Nicholas expecting a further statement from nurses on vaccine

Soria Dupie Winston Photo for Honours

Information Minister Melford Nicholas said the Antigua & Barbuda Nurses Association (ABNA) was expected to make a further statement on vaccine acceptance soon.


In the release, the ABNA said the public health system was compromised “due to the clandestine actions of the Country’s Leadership along with “Wealthy” members of the Public, who were allowed to bring in their own vaccine to vaccinate themselves.”


In the same document, the ABNA said that it “demands that the highest efficacy vaccine be made available to the nursing health workforce and will refuse as frontline workers to take the vaccine with least efficacy and which still remains questionable world-wide.”


Prime Minister Gaston Browne called the press release irresponsible when he addressed the matter in parliament on Friday.


On Monday, the Information Minister said Cabinet “would have had an engagement with the president of the nurses association and other members of the nursing fraternity” regarding the publication.


He said the association indicated that subsequent to publishing the release, it came across a “publication from the World Health Organization that they are indeed endorsing the use of the AstraZeneca vaccines.”


He said the nurses association President Nurse Soria Dupie-Winston “has accordingly, indicated to the Cabinet that she is prepared to take the discussion that we have had with her back to her executive along with the new information that she has uncovered from the World Health Organization.”

“We’re expecting a further public statement from the nurses association in the coming days or coming hours perhaps.”


“The Prime Minister did indicate that, look, notwithstanding, whatever issues may have been associated with him taking the Moderna vaccine, that that should be treated as a separate matter,” Nicholas said.


He said the Prime Minister “does not mind the public examination of what he would have done in that respect but he wanted the general public, the health of the general public to be the prime concern for all concern.”


“Today’s meeting took that approach, so I’m happy to indicate that we have an opportunity to commence the vaccination program starting on Wednesday”, Nicholas concluded.

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  1. I am waiting to see what the Association says, because the damage they have done by their statement has already been done. They were indeed reckless given that the information was already out there.

  2. You all need a spiritual jab too man fish scales on the eyes of the people.
    Cases increase
    Deceptive politicians

  3. It was not irresponsible to call out the Health Inspector and said she is missing in action? Calling out officers talking about taking government money and on pay role, is it not irresponsible to have a file on the MP for st.peters and never said anything about it until they fall out, how comes he never turn the file over to the police. Continue to cover one day alot of things will unfold. Remember the texas billionaire. Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished, its just a matter of time

  4. Dictator and traitor Gaston takes the best vaccine paid for by tax payer money. He also brought it in illegally and has the gall to give us the least effective of the vaccines.

    Read it yourself on the WHO site

    If this is the kind of “leader” you want in govt, then Antigua is doomed. Gaston has continually show Antigua he’s in politics for his own personal gain and needs to be removed from office and never to be in politics again.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?

    • I don’t think you understand the words…. Dictator…Traitor….You must walking on your brain… This clearly demonstrate an infantile behavior when you resort to Diatribes.

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