I would like to believe he would stand with the oppressed. Prayer withoutout works is dead.

    • Suitable alternative ? The same people who went to the international media and accused the government of forcing them to come to Antigua and take their land now want that same government to provide a “suitable alternative” ?
      GO BACK TO BARBUDA. What is more suitable than going back to the lands they claim they were forcefully removed from ? Go back.

  3. I don’t think they would put them out without giving them somewhere to live. Bout homeless they are too wicked. We as antiguans always try help them and mingle with them and they never liked us. They are stubborn mules ungrateful i tell u. Urgghh

    • So u rather cost Antiguans millions in revenue to accomdate a bunch of ungrateful people
      Time for the to GYPG

  4. These Barbudans behave like they do not get a cheque or money funded to them by the Government and plus food and accomodation… Stop It! faith without work is dead. These barbudans have faith they will recover but they aint working….

  5. Oh my Barbudans pls go back home and guard your lands. Stop using the government and people of Antigua.Antigua can no longer be a welfare state.How is it that St.Martin,St.Thimas , Dominica, British Virgin islands , Puerto Rico and other islands that were affected by both hurricanes are rebuilding their countries,thier citizens are not waiting on Govt for hands out. I bring it down to laziness,lack of ambition,lack self respect,and the motto is plenty sex don’t work just lime and drink alcohol. I have to go to work everyday,so why my tax payer money has to feed them.Prime Minister I want to be you just for a day. Mr.Mullin I want to be you just for a day.Mr.Chet Greene I want to be you just for a day..Mr.Prime Minister start selling their lands to investors and you will see they all will go home. I have an investor friend from Dubai and he wants about 30 acres, will he be able to get it.So you see sell lands they will be able to self provide..Lol my investor friend is coming in March.Barbudans pls go home before he comes.Your land will be gone.

  6. No one complain about the thousands of people Antigua take in after the Hurricane, they are not wealthy people and is ALSO a strain on the government but you have plenty of negativity towards Barbudans. Shameful.

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