Mystery death of Customs Officer being investigated


The Police are investigating what killed a seemingly healthy customs officer on Monday.

An autopsy is now ongoing to determine the cause of Lloyd “Silah” Francis’ death.

The 51-year-old customs officer who was found at his Five Islands home.

According to reports, a neighbour told police that she last saw Francis when he was in a rental vehicle sleeping outside his home.

Police questioned a woman living in Five Islands in connection with the death.


  1. If Jamaicans can become immigration officers what you say to customs officer.
    Antigua Barbuda Last Party is all about empowering non nationals at the expense of Antiguans

    • Truth …everyone deserves a chance to work anywhere but some places are for born antiguan and the same if i go some other place to live ….but this country is spoiled by power hungry ministers that would do anything for a vote……not eliminating contributions from our brothers and sisters 90%of them are great people trust me on that.


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