NICHOLAS: ‘Tell Harold Lovell shut his mouth’ when it comes to who can vote in Barbuda


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  1. I am reminded by this clip as to why I support ABLP: its a sensible party. Who in their right minds would want to issue a challenge to persons claiming they live in an area, when they can clearly prove they sleep there? One would think instead of attacking the persons, UPP would embrace them. They did this in 2004 (eg reaching out to non-nationals via the millennium nationalization program), However by 2014 they reverted to their nature (increasing the constituency residency requirement from one month to 6; Increasing the country residency requirement for voting from 3 years to 7 for non nationals). The latter bad decision aided in the UPP 2014 loss( Electorate don’t like ugly). Most Antiguan’s can easily find a connection to non nationals (many have a grand parent who was born in another island). The UPP continues to not be learning institution and instead continues to flounder. Time to euthanize them like a dog with brucellosis

    • Temman keep singing for your supper. When I listen to the joker Melford Nicholas and remember the things he use to say about your cult party, I am reminded why I could never support them.

      • hmm you will have at least another 3 elections with ablp leading this country to change your mind. The baggage you carry continues to blind you. Though your past has not shown it, hopefully (yeah i know in vain) unlike the UPP, in time you will get smarter

    • Boss, acting on that premise. Why did Barbudans not allowed to vote in Antigua; in the constituency that they were residing after they evacuated from after the passing of Hurricane Irma. Didn’t they take up residency in an Antigua constituency? Shouldn’t they have been allowed to register to vote in that constituency and cast there vote? Why did they have to go back to Barbuda to vote in 2018?

      Barbudans. Don’t forget the mental and physical abuse you all went through after an horrific event that has changed your lives forever. Gaston faked cried with you. Then flipped and cuss you out. Remember!!!! Time longer than rope. Every rope has an end and fu he rope has come to an end. Time will go on. Time to send he and his cast of deplorables home.

      ASOT still lurking in the background. Let’s see what happen at the convention later on in the year.

  2. Tenman it’s time for you to stop showing the world how very dunce and retarded you are. You need to beg the Dawg for a scholarship to go back to primary school or keep your clappers shut. Chupzzzzz!

    • By the same token I guess Pringle should return to his mother’s womb because I can’t believe a man as dunb as that can come out of a sweet v@##na.

      • Hey “Just Saying”, don’t forget Pringle IS the best they got. It’s not his fault that he is as he is. The man trying, and sometimes he is successful.

    • @Ms. Antigua are you what Bruce Goodwin (former UPP) supporter) used to call a dunce element? The available scholarships are for tertiary education (eg PM scholarship), primary and secondary school is free in ANU hence no need to apply for any scholarship. As for the second chance program, its more for secondary school dropouts like Alister Thomas. I see Frantz though he allegedly dropped out of PM, at least went onto CUC secondary school (his linkedn profile)

  3. Again, after visiting Barbuda and growing up around those folks in Barbuda I can state categorically that they are smarter than us in Antigua when it comes to their livelihood.

    They do not play with these matters!

    I can bet Melford and Gaston never been to Barbuda in the 80s and 90s and want to speak as if they know all about Barbuda even more that the inhabitants.

  4. Melford is absolutely right. Lovell know better than to challenge Melford on anything. Melford speaks Truth.

    • You’re so right, Melford is so honest, that’s why, when he lies with the dogs he will rise with fleas. He best make certain that he carries out his master’s demand to enrich himself.

      • @Stand Tall. You obviously believe that Lovell bought us “NEW” engines 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 take a ride on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 to shake up your brain cells.

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