No immediate plans to put the King’s face on the EC Dollar



No Immediate Plans to Make Changes to EC Notes and Coins


23 September 2022, Basseterre, Saint Christopher (St Kitts) and Nevis – The Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Timothy N. J. Antoine has advised that there are no immediate plans to make changes to the EC polymer notes and coins following the death of Queen Elizabeth the II.

Responding to a question during a live interview ‘Conversation with the Governor’ in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Governor Antoine said “nothing happens right now.” He further explained that there are three to four years of inventory or stock of EC polymer notes.

The Governor however noted that the passing of the Queen raises the question as to ‘what happens next?’ He said a conversation needs to take place where the region needs to decide ‘where we want to take our currency.’

Governor Antoine acknowledged that there are people who feel that “its time to move in a different direction and rather than continuing with the British Sovereign, that we should be looking at using our own landmarks and our own heroes.” The Governor said that he looks forward to the conversation, noting that in time, a determination will be made.

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  1. “Put the king’s face on the EC Dollar …?”

    What is wrong with the powers that be in Antigua on such an important matter?

    I can come up with a couple of prominent Antiguans that are more than worthy than a king that many in the Caribbean do not have the time of day for:

    Jamaica Kincaid – Novelist; Tim “Robust” Hector – Politician; Nellie Robinson (1880-1972) – School founder & Teacher.

    If I had to make a choice, then it would be for Nellie Robinson, because she was a pioneer in secondary education, broke down class and racial barriers when British colonialism had imposed their wicked inequalities upon Antiguans.

    • @Brixtonian… You do realize this decision is not one for Antigua to make, right? The EC dollar is for the OECS Currency Union, and decisions about its design are made by the Monetary Council and the technicians at the ECCB.

      Traditionally, the Monarch’s face appears on the currency because the British Monarch was also the monarch of the English Speaking Caribbean. Since some territories have gone the way of republicanism, that has changed the dynamics somewhat. However, in the OECS there is only ONE republic, Dominica. It therefore seems that when a decision is made, it is likely that at the appropriate time, the face of the Monarch, King Charles III, will be appearing on the EC dollar.

      • I wasn’t too sure of the structure for doing this procedure, and I thank you for enlightening me @ Wash an’ Basin – I stand corrected!

        These are the discussions/debates that i thoroughly enjoy, much respect to you … 🤜🤛

        • However, wouldn’t it be nice if someone like our own Nellie Robinson was at last recognised by these decision makers?

  2. By tradition the new king face should end up on the EC money, however this can always be changed in these modern times. Anguilla and Montserrat are still colonies/ territories, DOMINICA is a republic, and the rest are independent. I would propose that we put several national icons of the Eastern Caribbean paper dollars- I would put from my Grenada TA Marryshow who was a giant statesman of our nation, and loved by all. We could leave the monarch’s face on the coins… that would be a good compromise going forward..

  3. Other nations in the EC could hold referendums or choose one icon each for all the various paper money- 5,10,20,50 etc.

  4. Why should be the British monarch portrait be on our banknotes? Is the monarch paying for these notes? What is the reason? The only presidents on the US banknotes are the dead ones. Not all bank notes in Canada, Australia and New Zealand carry the portrait of the British monarch. Why do we fight to stay attached to foreign powers.

    • “Why should be the British monarch portrait be on our banknotes?”
      It shouldn’t, “Traditionally” does not mean required by law! There is no law mandating that the image of the current British monarch MUST be on EC bank notes. None!

      “Is the monarch paying for these notes?”

      “What is the reason?”
      The reason why the British monarch appears on EVERY EC dollar to this day is nothing more than decisions made from colonized minds. No legislation mandates this but they feel somehow obligated to hold on to the monarch’s coat tails.

      Here’s an experiment, take a 100 dollar bank note turn it around and ask the average person who is Sir Author Lewis? Do the same with the 50 dollar note and ask who is Sir Dwight Vener?
      Most persons can’t tell you and neither do they care. But they know who Elizabeth is!!

      Has the Caribbean not produced citizens who have served with integrity and distinction? Do they not deserve their faces on the Bank notes as proud demonstration of who we are?

      At which point do we wake up?

  5. What an embarrassing situation when the British pound remove Elizabeth image and replace it with Charles, but the EC dollar will still have the image of a dead queen still on it

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