NODS employees under investigation for missing relief supplies


Lawmen have confirmed that two employees of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) are under investigation after a number of disaster relief items were found in their possession.

The items we meant for victims of hurricane Irma, which hit Barbuda, and Maria in Dominica. They were being stored in facilities operated by NODS.

Following reports of the missing items, officers of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) searched the homes of the two employees in Bolans and found the items.

The two NODS employees are being questioned by the police.

The exact items found are not yet known, however, Antigua News Room understands that two truckloads of items have been seized by the police.

The items were donated by individuals, international agencies, friendly governments and groups to help those who were badly affected by the two disasters.

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  1. Oh that’s why me pass police and k9 on the hill.. wow that’s messed up tho,u weren’t affected so why did u take the goods..

  2. If two ghetto boys were found with stolen items their names would have been posted. I guess it’s a different type of stealing.

  3. The police have bigger fish to fry at nods that couple relief supplies. Certain persons at nods are giving contract in Barbuda for a portion of the relief monies. Since council is now controlled by a member of the defence force no Barbudan contractor has gotten any contracts in Barbuda. Seems Cheese and peanut butter are in the mouth of the council members and the mp. Hope the police investigate that.

    • People following the footsteps of their government. When I interviewed a young lady that stole money at medical Benifit ,I asked her why she did it and she said,”after me see the minister them a thief me try something”
      Whole 75,000 dollars she thief,three people year salaries.

  4. A lot more still dey bout robbing the pple an dem. Investigate all ah dem, search the rest home and u will see

  5. I could see with these thieves, why the hell should thess Barbudans be enjoying all these luxuries at their expenses. So only Barbudans want food and supplies, Antiguans no nyam too.

    Just let dem pay for the goods and free de people dem. A how much Barbudans tief from Antiguans all dem years when dem work 3 hours inna dem government offices daily, while Antiguans have to clock in dem full 8 hours for dem likkle missely money dem a pay are we fu all dem years.

    Chuuups. Tap play self-righteous people. Share up de dam food dem ao Antiguans can get strength fu work fu pay back de debt.

  6. Wow! It is a union of Antigua and Barbuda. Yet Barbuda seems to ALWAYS get the short end of the stick. Even comments on here point out the disparities and not in a conciliatory way. One people, one nation! Unite!

  7. They treat the Barbuda so bad when you go to collect relief, and pass insulting remarks, some don’t even know who they are talking to. Lord have mercy on them

    • On the flip side, it is said that some of the Barbudans are very demanding and ungrateful when asking for relief supplies

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