Newly renovated Parham Police Station handed over for use

Police Officers stand outside renovated Parham Police Station. fEB 2022

Police Commissioner, Atley Rodney, has given thumbs up to the recently renovated, Parham Police Station, which was handed over by the Ministry of Works for use.


The men and women of District B, division A, of the Royal Police Force within the Parish of St Peters can now operate from the newly renovated edifice, which will serve Pares, Paynters and Fitches Creek.


During his remarks, Commissioner Rodney, says this is a small step to improve the working conditions of not only the Parham Police Station but all stations across Antigua and Barbuda. He adds that the temporary police station will bring relief to the men and women who have over the years, endured some difficult conditions, operating from the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium and later the Coolidge Police Station.


Rodney elaborated that the Parham Station represents a purposely built and fitted structure that holds all the components that officers will need to carry out their duties efficiently and offer the public a great deal of professionalism.


He asked officers to be appreciative of the efforts that has been made to bring comfort to their working environment.


The top cop thanks the Ministry of Public Works and officials within the Ministry of Public Safety for delivering on a promise. Rodney further mentioned that it is his hope that other stations such as Bolans, Barbuda and more can be upgraded.


He further took the time out to thank the residents for their patience over the years, having to venture out of their district to make a report. That is now a thing of the past.


Deputy Commissioner of Police Albert Wade who offered welcoming remarks says the temporary facility is a welcome edition and will serve the people of the community well. Wade mentioned that the St Peters parish is well deserving of a permanent edifice befitting of the first capital city established within the twin island state.

Holding cells


The building currently have a general report area, rest room for guard, private interview area for the public, two holding cells, senior officer and inspector offices and kitchen. A water tank and generator has been installed to ensure adequate operation at the facility.

Kitchen area

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  1. Nice nice. Kudos to the Hon. Lennox Weston, PS Clarence Pilgrim, the diligent workers of the Ministry of Works and all involved.

  2. Promise made….promise kept…the only thing I now miss about them being by the stadium is the extra protection those girls that exercised used t oget.

    • After “100 years” this country still dealing with the effects of:
      Mr. IMF
      Mr. CAN’T PARK

      All because of KING LYADD LOVELL LIMPY JOE

      • let us not wait for a 100 years.
        LET US WAIT FOR 10 or 20 YEARS.
        Your children will be paying for GLOBAL PORTS
        Your children will ask you why we have YIDA
        Your children will ask you about SHARE charity
        Your children will ask you about the enrichment scheme of Ministers of ABLP
        Your children will ask you why one man was bruk before he was a TOP DARG
        Your children ask where the Hurricane Irma money gorn.
        Your children will ask; ” Daddy you allow the TOP DAWG to give away all the land.

        • The same “people” who went down Heritage Quay to protest GP are now seeing the first fruits of the agreement with 5-7 cruise ships consistently docking in the Port.

          As for the other PROPAGANDA you listed, it is just that! Go back to the hole you crawled out of!!! NEVER AGAIN will HAROLD LOVELL LIMPY JOE KING LYADD IMF ROMANTIC RHYTHMS WADADLI POWER CAN’T ABST HOTEL RIPOFF be allowed to mash-up this country.

          You and him can drive off a cliff inside Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌😂🤣


  3. With the recent addition of 50 new police officers, Antigua has 400 police officers (not counting the 185 military members). This amounts to a police to citizen ratio of 4 police officers per 100,000 citizens. In comparison, the infamous country of Mexico has a massive police force. With a ratio of around 460 officers per 100,000 people. Wrap you head around that!
    Is Antigua more criminal then Mexico or is our Marxist government preparing to create a police state…. and why?

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