NO COVER UP: FBI unable to come to Antigua because of COVID situation


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has strongly rejected suggestions that government officials are keeping international investigators out of the country as a means of “cover up” in the Nigel Christian murder investigation.

Describing the suggestions as “unfortunate,” the Prime Minister said the irony about it is that there are some unsuspecting people out there, innocent people who believe this type of foolishness — which is said is being spread by United Progressive Party Leader Harold Lovell.

“The FBI have been unable to come because of the COVID situation,” the Prime Minister said on Pointe FM.

“What they have done is they have asked the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force to actually send all of the pieces of evidentiary material for them to do the necessary testing and so on.

“This is something that is ongoing. And I don’t know why Lovell would want to deceive the public into thinking that there is some cover up.”

The Prime Minister said if the UPP Leader has information and he knows there’s a cover up, and he knows exactly who the players are, who these criminal elements are who may have committed a crime directly or indirectly, “then Harold Lovell has an obligation to make the information available to the police or to law enforcement generally.”

“This type of cheap politics, when you know you have an innocent family that is mourning the loss of a son, of a brother, it is just totally ridiculous.”

Prime Minister Browne said as officer of the court and someone who is supposed to be a potential leader, and the leader of a major political party in this country, he is at a loss as to why Lovell would want to politicize this issue and to suggest by innuendo that there are certain officials in the government that have information and are withholding information and that justice is not being done.

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  1. No sure why Covid is problem for the FBI getting here? There are flights from Miami, and Miami is in the USA. I don’t believe there is any cover-up.

    • @Clarice:Because Gaston says so does not make it so.If they wanted the FBI to come into Antigua and assists.They would come and help using the protocols.They are using this Covid-19 as a cover for their poor judgments in leadership.They need to go,NOW.

      • The USA would not send any Federal Employee out of the US unless its absolutely necessary…Read their State Department Travel Advisory….
        Some y’all wouldn’t take some time to watch a little news and quick to come here and comment foolishness because of y’all politics….

        • Jack Daniel, I am not sure what necessary is for you but the death of a loved one shot down in cold blood in the middle of the day in little Antigua is very important. Since you were designated as the spokesperson, tell the PM to provide evidence of such barriers so we can feel confident that everything is been done to bring justice to the family of Nigel. The situation is concerning and it don’t look right or smell right. We need concrete evidence of attempts to solve this crime expeditiously.

  2. Antigua has let in over 10K visitors since the start of the pandemic.

    There are supposedly like 1 or 2 cases here.

    Yeah this doesn’t sound like the truth.

    • A Federal Employee is considered to be a greater liability if they die outside the US on duty than a tourist taking a vacation trip and died while being there…it would cost the US government millions in civil litigations brought on by the individual’s(the federal employee) family.

  3. Why is politics always referred to as cheap while the people pay expensively for it?

    Why is the opposition political points always refered to as cheap while the government’s political points costs millions.

    Seems to me the cheap hair cut may save the people some money.

  4. I dont find that covid excuse is a good one. The borders are only open for tourism? We need justice !we cannot and would not accept that !Everything that is a concern to the citizens is not about political points . Crimes has been comitted and need to be solve .

  5. Excuses, excuses we hear them every day. Can anyone remember this song on PJD2 many moons ago?

    Another one bite the dust. Remember this song?

  6. I’m quite sure, that the Chinese will be willing to assist, they’re already living in Antigua, and PAP already have Agents running around the Caribbean freely, and not worried about COVID.
    Get help from PAP, not the cornmeal kind but the Peoples Armed Police, of China.

  7. What is Gaston trying to hide? All the US visitors coming here but they can’t due to “COVID”?

    The dictator showing his colours every day.

  8. The Government if Antigua or any foreign country cannot dictate if the FBI is coming to help solve a local crime… it is not the practice of the FBI to get involved in matters of foreign crime simply because that country is incapable.

    The FBI May get involved and that’s very rare, if it involves a US citizen and has nationwide recognition in terms of the nature of the crime, and again that’s rare.

    Even in America, itself, the FBI does not have jurisdiction over local cases/murders etc, unless a federal crime has been committed.


    So they need to step up their training of local police and learn how to stop being so corrupt.

    Every minute all u cussing Trump and America and now begging help

  9. “What they have done is they have asked the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force to actually send all of the pieces of evidentiary material for them to do the necessary testing and so on.”
    Sir, do you wonder if those people are reading this and saying, “but we never tell dem dat. Nutten tarl go so! Arwe nuh tell he dat.”
    Do you wonder that they are perplexed by this blatant lie? Why are you lying on these people? Do you plan to legislate against all communication outlets so they do not find out?
    (Wonder and amazement)

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