No Bail For Fraud Accused Leroy King


74-year-old Leroy King, accused of his alleged role in connection with the Stanford International Bank (SIB) $7 billion investment fraud scheme, appeared before a Detention Hearing last week and the court determined that he should remain in custody (no bail) until his trial in Texas, USA.

On December 4th, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas held a hearing to determine whether King should be granted bail under its Bail Reform Act of 1984.

The ruling was done by United States (US) Magistrate Judge, Dena Palermo.

King is facing charges against him on 21 counts of conspiracy to commit mail, wire and securities fraud, between 2002 and 2008, in violation of the US law. He could serve 175 years in prison if he is found guilty.

Mark Carter, King’s legal representative, called King’s daughter Lorian King, his ex-wife Lisonyi John Diaz, and two friends, Kimberly Paul and Richard Allen as witnesses to support King’s defense.

They all testified that “the defendant was a peaceful person, religious and would follow conditions of his release”. King, Diaz and Paul, the court document said “were willing to be a surety on a bond”.




    Having been declared a ‘…Fugitive from justice,’ was always going to militate against his liberty.

    Thus, to the frustrated United States authorities, ‘…thwarting their extradition efforts’ will most certainly be considered the most ‘…aggravating factor.’

    In situations like these, it is always ‘…better to know where a fugitive is,’ than to be asking ‘…Where he is?’

    Leroy King’s woes have not just began.

    They have started some ten years ago.

    Of his woes, these may have been reasonably attributed to three critical factors;

    (i) …Apparent bad legal advice in instituting futile litigation proceedings;

    (ii) …Apparent big time fleecing; and

    (iii) …Apparently refusing ‘ favorable Plea Deals’ in turning State Witness.’

    Sure he would now agree that he may have been ‘…better positioned testifying against convicted Ponzi Schemer R. Allen Stanford and his other co-accused.’

    He is not now needed to do so.

    Likened to ‘…R. Allen Stanford,’ the other co-accused, have all ‘…entered Plea Deals’ and have all been sentenced to ‘…penal servitude.’

    Leroy King could expect similar punishment.

  2. Since when is LeRoy “religious”? God help us! He’ll never see Antigua again. 175 years is a long long time.

  3. Leroy is innocent until proven guilty. Let Us not rush to judgement . He is still a Son of the soil. Let Us PRAY for a MIRACLE.

    • Why Johnny. What is it with you labourites that you support and enable criminality?
      Is it that you all are crooked deep down and do not have an honest bone in your body?

      Why should we pray for a crook that as an agent of the state betrayed the trust of the Antiguans, Stanford’s depositors, put the FSRC at risk and in a position where it is not trusted internationally and a pariah in the financial world. He was acting in his own self interest while being paid by taxpayers to ensure depositors funds were safe.
      If you take off your red tinted glasses for a moment you will see the connection between the rampant de risking of our local banks and the perception that the FSRC – the institution mandated to supervise the offshore banks is instead a co conspirator in financial shenanigans.
      I will pray for Leroy – that his victims that lost their life saving through his greed get to pick him apart one by one.

    • IF he’s proven guilty in a court of law, the MIRACLE we must hope and pray for is that he will spend the remainder of his days behind bars. Since he’s so “religious” now, as some claim, it will be tolerable. What happens on judgement day is up to God. Right now the “worldly” court is in charge.

  4. I don’t know the man, or the circumstances… but if he is found guilty, let it be a lesson to all of those others who seek quick profit at the hands of others. What goes on in the dark, shall surely come out in the light!

  5. Since some says that he is now a believer in Christ Jesus or a born again Christian, then what else left is for him to tell the truth of what exactly happening to the people hard earned money. It is not easy for anyone to work hard and put something aside for retirement and then lose it. Mr. King, I am praying that you will speak the truth during your court proceedings and may God grant you good health and strength to endure these proceedings.

  6. It is amazing how you Antiguans are crucifying your Brother . Leroy is a Person who got caught up in a MESS . He need all the support He can get . Let Us pray for Him. We never know what was the driving force behind all this. I am still hoping for the best.

    • The driving force behind everything was greed. Mr. King is a well educated man should have known better not to be caught up in this mess. I pray that he would speak the truth during the court proceedings.


    I understand what you are saying but according to the GOOD BOOK We should not wish bad things to Others. Soften your heart. You are a child of God.

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