Nigeria hails Air Peace-LIAT Bilateral Air Services Agreement


PUNCH – The Federal government, through the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace, has promised its commitment to support Nigerian airlines.

The Permanent Secretary of the ministry,  Dr Emmanuel Meribole, who was represented by the Director of Air Transport Management of the Ministry, Hassan Ejibunu, disclosed this at a reception organised by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to celebrate the commencement of direct flights between Nigeria and the Caribbean country by Air Peace Airline recently.

A statement signed by the ministry’s Head Press, Public Relations, Oluseyi Odutayo, disclosed that the Federal Government continued to initiate and implement policies that ensured Nigeria’s airlines benefit from the Bilateral Air Services Agreement signed by Nigeria with other countries.

It added, “Meribole commended Air Peace for the historic feat and yet another milestone recorded for both countries, which were known to be bounded by common ancestries.

“He added that the journey would further strengthen the relationship of both countries in the areas of commerce, trade, and tourism while acknowledging the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Antiguan/Barbudan authorities for approving the designation of Air Peace by the Nigerian Aeronautical Authorities to fly the Nigerian-Antiguan route.”

The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gatson Browne in his remarks said it was a new dawn for the relationship between Nigeria and Antigua.

He emphasised the ancestral linkage between the Caribbean nations and Africa, which he referred to as the Motherland.

He said Antigua and Barbuda was home to every African and his government was desirous in promoting economic and bilateral ties with African nations within the context of the South-South cooperation.



He urged members of the business community from Nigeria and potential investors to take advantage of the favourable economic policy of his government to invest in Antigua and Barbuda.

The Prime Minister further revealed that the country was in collaboration with Air Peace Airline to float an airline known as LIAT 2020, which would commence flight operations soon.

“The airline on commencement of operations would operate in the entire Carribean countries thus making air connectivity between Africa, the entire Carribean countries and America stress-free,” he added.

Speaking earlier, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director, Economic, Trade and Investment, Bolaji Akinremi, said the development had signposted the beginning of a new fond relationship between Antigua and Barbuda as well as the entire Caribbean countries.

He added that the air connectivity was in sync with the foreign policy of President Bola Tinubu to integrate the economy of African nations.

Akinremi further said, “Carribean countries were considered as an integral part of Africa as the fifth bloc.”







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  1. Prime Minsiter, Gaston Browne, will you please do us all a favour.

    Stop your stubborn stupidness with this Nigeria Airlines nonsense and instead focus on looking after the needs of the people who you swore allegiance to when they voted you in as Prime Minister. This nonsense has gone on long enough.

    You don’t give a damn about us. All you want to do is get land and make quick money. We are here catching we ass. Can’t get water, can’t get cheaper food, can’t get good education, and you are there pussy footing around with all this stupidness. Enough is enough.

    You do not have the right to rename Liat. You are just showing off yourself to these Africans and trying to impress them.


    • So true @ Enough is Enough.

      Gaston Browne should have realised that these guys are so ADROIT at scamming people, businesses and countries (a lot like the current UK Conservative politicians); that they could sell SALT to SNAILS … 🐌 🐌 🐌

  2. Last week it was all about the Wealthy Nigerian businessmen who were going to invest in pharmaceutical manufacturing with mysterious Antiguans.
    Dominating the headline was the accusation that an Ambassador had shaken down some of the migrants to get to here using Antigua as a transshipment point to the US.

    Gaston just remembered that it was not about Wealthy Nigerian Businessmen. The whole African thing was about saving LIAT.

    Once the so called Wealthy Nigerian businessman have cut their deals with Gaston and his mysterious band of Antiguans; claims that the migrants were round up and sent back.

    We can now get to the farce that started this whole thing: LIAT 2020
    I hope the deal means LIAT workers and Pilots will get their money at last.
    I doubt it.

  3. Well said @ Enough. This idiot doesn’t give a damn about Antigua and Barbuda and the sooner we realize this the better. We must rid ourselves of this scourge before there is nothing left but debts,no lands and potential colonization by Chinese and the white man.
    I say again, this dunce must have taken something from the Nigerians and is at their bequest.
    People here know what’s going on and are silent because of the kickbacks. In time, we will know.

  4. There is no “new found relationship to be had here.Only another subterfuge.

    It’s always so interesting with all the talk about Reparations from European slaveholders and nations.

    The clowns who run the Caribbean Reparation Committees are so caught up in the notion of ancestral linkage between the Caribbean nations and Africa, as the Motherland.

    The question should be: How did the Europeans get their hands in our forefathers
    They Europeans bought our forefathers from who?
    Our people were tied together like Animals and were march on a distance from Florida to New York or from Dover to Edinburgh by the West Africans and sold to the Europeans.

    I’m all for Reparations only through education, that brings us to parity with those who enslaved our people.
    Education that makes our children innovators, world leaders in tech economy and finance.
    When we get the presence of mind to demand both reparations and apologies, from The West Africans it will pave the way to reconciliation with them.
    Until that time, I’ll keep in mind who cause us to be here. You the West Africans weren’t trust worthy then and you are still not trust worthy.

    But only the idiots we elected to control our lives do not recognize it, for the they’re too busy with the schemes to enrich themselves.

    Message to the crumb snatchers: There is a better life to be had, than scrabbling for the crumbs under the table.

    • @Winston Southwell.
      You are saying loud and clear what needed to be said all along. The ostriches who bury their heads in the sand are unwilling to face the facts, at least publicly, and can never make a reasoned response to what transpired in the past. I have personally posted similarly on this matter on more than one occasion and recently suggested that if the Reparationists push their luck too far and the UK government (in our case) were to ask the very same question on why ask for reparation from them (UK) and not from the descendants of the African slavers, they would be stuck for an answer. They (UK) might also argue that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Reparationists had better not take legal action on this matter for as sure as night follows day there would be an unbearable stench when all the gut-wrenching facts are laid bare before the public.

  5. The group of guys in Oxford Square Hyde Park or Times Square who playing three cards monthly are not stubbornly stupidly playing.
    They know that the people surrounding them are idiots ready to be fleeced, and they have their lookout man.
    Gaston is comfortable with what he is doing. He has thousands protecting him to get their little piece.
    He knows when he leaves office he will be stupidly wealthy.
    Unlike in other countries where he would be tried for embezzlement and treason, and jailed.
    Gaston will live like a King, with his Prince and Princess.
    That’s what you bought as a people, and that’s what you are getting.
    Work for change!

    • @Winston
      Times change, bro. Times change.

      What was easy yesterday not so easy today

      Plenty leaving but not with the money they steal. Sometimes they lucky to escape death or jail.

    • Gaston Browne is being played. You can see it, I can see it, and many intelligent and articulate Antiguans can see it also.


      How he is still in charge of Antigua & Barbuda is the REAL crime. Gaston think he’s being smart on the world’s stage – SADLY THE PLAYER IS BEING PLAYED!

      Everyone can see it accept he!!!

      • Since when Antiguans are sooo NEGATIVE. BRIXTONIAN and Others just close Their eyes to the progress of Antigua and are aiming at criticizing Gaston Browne. Open your eyes to the development of Antigua.

  6. where is the audience with the Minister of Nigeria aviation? the Permanent Secretary?
    Waiting for the meeting with Marvelous Mike, sorry President Tinubu…

  7. And the clown show continues 😭😞😭. These people just don’t give up with their madness. 🤣.

    Even the Great GB himself said he/they were duped, but yet still he and his bag of dummies forge forward plugging Antiguans further and further into the dust they came from.

    GB gone kill you’ll, that’s what he’s gonna do. By the time he finished with Antigua, many of you would be so far in debt, the only thing left is to just jump off a building 🏢 to backside.

    You’ll better wake up.. I do not live in Antigua for a long time now, but every time I visit, it just saddens me.

    Boi a tell you with this Hitler you’ll have running our island. Smdh.

  8. Since when Antiguans are sooo NEGATIVE. BRIXTONIAN and Others just clise Their eyes to the progress of Antigua and are aiming at criticizing Gaston Browne. Open your eyes to the development of Antigua.

  9. Wow!!!
    Where is the journalistic integrity? Is Gaston the editor,? Is this website editing for Gaston’s benefit ??
    Suddenly the headline change to reference LIAT; and picture with AirPeace become LIAT. We got you !!!

  10. Here we go again!
    Just waiting on that pending …
    In the name of creating legacy, everything and anything go nowadays?
    It seems like Ayn Rand saying is now in our faces.
    We are fast approaching the stage of ultimate inversion, the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may only act by permission which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history; the stage of rule by brute force.

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