Ninety-Two Antiguans And Barbudans Recruited To Work on MSC Cruises




(St. John’s Antigua; September 23, 2022) Ninety-two (92) Antiguans and Barbudans have been offered employment opportunities aboard Italian-owned Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) cruise vessels following a recently concluded job recruitment drive in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Investment.


At a brief ceremony yesterday (Thurs) where nine (9) individuals were presented with their letters of intent by representatives of MSC, Minister of Tourism and Investment, Hon Charles Fernandez charged the applicants to use this unique opportunity to market Antigua and Barbuda and be proud ambassadors of their country.


“Take this opportunity and see it as a training experience and not just as a job, you have a lot of responsibility as you are going there to represent us and lead the way for more of these opportunities to become available for other Antiguans”, the minister continued.


MSC onboard recruiter Georgia Dowdell who was here on island to conclude the recruitment drive, congratulated the successful candidates for putting their best foot forward and being selected.


“It was great to be in Antigua to meet with you and understand who you are, your interests and your ambitions”, she said.

Simone Richards, Policy and Project Specialist within the Ministry of Tourism & Investment said the successful candidates will be guided through the next steps by her and her team before going off to board their respective ships.


MSC operates a fleet of 19 cruise ships and offers cruises within the Caribbean, Northern Europe, South America and Southern Africa as well as the Mediterranean, UAE and Asia.

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    • Why so negative. They get paid well and can save a lot of money
      My daughter is an entertainer on Royal Caribbean and earns a small fortune. As she gets food and lodgings her money is just saved $4500 per month
      Congratulations to them all

  1. Great news………. work hard and stay focus on your goals, no distraction guys. Remember to be ambassadors and not kiss asses.
    All the best on your journey

    • Hope it all turns out well and we don’t hear any complaints about callous working conditions and poor treatment of the staff

  2. Ship life is hard. I hope you guys are all ready for it. Have no illusions. Some may want to come back after one month at sea.

  3. I agree ship life is hard, more so life is hard throughout the world in general. It also depends on the type of work they are getting. My problem is that our hotels are bringing in people from all over- Mexican as HR at Royalton. Know how many young Antiguans with HR degrees ? Project managers on every project- know how many Antiguans with project management degrees ( tons ) Other companies import food and beverage managers. I see people and I am not talking about our Caribbean brothers and sisters managing a simple Resturant. Then these companies pay these people so much money. They even get accommodation allowances and transportation. They come and live big. I thought when we give the investor concessions that it was understood that our people should get first preference. When I say first preference I am not talking about maids , bartenders , gardening. I am talking and management. Simple maintenance management we have people from Australia, South Africa, Holland, England and other European countries. These people are doing Jobs for example that was managed by Antiguans 20 years ago. So like we are regressing. I am sure our young Antiguans are more educated and even more qualified today.
    Typical- in 2022 Don’t tell me that an Antiguan cannot hold down the comptroller of custom Job. If you say look what happened at customs in recent times, my answer is – UNDER the INDIAN WATCH.

  4. I get very emotional about these issues. I have a family member for example such a bright young lady. She was a top student at secondary school. Got a government scholarships to study Hotel management – Honors at University. Now she is working a regular front desk job after returning over a decade. I know this young lady once dreamed to manage a hotel. Now I see her settled at a front desk. I know of another young lady with a degree in HR that was packing supermarket shelf. I know someone that studied resort management and went to several European countries to as part of her studies- Now an English teacher. Know something I am angry 😡 to the point that I am ready to vote right now for a change. Lovell I hope you are about change. Short term and long term. First day in office. I was on the fence not anymore while writing this .

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