Blackpine Engine to be transferred to state

APUA Minister Robin

An engine set for the generation of electricity known as the Blackpine is to be transferred from the Antigua Power Company to the government next month.

The engines are located at Crabbs.

During its meeting this week the issue relating to who will operate the engine set—APUA or APC—was broached by the Cabinet.

The minister responsible for APUA Sir Robin Yearwoood was instructed to develop a plan to be presented to Cabinet next week.

“Two power plants, capable of providing more than 80 MWH of electricity, are in operation,” the government says.

However, peak electricity consumption is now at 54 MWH or about two-thirds of the available power supply.


  1. This is one of the fruits of the negotiation of the ABLP government. Slowly but surely the APC plant will become ours. The UPP gave us limes and we made lemonade with it.


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