No law will be passed to mandate the vaccines’ use


The Cabinet reiterated its policy regarding vaccine usage:


  • No mandatory use of vaccines (ILO Recommendation)


  • No law is to be passed to mandate the vaccines’ use.


  • If the employee contracts the disease at the workplace, then the liability is the employer’s.


  • If the employee contracts the disease outside the workplace, it becomes the responsibility of the employee and Social Security.

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  1. Yep…the enabling environment is one where pro vaxers and anti vaxers can co exist irrespective of the consequences either ways.

  2. This should ensure business owners hold firm to masks, temp checks, distance & sanitization protocols. This could be very expensive for the employer should an employee be proven to have contracted Covid 19 at work.

    Many employers globally are making vaccination a condition of employment to enable a ‘bubble’ for staff, owners & vaccinated customers, and using this as a sales plus that is driving business.

    Full vaccination is becoming the norm for airlines, cruise ships, manufacturing plants etc.

    Many countries are in process of publishing updated entry protocols, giving fully vaccinated arrivals the most freedoms after an arrival rapid-test. These clear entry requirements are informing holidaymakers destination decisions.

    We are a tourist destination.
    We need to understand that safety is #1 on holidaymakers minds.
    We cannot risk becoming known as an ‘infected’ or ‘risky’ destination.
    We need to step up, be PELLUCID in the protocols expected and ENFORCED.
    We need to keep ourselves safe and in doing so, our visitors, so we restart the dollar circulation AND do not have to shut-down again.

    Cabinet…do not rush out of our current status, go slowly, TEST TEST TEST , and let us all be robustly ready for a decent summer season.

    This W H O video speaks clearly about the transition period (which could be a few years)

    • I am in full agreement with the cabinet decision and I dont find that your argument has and real substance. As a matter of fact, your argument contradicts itself.

      If your concern is about the tourist and you also stated that vaccination will be required for travel via cruise and airlines, it means that the tourist will be already vaccinated and therefore will not even be concerned.

      Persons who are vaccinated should be safe and therefore do not have to worry about the unvaccinated. Therefore we all still live in harmony.

      • @JBF – FYI
        vaccinated people have a greatly reduced risk of hospitalization or death.
        They CAN still contract Covid-19.
        They can still transmit Covid-19.
        As stated by CMO, W H O & various national public health authorities globally.

        • I am fully aware of the guidelines from the CDC and the WHO that a vaccinated person can still catch the virus but some of the vaccines are now claiming that is also reduces transmission.

          But since the vaccinated dont have to worry about hospitalization or death, it means they will only receive minor symptoms and therefore should be less worrisome for that group. The group that should be concerned therefore is the unvaccinated.

          Bear also in mind that many persons might have already been exposed to the virus and would have some antibodies without even knowing. This group will also contribute to the hers immunity that we would seek to achieve.

          At the end of the day, it might be a good thing to have the 20% unvaccinated while the stage 4 trial is ongoing for comparative purposes.

      • The unvaccinated should not be a concern to the vaccinated, as the ones vaccinated are protected. The vaccinated can transfer the virus to the unvaccincatd just as they can to another indivual that is also vaccinated , the vaccine is only a protection from severe illness should one contract the virus

  3. STAY ALERT..sounds like you’re pushing for the entire country to be vaccinated,that should be a freedom of choice. Not to be determined by anyone else.please do some research n see where the majority is.its a good ting u not the PM. BIG UP YAH SELF PM Browne..

    • @Deaf Ears
      Absolutely not. vaccination is not mandated, with which I agree
      I am giving facts within the tourism Industry.
      Do with the information what you please.
      I hope you will research and understand how important it is for us to offer a proven safe environment in order to attract increasing numbers of tourists sustainably over next 6-12 months, and not a quick $ fix, then more lock-downs and lack of $.

      As of Sunday I met returning Nationals staying at an Air BnB, out and about, no bracelet, having arrived that afternoon for 4-nights.
      Our border controls are NOT what we are being told by Cabinet.
      That in itself poses a risk for introduction of variants and an uptick in local spread. (Which may or may not be recorded, based on testing, border controls enforced, clear data on hospitalizations etc. Big countries will unlikely be fooled again by miraculous numbers)

      I work in tourism and need this to get sustainably, honestly on track long-term.
      My pocket very light right now & I can’t support another season of nothing.

  4. Seems like he on the payroll. Like he trying to give employers insight to make it a part of employment to make it mandatory without legislation. But if there is no law u cant terminate nor prevent anyone from working so the union and employees will get money.

  5. If 10 people in a room 9 are vaccinated 1 is not why the 9 vaccinators are afraid of both persons are likely to spread the virus

  6. I have to ability to choose for myself, don’t need the governments, the elites, or their vaccines when I have a God.

    #mankindwicked #godschild #godsknowledge

  7. Meanwhile dictator and traitor brings in his own personal stash of vaccines for himself and the ass kissers and gets the lesser effective ones for we the people. And of course he used our tax dollars to get the said vaccines for himself.

    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?

    • I would take the AstraZeneca vaccine over the Moderna vaccine that the PM received. The moderns vaccine uses MRNA technology, which has a very promising future, but still to new for me.

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