Nicholas Andrew charged for violent attack on AUA student


Clare Hall Man Charged with Battery on Medical Student

Police arrested and charged 67 years old Nicholas Paul Andrew of Clare Hall for beating Mahesh Indraganti of Hodges Bay with a stick.

The incident took place at Breeze Point Apartment in Langfords on 17th February, 2022 allegedly over payment of taxi fare.

He is expected in court tomorrow

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    • Alllllllll the foreigners in ANTIGUA go back toyour BIG USELESS 3 world countries…

    • There is always consequences to our actions! The student had no right to provoke the taxi driver. However, the taxi driver had no right to take such brutal actions towards the student. Sometimes in business and moreso as a taxi driver, a lost will take place if it arises. In fact the approach taken to resolve the situation could be done differently. Sometimes the law cannot be taken in your own hands. Of course Self defense is different! What happened is extremely bad publicity for the country. Driving around with a weapon like that certainly sends a strong message…..

  1. The man is 67, so trying to rip him off is pretty bad, if that is what happened in this case. There should be an easier way to resolve financial disputes if that is what really transpired. Until you have all the facts, or there is a conviction, please stop publishing names.

    • You want facts? Look at the video and you will see the fact that he bang the student with a stick repeatedly without the student hitting back. That is a fact. Nobody has the right to physically beat another person over a claimed debt. That is why we have courts.

    • @ I Love : your naivety is nauseating. He’s 67 so just bloody and kill the guy.
      I’m sure ANR because they’re in the diplomacy game is sorry to hurt your feelings on printing this criminal name and operating illegally too with a commercial plate.
      Time you put on your BIG BOY PANTS DEAL WITH IT.

    • As far as ones concerned the taxi driver is not driving a licensed taxi there for he is NOT LEGALLY allowed to collect $ for transportation. It also doesn’t give him the right to assault anyone! The island has enough police stations that the man could have simply called and made a report! But as usual wrong and strong! But it gets you no where! 25$ vs being charged? Walk away! It’s not worth it. Very unfortunate either way! But a good eye opener!

  2. The man was running and illegal taxi and in the video assulted a man who was clearly no threat to him….the student just wanted to man to stay there until the police arrived but because the man didn’t want to be on the scene he beat the med student till he was bloody then left….the video was clear….go answer to your charges

  3. I am amazed that you are taking the side of a foreign student who is a thief. He did not pay his fare. How do you know he did not hit the driver first? You are seeing things from the fare dodgers perspective as he was about to get his ass whipped, as it should. The driver legal/illegal did his job and should be paid. Many of you would have done the same thing. Taxi drivers: (legal/illegal) demand the fare up front, if they don’t pay you kick that ass. This is a scammer, who will cheat and scam his patients in the future.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more… we don’t know what happened before the camera start rolling and this type of people are very very deceiving and they know exactly what they all about they first would attack you and then play the victim

    • I’m an AUA student. Some of my classmates are rude entitled jerks.

      The student threatened to end the driver’s life.

      I don’t know what happened before that because it’s not on video but the student might have started the violence and he should have just paid the guy.

  4. Also to demand anyone to remain for the police is illegal imprisonment. This so called student is a professional scam artist.

    • How can I imprisson a person without any physical restraint? Ppl need to stop the 🐂 shit. The fact is he had a stick with a nail and beating a man who was trying to get the authority to solve the dispute about taxi monies to be paid. Because he was running illegally he did not wanna wait for the authority. Lawless Ness at its best. Charge him for both offenses.

  5. Adjunct, holding or detaining a person to investigate a person suspected of a crime is lawful to the extent the detention and time was reasonable. Beyond that time, would be false imprisonment. Reasonable suspicious required for a brief detention and probable cause for an arrest.

    A store clerk have the legal right to detain, as discussed above. And citizen arrest with probably cause.

    If either party had some issues, maybe student thinks he was being deceived or is victim to some kind of larceny by trick or false pretense then victim could try in a reasonable manner to have such suspect stay until police comes and if the taxi driver suspect he is the evicted of the same as discussed above, he may apply the same reasonable tactics to delay suspect from leaving.

    However, the action from the taxi man was truly unreasonable and not proportionate. It is an assault, battery and mayhem upon that student. Whether the student was to pay and did not pay, the actions of taxi man was egregious.

    Watching it made me feel like if this man had done anything like this to me, I promise you a homicide would have occurred. Except it would be a justified one.

    Talking to the grown man like he is a child, talking about behave. Who is he to tell this grown college educated man behave while he beat this man with such deadly weapon.

    Can someone give me 5 minutes conversation with this man. I will pay $5000ec donated to the country to hear what this man have to say and answer to my questions. I have not felt this kind of anger in decades.

    • The video was done by the student after the altercation took place, and he refused to play his fare. It’s one sided at best. The student is a scam artist and had his friends assisting him. They taxi driver was in a hostile environment. No one knows what took place in the beginning, or can document the missing minutes in the video. As a local taxi operator (legal or illegal) he provided a service and should be paid. The student represents the worst example of human decency. These are the people we try to weed out of academic studies for being dishonest and entitled. Stop disparaging the taxi driver and realize that the student/passenger is a scam artist. It appears that I’m the only looking at this altercation objectively.

  6. I really wondered if that man being beaten with a stick with nails had a gun and used it,to protect self. What would have been the outcome?

  7. In today’s world when technology is available for almost everyone you can’t take the laws into your own hands. Call the authorities to deal with any misunderstanding. We are a civilized society. Dispute and disagreement will always occur. Sometimes it’s best to walk away even if you believe you’re a right. Cause sometimes you maybe be the one that suffers the most. Look at it which one of these gentlemen have to find the money’s for bail and get a lawyer to defend himself from the charges.

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