Nine drivers have been arrested and charged for dangerous driving by the police




Nine drivers have been arrested and charged for dangerous driving by the police.

On Thursday, May 2, the police embarked upon another major traffic enforcement exercise at various locations, which resulted in 50 tickets being issued for various traffic violations. Nine drivers were also arrested and charged for failing to stop at the traffic light, a dangerous driving offence.

Over the past weeks the police have arrested and charged 30 drivers for dangerous driving, as well as issuing over one hundred traffic tickets for varying traffic violations such as, driving without license plates, driving unlicensed vehicles, and failing to wear seat belts.

The traffic department is cautioning motorist to desist from the dangerous practice of proceeding through stop lights, as well as exceeding the speed limits on the roads.

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  1. Right!!
    So what new laws do we need??!!
    The police force need to stop being a group of entitled power tripping punks and do their work.
    POLICE the roads, charge people…. hold drivers accountable!!, suspend licenses, etc.

    • @ Finally doing some work:
      This just for now. It’s not the first time, neither the second time that a project of such has been executed. Only when things happen then presence of these law officials are felt. This program need to be continuous right around the clock. Soon from now the police will back into hibernation. Our law officials need to be a little moreefficient and be proactive than being reactive

  2. This is welcoming news. More penalties for the perpetrators. Hats off to the police department.

  3. Next charge for not indicating..for using brake lights when they going to turn left or right!

  4. This is welcome news. Just yesterday I had a guy tailgating on my bumper for at least a half mile because I wasn’t going fast enough for him. I was very scared. He eventually passed me at a very high speed, almost hitting my rare bumper. Arrest them all, give them tickets. I’m tired of being afraid of driving in Antigua. Am I going to be robbed or run off the road. Good job police, glad to know you’re finally doing your job in keeping our roads safe.

  5. When you all give tickets please ensure they are paid. I know of cases where tickets are issued and up to this day the offending motorists have not paid.

  6. I saw traveling on a bus yesterday ,the bus driver is a police man . He was given a ticket because he was not wearing his seat belt, and was told he should know better . My question is , is this just for show , are they going to see to it that he pays, or it’s just for show?

  7. The #SIDS IS HERE.
    Let’s see what transpires, once the 3000 plus delegates, media and the likes leave and it’s November 2016 Ge’ez Time.
    They’re not doing anything [specual]. It’s their ‘job’ which they were, are trained to do, and get paid to do as well.

    Let’s see this same zest come November 2024 Gregorian time!
    I could understand, and I do understand, that to understand is too, understand!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  8. Good job,but the not wearing seatbelt shouldn’t be an issue whether drivers where it or not. It’s not stoping drivers from speeding and many accidents I know of drivers were wearing their seat belts and they didn’t survive. I’ve been in a terrible accident where my car was written off got way scotch free had in no seat belt. The driver who hit me was wearing seatbelt and he got cuts and other injuries. Say this to say seatbelt doesn’t always save us might sound weird but is facts.

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