No property tax waivers as government seek to recoup depleted revenues

Calculator with the word tax written in wooden block letters

As government revenues decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more effort is being made to ensure residents pay their property tax.

“From our perspective, the Inland Revenue Department is going to put a focus on collection of property tax going forward and we want to encourage persons to come in and pay your property tax”, Jermaine Jarvis, the Deputy Director of the Inland Revenue Department told state media.

Government revenues from indirect taxes such as ABST have plummeted as consumer spending decreased due to lay-offs and other factors related to the pandemic.

Jarvis said residents may benefit from moratoriums, but the government will not be waiving the fees.

“It always have been depending on your ability to pay because the Inland Revenue cannot get bread out of stone so definitely I’m sure that if you come in and you state your case we can give plans. We can make it easy for you to pay but in terms of a waiver, I’m not too sure the government is at the position to give that kind of benefits”, he said.

The Inland Revenue Department reported overall tax revenues dropped by almost 60% since the pandemic.



  1. Not one RED cent!!!
    When the money was flowing, the government should have done less travelling, less board appointments and less perdiem. Right now them heavy weights who taking home over 20k EC and US monthly at health and mount st.john need to give back the money and demit office.

      • @jussaying, welcome to antigua!! Land of many who sound and behave ignorant.
        Save your morning, not grab at straws during your night, Ijs.

        • At the end of the day whether politicians thief or not or people get hefty salaries, it does not take away from your legal obligation to pay your taxes.
          John Doe who is not as smart as you may be persuaded by your stance and will get into trouble for not paying their taxes. You now will get away because you may be friends with the same politicians and/or the people who are getting hefty salaries as dubbed by you!

          • Some sound, Some look and Some are ignorant. IRD needs to do more to reach those who can’t see, hear or think for themselves. IRD needs to have penalties as well, how about that!!!! In the meantime, me and my politician friends will continue to sip the koolaid.

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