No New COVID-19 Cases Based On Recent Tests


The most recent results received by the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) revealed no new laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19.

This means that the total number of persons with laboratory confirmation of the disease in Antigua and Barbuda remains at 24.

Of the 11 samples sent to CARPHA last Monday, six were repeat tests. Five of these were
from persons who previously tested positive. Four of the five returned negative and one returned positive. The other repeat test was from a previously negative person who remains negative. This brings total number of persons with no symptoms and negative test results to 15.

The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment thanks the public for cooperating with the measures associated with the State of Emergency. These measures along with social distancing, proper cough and sneeze etiquette, hand washing and sanitizing are crucial in our nation’s fight against COVID-19.

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  1. Antigua has found the key to solving the coronavirus crisis: You can eliminate positive cases on the island by simply not testing anyone.

    No tests = no new cases.

    Then you can rapidly reopen the island and $$$$. Just ignore those people dropping dead. Nothing to see.

    I’m sure everything is going to work out great. I won’t be leaving my house for another year or two though.

    • Actually A&B is following the protocols as established by the WHO. Its the same protocol most countries in the world are following. What now se[perates us from most is we now have a seprate facility to deal with persons infected with Covid. This then means we can now better control who comes in contact with infected persons. I will remind again that NY has tested more persons than anywhere else in the world yet its close to having the highest fatalities of anywhere on our planet. Yes testing can be helpful. However there are other measures you can use if testing becomes a problem (quarantines, lock downs, social distancing etc). In all of this timing is important

      • 5 news tests on an island of about 100,000 is WHO protocol? Certainly not!

        There is very little real testing going on. On an island this size, you’d need 1,000 tests just to test approximately 1% of the population.

        I mean I don’t know how you got the idea that testing is bad. (Look at your example and NO New York has NOT done more testing than anywhere else in the world on a per capita basis.)

        You know who has done the most testing? South Korea and they have succeeded in restraining the virus.

        The first step is lots of random and rigorous testing. A second step would be lots of testing for those in industries that have lots of public contact. Test, and then test again. Then there should be rigorous contact tracing to find out who the infected people came in contact with. Quarantine the infected and quarantine those who came in contact with them.


        Not sure where you’re getting your facts from.

    • Exactly! Antigua hasn’t even tested 1,000 people. The island has tested less than 0.1% of the total population. Assuming the population of the island is 100,000 (rough estimate), you’d need to test 1,000 random people to get to 1%. And then there should be more random testing every week. There should be repeat testing of essential workers in the cruise, resorts, travel, etc. industries. For example, they should test a large portion of cab drivers on our island. There are many ways the government could improve things to insure the safety and health of both the islanders and tourists. We are headed down the wrong road.

    • Your paranoia and fear is off the scale. I hope you are a pensioner, because if not, no one should assist you financially.

      • I suspect you don’t really know what the word “rationalize” actually means.

        Hint: You used it incorrectly.

    • @what a joke you could not have said it any better. i do plan to stay home as well and i believe they are trying to reopen schools in August my kids will not be attending

  2. Would common sense dictate if people are showing signs of Covid they would come forward and get tested? In absence of that, logic would dictate that the virus isnt spreading and thus no mass testing necessary.

    • Most cases of COVID19 are silent meaning that most people have no symptoms or mild symptoms. That’s one reason that is has spread so quickly in every country.

      So these people have no symptoms but can spread it to other people who will spread it to other people who will in turn each spread it to other people = exponential spread

      And some small percentage of people infected will get severe symptoms and require hospitalization and some percentage of those folks will die a horrible death.

      That is why it is not acceptable to handle this crises by testing as few people as possible. Not having any real idea how many cases are on this island. Then patting self on the back and saying things are going great we are going to relax restrictions.

      • That’s not always true. Some countries have seem asymptomatic’s as low as 14% ( family index cases in Zhejiang Province), 25% ( according to CDC) for some its been 80 (WHO). Iceland found 50%. What we do when we find persons with no symptoms who have been in contact with a infected person is quarantine them. This is WHO guideline when you lack the ability to test everyone. Fact is most OECS islands are following the same protocol as A&B. When local testing starts, the plan is to ramp up the testing and include those found in the contract trace who show no symptoms. ETA Mid May, 2020

        • You didn’t really think that post through, did you?

          Let’s think about this carefully, most asymptomatic people will not be discovered because they won’t be tested.

          Iceland found 50% because they tested nearly everyone in Iceland.

          In countries that are not testing nearly everyone, most asymptomatic cases will not be discovered but they will still pass the disease on to other people.

          It’s just simple logic. Geez.

  3. De people dem dey ah CARPHA, dung inna Trinidad TEST de samples dat were sent to them and dem cum back negative. Wha mek you want fu hear de worse? If people nar get sick and hence nonebady dey fu test then of course your hypothesis could be right…..nutten dey fu test right now so no new cases. You ah one lunatic fu think you just git up and test nearga without rhyme or reason. None new case dey,at least none body ah exhibit signs nor symptoms wha bout dat you nah comprendez, hombre? Gwarn go get tested if you think dat there are more cases. The joke is on you…..Antigua nah find none key to solving the crisis cause Antigua nah test nutten locally yet. Now cease and simmer!!!

  4. Do you have 100,000 test kits to donate to the government so that they can test everyone?? Should they just waste what they don’t have going from house to house demanding that everyone gets tested?? Maybe I’m dumb but if they have only tested a certain percentage of the population it simply means that no one else called or went to be tested because they don’t have any symptoms 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • @ Jigee popoo maybe both you and me dumb cause I said something similar on an earlier post and these keyboard gansaters were ready to pull off my head. Maybe they have the testing kits hide away in them house if so they should be good citizens and donate the kits to the governament so that we can do more testing!

    • Most people with the virus don’t show symptoms. Mass testing is without a question paramount before releasing statements like this.. There are no stats that show what they say.

      • Exactly! How can they say that it’s under control and use that as a reason to relax restrictions when they truly have no idea how many people have this disease on these islands.

        Each day it’s seeming more and more like they don’t know because they don’t want to know because they have an agenda to restart business and tourism as soon as possible.

        This is about money not about protecting people

  5. Most people with the virus don’t show symptoms. Mass testing is without a question paramount before releasing statements like this.. There are no stats that show what they say.

  6. In a few months ABLP will be a hero or crash to zero time will tell…..

    Any decision that is made there are lots of reasons for and against that’s why any decision is a good decision at the time.

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