No word from Benjamin on the progress of the minimum-wage increase, Lovell notes, as low-income earners continue to suffer


REAL NEWS : Saint John’s, Antigua – The Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) says he is yet to hear anything further on the convening of the National Minimum Wage Advisory Committee, after Labour Minister Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin announced it months ago. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

Benjamin said, then, that plans were in motion to raise the current $8.20 minimum wage, given the increases in the cost of living and the struggle of many workers to meet their financial obligations.

However, since that time, there has been no word on the progress of discussions or even if the committee has met.

Harold Lovell notes that the last minimum-wage increase took place in 2015 and was the result of efforts by the UPP Administration.

As the Gaston Browne Administration appears to be playing games, Lovell says, the people continue to suffer.


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    • Cutie B is more concerned with buying old fire-trucks that belong at Cooks. AH NA ME SAY SO, AH GASTON.

  1. Sounds like a lame election ploy by the ABLP.
    The UPP is right to point out the lack of movement to the people.

  2. Cutie I never do anything until it happens Benjamin what a waste of space.
    Reactivate never proactive on any topic but maybe he’s too busy eating.
    Can anyone tell me what he has done for his constituency.
    Show anything at all anything LOL even a before n after picture..
    The funny thing there’s more like him
    He is truly a relic of the past whose time has come.

    • JAJ, tell me and be honest with yourself. What the UPP has done for that constituency since their 10 years in office. I dare you to answer that and please send the before and after pictures. It’s People like you why the UPP GAILBUD party will never regain power in this country. Power hurry dogs are you be. RIDE OFF AH CUTIE R*SSHOLE. Put that inna you pipe an smoke ummmm!!!. I rest my case

  3. With all the increase in goods and everything else.they have no choice but to carefull raise minimum wage ..8.20 is nothing to live by in this time and age in Antigua and Barbuda. Things don’t gone up by .10 or 1.00..its by 5 .10. 20.50.100.u think.300 dallors can go supermarket for a family of 2 ,3,I will stop there.. LET them do the rest of the math.gas loan ,, rent

  4. Benjamin is a complete waste of time and our tax dollars. To date he has not tried to bring the murderers of Nigel Christian to justice.

    He has not looked into the matter of human trafficking. Mehul Choksi was kidnapped and taken to Dominica in the hopes he would be transported back to India where he was born.

    Not even the PM is trying to do a thing to bring justice to both Nigel Christian or Mehul Choksi. My guess is he has his fingers mixed up in all this.

    And one more thing. Keep on voting the PM and his goon squad in, Antigua will continue going down into the gutter and we will all suffer. If you vote them in, then you too are a part of the problem and you will all go down with the already sinking ship.


    • Antigua is a Banana Republic. Seems like you’re spewing waste and PURE SHIT from your mouth that you SMELL OF TOO. Go ahead and continue to preach because UPP GAILBUD PARTY will never regain power in this country again. THE TICK THAT BENJAMIN DIG INNA YOU GOAT 🐐 YOU CAN TEK UM OUT NOW. AH BAY!!!

  5. Hotel staff to include junior mangers, supervisors and line staff need an increase; the executive managers and managing directors are making killing for doing less work..HEEEELLLPPPP!!!

  6. Jack and Jill, why are you so shallow? Wiat!!! have you forgotten about the old engine that Lovell bought that deh a cooks. AH NAH ME SAY SO, AH YOU AND LOVELL. AH BAY!!!!!

  7. Just saying, you can’t wait for the election. Wait for it WHAP WHAP WHAP!!!! 48 MORE YEARS TUMACH. Wait for it

  8. JAJ, tell me and be honest with yourself. What the UPP has done for that constituency since their 10 years in office? I dare you to answer that and send a picture of the before and after. It’s people like you why the UPP GAILBIRD PARTY will never regain power in this country. Are you bunch a POWER HUNGRY YOU NO WHAT. Put that inna you pipe an smoke umm!! RIDE OFF AH CUTIE GRASSBOWL. I rest my case

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