No electrical leakages at Jolly Habour say owners


The company which manages Jolly Harbour appears not to be taking responsibility for the death of 26-year-old Shawn Warner.

Warner died on Tuesday in Jolly Harbour after being electrocuted.

However, in a statement released yesterday, the Caribbean Development (Antigua) Ltd. stated that the Management of CDAL found nothing wrong with their electrical system.

“To assure the general public, and in particular, visitors and occupiers of the Jolly Harbour area that our electrical engineers have carried out stringent tests and found no electrical leakages on any post on the site.” 

In the release, the company also stated that it was aware that the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB) “is carrying out an investigation as to the circumstances surrounding this most tragic incident and in doing so have removed control boxes from the lamp post leaving exposed wires.” 

The release further states: “In respect of the post which the Police have removed the control boxes and left exposed wires, we have effected a disconnection of this post from our system. 

“We are confident that our premises are safe to the General Public and we assure all that we will continue to co-operate with Law enforcement in the exercise of their duties.”


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  1. What a load of HOGWASH! Gad nar sleep. It’s a LAME ATTEMPT to COVER YO ASS! Hope the family can afford a good lawyer who will fight on their behalf. See you in court arsole. A mother is grieving the loss of her baby that she carried for 9 months, went into labour, and brought into this world with hopes and dreams for him. Apparently CDAL does NOT VALUE HUMAN LIFE.

  2. Bullshit,now y’all only saying that to cover y’all asses but guess what he was on your compound so you can twist n turn the story it is logical the company just don’t wanna be responsible,but he is a human being with kids grow some heart thou cause autopsy will show its electrocution and what your still going to say nothing go so , but a visitor said Monday her dog was shock at the same area now y’all about that was it still safe.

    • That person has reported the incident to the police.
      Other persons who experienced shocks from that faulty light should do the same.
      Management need to be held accountable for this avoidable death.
      All lights now checked? Really? I’ve not seen anyone down our street checking!

  3. So he shocked himself with what you all wanna say…y’all sympathy is quite lame and makes me wanna puke….y’all will pay condolences to his mum..

  4. CDAL know they need to take charge here but it’s the usual crap from them. Jolly Harbor area been having electrical issues. Power outages and circuit shortages are a regular down there. Just ask the workers down there who are not afraid to talk. People, Jolly Harbor sell over electricity, APUA na have no jurisdiction down there. Quality standards are low. But God nar sleep.

  5. So how did the man get electrocuted then??? Typical of most employers. Even when faced with someone dying on their premises, the first thing they do is think about money and deny it was any fault of theirs. They know how corrupt the legal system so they take advantage of it. They can afford to pay lawyers and drag it out in the courts for years until you eventually give up. If the man died as a result of being injured while at work , who is responsible?

  6. @ l- so why did you have to bring in the legal system in this already? This is the problem with a lot of you-all you do is pass Judgement. At least give the system a chance on the matter, if it reaches that point,then you can talk..You,ll always have some Dunce conspiracy theory..Give me a brake..

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