Mystery death of Customs Officer being investigated


The Police are investigating what killed a seemingly healthy customs officer on Monday.

An autopsy is now ongoing to determine the cause of Lloyd “Silah” Francis’ death.

The 51-year-old customs officer who was found at his Five Islands home.

According to reports, a neighbour told police that she last saw Francis when he was in a rental vehicle sleeping outside his home.

Police questioned a woman living in Five Islands in connection with the death.


  1. How can and could a Jamaican be a customs officer. Guess the K-9 dogs are really weeding them out literally and figuratively!

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  2. If Jamaicans can become immigration officers what you say to customs officer.
    Antigua Barbuda Last Party is all about empowering non nationals at the expense of Antiguans

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    • Truth …everyone deserves a chance to work anywhere but some places are for born antiguan and the same if i go some other place to live ….but this country is spoiled by power hungry ministers that would do anything for a vote……not eliminating contributions from our brothers and sisters 90%of them are great people trust me on that.

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