No word from St. Peter MP Asot Michael as his party replaces him with Rawdon Turner on election slate


Political pundits are anticipating a further fallout between the leadership of the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) and St. Peter MP Asot Michael, who has been left off the slate of candidates contesting the next polls.

Reports say the Party held its third Executive Meeting for 2022 on Friday night, March 25, at its Nugent Avenue headquarters and that all Executive Members were invited.

The meeting reportedly was chaired by Political Leader Gaston Browne; Chairman Paul “Chet” Greene; and First Vice Chairman Samantha Marshall, with one of the first agenda items being the selection of candidates for the upcoming general elections.

Rawdon Turner was confirmed the candidate for St. Peter, replacing Michael who has been at loggerheads with the leadership of the Party.

Browne reportedly indicated that a report had been submitted by the Party’s Suitability Committee, and that Michael had been invited to appear before the Committee but had declined.

Reportedly, only Turner made an appearance to be interviewed and he was declared suitable. Because Michael failed to appear, he was not considered and was deemed unsuitable.

This Committee is governed under Regulation 14 of the ALP Constitution and gives it the authority to determine the suitability of prospective candidates when there is more than one person contesting.

It is being claimed that Michael, through his attorney, issued two letters in an attempt to utilize scare tactics to halt the procedure.

However, it was noted that a default judgment, issued by the High Court in March 2022, had ruled that the issue of candidate suitability was not a matter for the court.

The pundits and the public are waiting to see Michael’s next move: whether he will bow out without a fight, call it quits from politics, or run independently. Some say that, knowing Michael, he will not give up that easily.

The sitting MP has been accused of corruption by Prime Minister Browne, who has sworn several times that Michael could not run on any Labour Party slate he heads.

Meanwhile, most of those selected to run on the ticket are incumbent candidates, with a few new names added.

Senator Gail Christian was confirmed for St. John’s Rural West, replacing Londel Benjamin, while Colin James received the nod for All Saints East and St. Luke.  Senator Knacyntar Nedd was selected for Barbuda.

The names of the prospective candidates were reportedly ratified and adopted by all members of the Executive.

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  1. Once you have tasted that Kool Aid,you are screwed into perpetuity. The only thing that would unloads thee is death.

    • The blue wave can take him…… His behaviour & reputation is not much different than those of UPP ie talking from the 2 corners of his mouth. His money will not buy out the honorable gentlemen & gentlelady of the ABLP

  2. Rowden Turner is an outstanding candidate and has the backing of the St. Peter voters. What an outstanding choice. Poor Asot finish now. He is no longer useful (politically), and he is obviously aging out. Poor guy looks a wreck. I hope he is well.

  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish. That rotten mango should have been gone long time. Karma is a female dog😁

  4. “Bro. Harold Lovell told me he was done with elective politics and ask me if I would lead the UPP….he even suggested who I could consult as my deputy. I wrote the sixteen (16) Constituency Branches of the UPP, officially informing them of my bid for the Political Leader position. To my surprise, Bro. Harold changed his mind and decided to run, but DIDN’T SEE IT FIT TO EVEN INFORM ME.

    Lewis has made his intention known to contest the leadership of the United Progressive Party, a task he says HE WAS ASKED TO DO BY HAROLD LOVELL, the now leader.

  5. Gaston Browne is a dictator from hell. He don’t own Antigua. Some of the people put him in and now it’s time to take him out. Cage the bull dog.

  6. All the candidates and bla bla bla, don’t the same constitution call for a constitution? Why the top dawg don’t want to call one?

    • In an unexpected move Massiah told a press conference today, “UNDEMOCRATIC practices have unseeingly taken root within several branches resulting in some chairpersons callously flouting the party’s constitution and TRAMPLING ON THE RIGHTS of branch members.”

      “Regrettably, as the weeks narrowed…it became more apparent as a consequence of the leadership race within the UPP, the party philosophy…upholding democratic practices, TRANSPARENCY, INTEGRITY, and accountability has been HIJACKED.”

  7. Massiah further criticised the current UPP Political Leader, Harold Lovell, for his PERFORMANCE during his stint as MINISTER OF FINANCE from 2009 and 2014.

    Lewis and Lovell have been at loggerheads after Lewis ACCUSED LOVELL of re-entering the leadership race AFTER HE NAMED HIM (Lewis) AS SUCCESSOR APPARENT.

    Both Lovell and Lewis FAILED TO WIN THEIR SEAT in the 2018 general elections.

  8. Of course Lovell is going down again, big time. It will finish him as political leader. He’s overstayed his welcome.

  9. Gastón the contractors that work for government and offer goods and services needs to be paid. It is ok for Kool to buy Chicken and food stuff from wholesale and supermarkets and supply to school meal , it is of for Kool to supply uniform to national teams, it’s ok smooth to be involved in construction on government projects. Worst yet we have one of Antigua’s best builder. The working as a sub- contractor to them. Why if he get the work directly from PWD he will have to line up at the treasury for months. Kool go up stairs to your yes man to collect his big fat checks. Further more his checks like most of the others his color are delivered in their store on market street. No body care about the picky head contractors. This government made a few get rich and it’s a plan. So stupid you politicians are they then donate to your election tax payers money and after election the cycle continues. Kool was Spencer big boy. Spence saved Kool from missing container from customers. Spencer loose election Kool turn red Kool Sid over night. Daniel pole turn Baba black Nissan rich through road contract. Danie pole lost at the poles Baba turn Red Kool aid . Duncy Bat because chair of St.John’s development-cannot read Ba is now the Comptroller Boss . Carry top dog portion on Nutrent Avenue empty for every hospital project to top dog . Antiguan politicians corruption. Them thief, them thief, them too thief. Black politicians too thief. Black politicians stoop too dam low and disgustingly low. They sell out we birthrights to the lowest bidders This week is another duck salt for the picky head contractors.

    • @ Frankly speaking every thing you saying is facts and can be corroborated. Kool and the rest of the Caananites have designed a scheme to now push a local face forward but the end result is the same.

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