NO Alcohol to be sold on Election Day



NO ALCOHOL TO BE SOLD ON ELECTION DAYThe Police are reminding the general public that NO alcohol shall be on sale on the day of the general elections.

This is in accordance with the Licensing (Intoxicating Liquor) Act, Cap 249 of the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Act states; No intoxicating liquor shall be sold, offered for sale, or given away at any premises situated in any of the constituency, in which an election is being held to which a license was issued under the said Act any time between the opening and closing of the polls on polling day.

The Commissioner of Police is appealing to the owners and operators of all premises licensed to sell intoxicating liquor; including other establishments that may be exempted by law to refrain from getting involved in this unlawful act.

Failure to comply may result in the revocation of licenses.

Commissioner Rodney is further advisng all residents to conduct themselves in a peaceful and lawful manner during and after the days of the election.

The cooperation and support of everyone is expected.

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  1. Buy the day before and stock up on your librations!!!

    Poor you champagne and celebrate the REDEEM TEAM kicking the NEXT LEVEL “DUNG”. Back to BASICS again!

    Ar u jus mek sure no “FILES” leave the PRIME MINISTER OFFICE. Dat dun happen a ready!

    Surveillance must be constant. Dem Labournearga full a tricks!! Watch dem!!

  2. Behavior of the public??? What about the behavior of the prime minister telling people he will tump them in their face and Asot Michael using foul nasty language in a bank for everyone to hear???? What about that behavior?????

    • I would go further @ Hypocrites, I would ban politicians from buying boxing or thomp-up gloves as well 🥊🥊 … 😁

  3. the fact that they need a “redeem team” suggest they had a fall from grace in the first place, red will be very much alive come the 18th

  4. No alcohol sales until the polls close, so what time do the polls close? Antigua News Room, please do the research and inform the public, thank you.

  5. So just buy your liquor the day before, what difference does it makes? So is this what you’re telling all the tourist that are visiting your island, the ones that doesn’t have shit to do with your election? Who really write these foolish laws and put them into effect? Smdh. I guess people’s liberties are a none existence in Antigua.

  6. Lol smh you made it ok to serve alchol on good friday wich is know publicly as a holy day to the God of heaven.Are u guys really that big, the day when man is been elected to power no alchol can b served ablp r u that big?are u bigger than the God of heaven lets seeeeeeeeee

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