No private vehicles allowed to collect arriving airport passengers

Airport taxi operators June 2020 photo

The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda recently held a discussion on enforcing the restrictions imposed at the V.C. Bird International Airport that disallow private vehicles to collect passengers disembarking from arriving flights.


All disembarking passengers are required to take taxis since there exists a fear of infection from those arriving who are likely to display more intimacy with their family members than with a taxi driver.


The drivers have been all trained and instructed in the most efficacious manner in which to treat passengers.


The Cabinet further insisted that those tour operators who collect passengers from the airport are also disobeying the rules.


Their tours begin at the hotels and not from the airport, the Cabinet reminded.


Tour operators may NOT squeeze the taxi drivers out of the market by taking their fares by collecting passengers disembarking aircraft. That traffic is exclusively the taxi drivers’.



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  1. It was supposed to be only certified taxis picking up people since June 2020.

    So, now they are going to finally start enforcing some of their own rules?

  2. All this is a total bunch of bullshit. It makes it expensive for everyone coming in and doesn’t do a thing to curb, flatten, slow down, stop and damned thing.

    If traitor dictator Gaston was serious, he would close the borders period. First they are close to the taxi and bus drivers. And when the guests get wherever they end up going, they will still be around more locals and we are back to the same situation as being picked up at the airport.

    Dictator traitor Gaston must be voted out.

    • It makes no sense just like the rest of the complicated and convoluted protocols that this dunce government has come up with.

      Instead of having a friend pick you up at the airport, the friend will just see you a few hours later at your home or AirBNB or hotel and you can spread your COVID there.

      The real issue is not testing people on arrival and only quarantining citizens. That’s the real issue that this government will never deal with.

      • There you go. It’s all pure ignorance and all we do allow the nincompoop traitor dictator Gaston impose his Draconian rules on us while he milks our nation of our dollars.

        We need people in govt positions who are in it for the betterment of our nation, not their pockets such as traitor dictator Gaston.

  3. I notice there is still no word about doing the safest thing, and driving yourself home from the airport. I did that after Christmas, and nobody at the airport could work out if I was supposed to do it or not. Eventually I persuaded them it is obviously the safest method, as the only interaction I have is with the attendant, for a few seconds. I then sat home for 2 week, having already got enough food and water before leaving.

  4. This is really bull shot. You have your own vehicle and have to take a taxi to pay $30.00- $50.00 depending on the distance, ignorance. Are those taxies for certain people and it’s a way of making money? Deal with the tourists so but not the locals. Think it over Cabinet.

  5. You cannot pick up anyone at the Airport with a private car.Are you allowed to drop off someone at the Airport with your private car?Are the Taxi Drivers immune to the Covid- 19 Virus? I would think not.

  6. So lets imagine I come back home to Antigua. My wife cannot pick me up in anyone of our two cars. Taxi man tells me $75 to my home. I call my wife tells her to meet me in the parking lot of ECAB Airport Branch. I tells taxi man to drop me at Airport ECAB. I pays him short drop money, thank him very much, Hug and kiss my wife, and she drives me home. Would this be OK.

    • None of these protocols are well thought out

      Truthfully there is no way around testing people on arrival and quarantining everyone. That is the only way

  7. This is what happens when people can’t be trusted to go STRAIGHT HOME. Hey at least some taxi drivers can get to eat and pay some bills

  8. This isn’t just targeting tourist, citizens will feel the effect too. Even coming from Barbuda. So i coming from barbuda for an appointment, instead of family or friend picking me up i have to pay a taxi after sending 350 on a ticket to get to Antigua. I might have to make few stops on the way down from airport. I can’t do that using a taxi smh

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