Hit & Run Incident Reported


A middle age woman was struck by a vehicle on Popes Head Street earlier this evening.

The driver of the vehicle which hit her did not stop in what is being described as a hit and run incident.

The woman was walking along the street when the vehicle hit her causing her to fall to the ground. She told authorities she did not see the vehicle.

She appeared to have sustained only minor injuries and is being examined further in hospital.

Police are investigating.


  1. There’s no doubt that there’s a high volume of traffic on that road with some areas lacking a sidewalk. I think it’s time that the urban planners make Popeshead Street a one way street, and use an alternative road to carry traffic on the opposite direction. We also need to be more aggressive in ensuring there’s no parking or stopping on that street.

    When drivers stop and block a lane, it’s a nightmare!


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