No Plans To Issue Travel Restrictions Between Antigua And China – Health Officials

Health Minister Molwyn Joseph

Amidst the recently imposed travel restrictions between Jamaica and China, Antigua & Barbuda, on the other hand, has no immediate plans to issue similar travel restrictions.

According to the Health Minister Molwyn Joseph, there is a level of protection as visitors from China would have to go through screening in either the US, United Kingdom or Canada; as there are no direct flights between Antigua and China.

“I am very pleased with the protocols that are put in place as it gives us some level of protection as they are doing their own screenings, so that will help us” said Joseph.

However, the Health Minister also highlighted that the country will not only rely on external screening protocols of other countries.

“Our level of response and the protocols that we have put in place is as good as you can find it anywhere quite frankly” said Joseph.

While the virus remains a global threat, Antigua’s health ministry has promised to provide regular updates to the public at 7am, 1pm and 6pm.

This new strain of coronavirus is of a large family of viruses that cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as MERS and SARS was first confirmed by authorities in the central Chinese city of Wuhan on January 7, according to the World Health Organization. Up to yesterday, the virus had claimed the lives of 106 Chinese people and had infected more than 4,500.

The United States, Taiwan, Australia, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Vietnam, Nepal, Cambodia, and Germany have reported less than 10 cases each since then. No deaths have been so far reported outside of China.

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  1. I hope Antiguans wake up and realized that the almighty dollars is worth more than your lives in this country. Bad move Mr Browne! I’m dissapointed.

  2. This is a bad and an unfortunate decision. Can never have too many layers of protection. The health of the nation is far too important. Until further notice we should restrict the movement of persons coming in from China even though there are no direct flights China to Antigua. Regardless what the transiting countries (US and UK) does, we have an obligation to protect the people of Antigua & Barbuda from this deadly virus. We do not have the capacity to deal with any major outbreak of the virus in our country. Anything short of restricting the flow of incoming passengers from China would be reckless and irresponsible. Our health matters Mr. Minister! Follow Jamaica’s lead!

  3. Figured it was coming but never wanted to see the day when the Chinese/money would become more important than the real residents of this island. An ounce of prevention can do a lot more than the claims of “preparation”, which we all know will not help Antigua if the virus comes here. All it takes is one Chinese to come here with the infection and endless people WILL be infected because we do not have the facilities or knowledge to deal with this infection.
    One has to wonder how many Chinese will be coming to live in the two by four looking cubicles at their tenement looking so called embassy…a thousand, two, three or more. Is that near future scenario part of the “preparation” plans? It can just about be guaranteed that no Antiguan will be allowed to step foot in that place far less get a look at the REAL intention for these very ugly buildings. Congratulations to the Jamaica government for caring about their people and their tourist industry. Very sad that the same cannot be said for the Antigua and Barbuda government for giving preferential treatment to a communist corrupt country putting we, the people at risk…a risk which can also spell death to the elder ABLP (they are not immune) along with the elderly of our country!! PUT TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS HERE! If the Chinese complain get some balls and tell them they are free to leave. The Chinese only care about what they can get out of this island. They do not care about or like the people.

  4. How the hell y’all asking pple to protect themselves and y’all not tryna protect them. Antigua health system done full of Kaka really? Why is this even news? Let the cruise ship passengers hear about this I wonder how important tourism industry will be when they turn their passengers back all because of this none sense decision.

  5. You health minister Mr Joseph you are talking pure nonsense because there are something name charter flights, the government of Antigua and Barbuda should not depending on other countries to band put things in place they should be fully independent! We don’t need nobody from China here! This Antigua government is too low minded

  6. These politicians are hypocrites. Our Antiguan students should stay in China, but Chinese nationals are free to come to Antigua. People better wake up

  7. Did not expect any better from the health minister. He has always put the numbers ahead of our health and well-being – remember the dengue outbreak anyone – we still don’t know how many children died as a result of them counting the tourism arrivals – all we know is a host of children ended up on the ABS obituaries on Facebook – no explanations were given
    Here we have another outbreak and again the numbers come before our lives.

    Where is the Sidelines guy to blame UPP for this or the tin man to change the subject and deflect to the construction upswing in the economy. They never can be found when you need them.

  8. So he a depends on other countries to do the screening for us. What if one affected person pass through and reach our shores…Lord Jesus help.
    All travels and cargo ships need to be band for now.
    People are very scared right now Mr. Health Minister.

  9. Americans are leaving the affected area and other areas in China. It is time we bring our students home from China.

  10. This is “DIPLOMACY” at work people. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Anyhoo no one can force me to travel to any country.

  11. Do you ad the MINISTER of Health has a CONTINGENCY PLAN in place. Why risk the lives of 80,0000 people for two or three students. Does that make sense. You don’t even the capability of taking care of DIABETES, so how will you take care of a VIRUS of this Magnitude? Tell us.

  12. Minister Maulwin. Do you know that you are also at risk. How about that?
    Please We here in the US and abroad ask that you take IMMEDIATE STEP TO BAN Any one from China from entering our vulnerable Island. CHINESE NEVER SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!

  13. Really!!
    Minister of Health You should put a TEAVEL BAN TO THE ISLAND IMMEDIATELY. We are very small. This VIRUS will go through 80,0000 people in a minute. Including you. May God help us. ANTIGUANS SPEAK UP THIS IS A LIFE AND DEATH SITUATION.

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