NO permission for “Fight For Our Freedom Rally,” says PM Browne


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the organisers of a rally on August 8, have not obtained permission from the relevant authorities.

The Fight for Our Freedom Rally is organised by persons who are opposed to the wearing of masks, the state of emergency and COVID-19 vaccines.



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  1. Just imagine, everything the entire world is doing, masking washing, social distancing and now refuses to allow a rally to express our disappointment in the handling of a virus you have to be tested for to even know you have it. We must step back and look to see what is Really going on here. No business owner wants to become the vaccine police. They run a business. We need a new plan Gaston, you can not force this down our throat, work with us.

  2. How can Gaston predict in advance that the police won’t give permission for the March?? Or has he already given instructions to the police to deny the march no matter what?

    Furthermore, on what basis will the police deny the march?? Public health, safety or because Gaston say so?

    • It seems you people want to spread the virus even more, then when it hits close to home that someone you know has gotten sick or died your ball murder and will say we should have known better. ANTIGUAN PEOPLE TO WORTHINESS AND STUPID. SCHOOL OPENING SOON AND BEFORE YOU THINK OF WAYS OF PROTECTING OUR FUTURE YOU PEOPLE JUST WANT TO BEHAVE LIKE ITS THE WHOLE WORLD GOING THROUGH THIS PANDEMIC. STAY HOME AND APPRECIATE THE TIME YOU HAVE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS

      • What is wrong of having a march which is our constituency right? Do you ever saw the crowd gathering at the market on Saturday or crowd gathering on lower market street especially on Friday and Saturday afternoon? The virus can be spread in those crowd to and affect our economy.

      • PERSONAL IMMUNITY COMES WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER The Coronavirus and survive whether “asymptomatic’ or you developed the disease COVID-19.

        You now have ANTIBODIES which is IMMUNITY against COVID-19 far better than wat u can get from any vaccine IF they work.

        This I believe is the case for most ppl in Antigua 🇦🇬 by now and we add to the “Herd Immunity” numbers.

  3. Exactly Rasiley! Is he the Commissioner of Police? The Police Commissioner has been emasculated as well? Gaston speaks for the every level of Government?

    Why have these institutions if the decision making rest with this imposter of a PM?

    This is really an eye opener as to the mindset of this elected official. Robert Mugabe part 2.

    This elected party official seems to feel that the government is formed of him, for him and his family. We’ve had plenty experience of that in the past. The Duvaliers in Haiti, the Manleys in Jamaica and the Birds right here in Antigua and Barbuda.

    Browne must be stopped at the ballot box. History cannot repeat itself again. Enough is enough!

    We must ask ourselves are we and the country better off today than we were in 2014? Is the infrastructure around the island better now than then. Is Governance free of corruption and if found are the individuals held accountable?

    Remind yourselves of the billions of investments promised. But not delivered. No running water. Have to use bucket water to flush your toilet and wash you Kin in 2021. Imagine that.

    I use to hear the old people say growing up. If they wheel you into the hospital. They are going to wheel you out. That still stands today.

  4. Rally aryu wan mek fuh protest mask wearing. Everything on CNN aryu wan copy. PM should let them have the rally but sign a hospital waiver, if you get covid nah badda show up ah mt st john.

  5. This is crazy, it make no sense we know you ain’t going to allow the people to do their freedom rally since u want to have mans in bondage.

  6. this rally is for deluded fools. Look at who is attending these rallies overseas: nazis and trump supporters. This tells you something about anyone here who wants to attend this. It has nothing to do with “freedom”. You don’t have the freedom to give me and my family covid

    • @Arnold,The Goat :You are so DUMB. THE FETES from last weekend. Did anyone catch the Covid-19? There would be Fetes coming up for the Holidays in August.What the hell would you be saying then.

  7. When the commissioner of police , GB talk no dog bark. AT has to keep quiet. I say no March and that’s it.

    • Assistant Commissioner Rodney is just the police 👮 to deal with harassing the young men and women for marijuana. Anything else, the top dog 🐕 is the head chief of the police force. St. Maarten had their march couple days ago against if you na vaccinated you can’t work. God has given us the right to choose and no man can take that away from us but Him.

  8. Citizens talking about Antiguans following America, is not the leaders copying and following every other country methods with this plandemic? Let’s not be hypocritical

    A state of emergency tourist are allowed to come to our shores, does that sound sensible. You mean to tell me 5 years from now 43 deaths with covid and we will continue let’s our leaders enslave us using state of emergency for control.

    This man only cares about himself and what he gets during this plandemic , anybody that cannot see that is either his foot stool or his chair.

    When he could make a statement it shows he controls the police force, when they should talk look at issues from the forge signature, slain customs officer and the kidnapping of choski.

    Hands that she’d innocent blood, corruption it is just a matter of time when everything unfold, the money gotten by vanity will not save nobody

  9. Who is the Commissioner of Police in Antigua and Barbuda? If you Gaston Browne/Cabinet are allowing Fetes. Why the Police cannot give permission for the March? You are going to bring this Nation to the point of bloodshed. There is an imaginary line no one should ever crosses. You are stepping over that line. Just be careful your feet are not cut off below the ankles(figuratively speaking). FOR OVER STEPPING. New Commissioner of Police,Gaston Browne. For Antigua is willed to you. You have the tile deed in hands.

  10. Don’t you all notice when the commissioner of police suppose to come out with a press briefing he always step out of line and be the first to speak, and when question is to be asked he disappear

    Vampire killer he said it would be an arrest

    The murder of the customs officer it would be an arrest

    The abduction of Choski he said choksi took a trip with his girlfriend .

    The forge signature is it because of friends it has been no arrest?

    Entertaining corruption and pretend to be against corruption to fool citizens to get away with more corruption is what some government officials does best

    • @2020 vision

      It’s good to see there are others here who realise the same shit going on. Yet no one doing a damned thing about it and there are others on this forum who choose to ignore what their beloved PM does so long as he lets them kiss his ass.

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