No Panorama As Negotiations With Pan Association Fails


Antigua Barbuda





St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda The Government of Antigua and Barbuda, in conjunction with the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission, regrets to inform the public that after extensive discussions and numerous deadline extensions with the Antigua Barbuda Pan Association, all negotiations have concluded unsuccessfully.

The Government and the Festivals Commission sincerely apologize to all who have been looking forward to the Panorama event during Antigua’s annual Carnival.

To ensure that our youth, who are keen to exhibit their talents, are not overlooked, we will initiate discussions with individual bands to explore the possibility of their participation in a Carnival event.

We are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and providing opportunities for young talent to shine.

In light of these developments, the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission will announce an updated schedule for the Carnival festivities.

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  1. It is absolutely shameful that the Festivals Commission and more importantly the Government have failed to meet the demands of the Pan Association for a measly increase of $100,000 for something as important as Panorama. One can highlight many areas where the government is wasting public funds and the maintenance of of Alfa Nero immediately comes to mind. For God’s sake couldn’t the government take this money from the CIP funds as it has done for other insignificant causes?

  2. I am so glad the government didn’t let the Pan Association bully them every year for more money. They cannot even account what they did with last year’s money. Too much thieving going around and then they feel that they can blackmail the government. Well let them hold their own panorama and see how things will work out for them. And I urge the government to put structures in place for holding their own pan competition for whomever want to take part in it. The Festivals Committee needs to take full control of ALL Carnival Activities. Any private individual wants to have their own show or competition let them put in their own money. We throw way too much money towards these groups with no accountability for the money whatsoever. And this is not right for tax payers money to be spend unaccountable


  4. Carnival offers a glimpse into diverse cultures and traditions while providing an opportunity for people to come together in joyous revelry. What is Carnival without steelband and pan music? The Ministry and the various associations need to start arrangements and negotiations no later than January of each year in order to ensure a satisfactory and amicable conclusion to every aspect of carnival. I still hope that good sense would prevail on either side and we can still see and enjoy Panarama this year.

  5. Believe it or not. Panorama is an expensive venture for each band. $400k divided among the bands barely covers the cost of tuning the pans. Then when you add in the bill for repairs, food and costumes the price tag significantly increases.

  6. Some real stubbornness on both sides. Is this year so so special than the previous years, that 330,000.00 plus some ticket sales, would be considered not enough to pull off a Panorama competition in Wadadli?
    I understand the expenses, but as a ban I want to believe you have contracts to perform at certain locations i.e hotels etc and also establish other ways to bring some money in throughout the year, plus unless your sponsors are just for name show only, they should be assisting in many of the expenses mentioned.
    Look! We are not Trinidad and we will never be Trinidad with all the high level Pan yard etc and where every community will support and follow their steelband to death.
    Every year around this time our youths especially look forward in getting into the pan yard and do their thing, it’s just a joyous time and money is furthest from their mind, so to see 70,000.00 is the cause of this cancelation is crazy. I wonder who really is the biggest looser?

  7. Pan Association’s demand for $400K was both unreasonable and unconscionable. No other show for the carnival demands that much from the Festival’s Commission. In addition, their refusal to assist in the selling of tickets shows that the Association is selfish. Clearly, they are in it for the money and not for the development of the art form. There was a time when Panorama could hardly attract 500 patrons. There is now a boom where that show is one of the better attended shows, and if the Pan Association is not careful we will end up right back there.

    What happened to seeking sponsorship and donations? Furthermore, there was a time when steelbands used to host block-o-rama and shows in order to raise funds. Harmonites used to have some nice block-o-rama right in the vicinity of its pan yard on North Street, and I can remember several other bands doing the same. They would have performers, sell food and drinks, and just generally have fun while raising money. What has happened to that kind of initiative from the steelbands?

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