No plans to close borders despite rising COVID cases in Antigua & Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda’s government said that it does not plan to close its borders to international travel despite rising cases of COVID-19 in the country.


Responding to reporters’ questions at a media briefing this week, Sir Molwyn Joseph, the Minister of Health, said, “that is not yet considered.”


The reporters asked the questions in the context that closing the borders could reduce the country’s risk of importing new strains of the virus.


Three variants of the virus, detected in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa, are closely monitored by scientists.


Experts believe the UK variant is about 70% more transmissible than the original virus that was first detected in China in late 2019.


“We believe with the measures that we have in place that we can manage those circumstances”, the Health Minister assessed.



“That is not to say that it will not be considered in the future, but there is really no empirical evidence for us to take those measures at this time”, he insisted.

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    • Antigua is a third world country? If you look in to it the Caribbean as a whole is considered third world? That’s common knowledge

    • @a rouse

      Keep the borders open and no one will survive to know Antigua was reduced to a third world country….

      • At least there will still be an Antigua. We will be alive to see. The worst of life is better than the best of death.

    • Most people don’t have addresses

      You had people without running water for V weeks during the pandemic

      You have people without indoor bathrooms

      The minimum wages is less than 3 USD an hour

      But most of all, you have a government that refused to keep the population safe by keeping borders closed because apparently the only choice was starve or let diseased folks in

  1. People lives will be affected financially if the borders are closed, and are also affected with it open where people health is concerned.

    Wealth over Health? Or Health over wealth?

    The cases are all imported and more safety measures need to be put in place at the borders that way the health and safety of residents and their livelihoods will protected.

  2. The current govt has stolen so much money from treasury, it can’t afford to close the borders. The bottom line is the cabinet thieves need the funds from tourism at the cost of us citizens getting infected.

    When it’s time to vote, vote wisely.

    Where are the murders for Nigel Christian??

  3. You guys are something else. T.M.LARTON are you obsessed with Lovell? Where does the name Lovell appear in the article. Perhaps you are taking the name Lovell for that of Molwyn Joseph so your comment more correctly should read LYAD LYAD LYAD JOSEPH. Very deceitful.

      Lovell is the LYAD. Why did UPP muzzled / Censored D.GISELE ISAAC. I believe this is a good move because D.Gisele Isaac is very UNPOPULAR / DISLIKED within the Party and throughout Antigua / Barbuda. Food for thought TABOR

  4. COVID19 new protocol ….Cabinet debate

    Sir Molwyn: Keep the borders open and lock down all the inhabitants.

    PM Browne: How do we deal with the push back?

    Chet Green: How about Free Netflix to everyone?

    Sir Robin: APUA just start our disconnection programme because revenue cutting close

    PM Browne: Let’s hold off for the next three months.

    Sir Robin: APC say they are going to reduce supply if no money pass and remember we do not have any back up Wadadli gone a gas.

    Sir Molwyn: Any harm and Turkey left back?

    Dean Jonas: No all done. So what are we going to do?

    Daryl Matthew: Turn on the radio and see if Harold Lovell have any good ideas we can use.

    PM Browne: Wait all the education minister and dem warn bring UPP sudden in a we Cabinet Boss if you know wha good foo you just whistle.

    Samantha: How soon can we get the new hospital up and running?

    Lennox Weston: You see how much weight me done lose are you want to run down me nerves to.
    It is about 39% complete but we can put A Me Name John on the job and he can work 24 hours to get it done but no money de because Canada and USA is looking about their people.

    Max Fernandez: I just got a regional award for the good job I am doing it’s not my fault tourists not coming. Maybe we can get Calvin to bring in tourist for free on his helicopter. I will contact him.

    Steadroy Cutie Benjamin: We must do what we must but I am keep my eyes on Wade because any wrong move he will be removed instantly and sent to NODS to pick up duty.

    PM Browne: Ask Burning Flames to redo Hurricane a come because Antigua lock down lock down COVID a mash up Antigua.

  5. “Empirical evidence” ? What utter nonsense! Every country in the world that has had any success in controlling covid has closed their international borders. This has to happen here if we are to have any chance of stopping the spread. The corporate interests who want to continue to profit at the expense of Antiguan’s lives instead need to make a living wage available to all their employees and a fund to provide the same for all small businesses to keep the economy going for the length of time of this emergency. They can use the billions and billions they have taken out of the island over the years.

    • They can close the borders for 1 month like New Zealand did (2 cycles of the virus) and get the cases down to zero for real this time.

      Then then can reopen the borders SLOWLY and SENSIBLY by making sure to test all on arrival (charge tourists for these tests) and quarantine ALL on arrival at least until a 2nd negative COVID test.

      And in the meantime, while the borders are closed for 1 month, do the following:

      1. Administer treatment to the sick and prophylaxis to the entire population while you wait SAFE vaccines.

      – Here’s the protocol and treatment that is being successfully used in many other countries:

      2. Launch a daily and serious public health campaign to drive home the message about the seriousness of this disease and the importance of wearing masks PROPERLY.

      – It would also be great and help eliminate the virus from this island if the government would distribute let’s say 5-10 KN95 masks per person per month.

      The island doesn’t have to be locked down in perpetuity. It will take ONE MONTH to get back on the right track and save lives.

  6. By making life harder and more restrictive over a year rather than imposing a super tough lockdown and closed borders for ONE MONTH

    A strict lockdown with all borders closed to commercial and private planes and private yachts.

    They never did this.

    It so far has been restrictive half measures for locals and a free for all at ports of entry for visitors.

    As New Zealand did 1 strict month of lockdown of a closed country and eliminate the virus

    Since there’s so much virus here the population needs to be given prophylactic medication and supplements as they are doing in India and some states in Mexico and in Egypt and some places in Europe.

    That is vitamin D, zinc, ivermectin distributed to everyone as prophylaxis in the proper dosage based on weight

    Do not follow the US whose government is actively avoiding early treatment in favor of waiting for everyone to be vaccinated. 3K to 4K Americans die everyday because of this. You do not want this to happen in Antigua

    Antigua cannot afford to wait. Prophylaxis now. Lockdown and close borders for 1 month.

    And then reopen with serious and real protocols at the border in a month’s time.

    Crisis averted.

  7. They will not and would not closed the Borders. It would be closed for them.For if the passenger Planes and no Cruise Ships are coming.Then what?

  8. Some great suggestions, especially the possibility of closing the border for one month, and total lock down for 2 weeks. Once reopen, all travelers are subjected to an on arrival rapid Covid test. Once negative, 2 to 3 days of Quarantine and life goes on. Also, everyone has to be personally responsible for themselves and family. We all need to be on the same wavelength when it comes to protecting ourselves. Purchase and wear the suggested 2 mask when in public, wash your hands, sanitize when unable to wash with soap and water, actually social distance with people who do not reside in your household, clean and sanitize your surroundings. Take all of the suggested vitamins etc. Financial institutions shd defer all payments for the month etc. The 2 week total lockdown may change a lot of our perspective on life. We may come to appreciate others more, appreciate nature, appreciate the freedom to do as we please. We may even reawaken the “ it takes a village” mentality and help each other. Lastly, new ideas and new businesses may arise from our new normal. The intention is for us to be accountable for what we can, and have a positive outlook. Obviously, there is always the dark side.

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