New UWI gender policy will require everyone connected to the institution to be referred to by the gender with which they identify


A major row is developing at The University of the West Indies (The UWI) over a proposed new gender policy which will require everyone connected to the regional institution to be referred to by the gender with which they identify.

The new policy focuses on a person’s gender identity — cisgender, transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, genderqueer, among others; rather than their sexual orientation — heterosexual, homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, same-sex loving, same-gender loving, women-loving women, men-loving men — among others.

It is said to be designed to foster a secure environment in which all students and staff members, across the spectrum of gender and sexual identities, on all campuses feel protected and safe from any form of gender-related violence and create living, working and learning environments across the university which provide for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

But Jamaica Observer sources say a group of Christian lecturers are objecting to the proposed policy and are planning protest actions while not ruling out taking the matter to court.

“In terms of a national priority, this is way beyond the science and the research. While it is part of the discourse of gender advocates, there is no consensus that the United Nations has a clear position where it recognises gender identity as a fundamental human right.

“There are many curves that people have to go through to get to that point, and beyond that there is still a lot of science against arguments supporting that notion,” said one UWI source opposed to the policy.

“Within the context of a Jamaican society our constitution reigns supreme, and our constitution speaks to discrimination based on the male or female gender, and so I don’t think there is anywhere in the constitution where a person believes that he is a he or she, or whatever it might be,” added the source.

Another source said: “I think I understand, however, where the policymakers in the university may want to go, but in the larger scheme of things it is probably jumping the gun. There are many other things to be resolved in the society more than this.”

The sources pointed the Observer to what is dubbed 2022 revision of The UWI Gender Policy: Promoting Gender Justice for All.

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  1. Chupz, yall sell out too? God made male and female, there is no in between. nonsense yall doing now.

  2. And this is when school ceases to be about education and becomes indoctrination. Next thing they want to tell ur toddlers to choose their own gender.

    • That’s already happening in some countries where you do not have to declare a gender when your baby is born… you leave it up to them to choose later on. It’s a messed up world.

  3. So, universities are adopting these policies to create “safe spaces” of inclusion for trans identifying persons. This begs the question though – if a person cannot tell whether they are male or female using objective evidence, do they actually have the capacity for rational thought necessary to properly understand university-level information? Should they even be enrolled at a University in the first place?

    • You should have stopped at safe spaces. I will never understand how you do called Christian individuals like to refer to yourselves as the religion of love and peace but all y’all do and have ever done is spew hate where ever you can fit it

      • @hmmm The truth is not hateful. People tend to get angry when first presented with the truth. Later they accept it and are grateful for being set free from wasting their life away living a lie. Lying to someone and encouraging them in false fantasies is what is truly hateful.

        • The “truth” is subject and is ever changing. Until one point in time it was “true” that black people were second class individuals. You people don’t care about the truth. You jus want your hate to be sanctioned and be able to continuously terrorize people who’ve done you no wrong

          • @Someone
            Homosexuality has been around for centuries and people let it be. But now they want to throw their lifestyles in other people’s faces, indoctrinating children, invading females washrooms and females sports. They want to tell people what they should accept and what is wrong is right and invade the spaces of heterosexuals. The truth is if you are born with male organs and YY chromosome you are male and if born with XY chromosome you are female. If you have tendencies to want to be what you were not assigned at birth, then you need psychological help.
            People like you like to invoke black people in your argument in support of homosexuality, but remember, black people is a race like white people and homosexuality is a lifestyle. I guess all those black homosexuals are double dosed second class citizens.
            So just go back in the closet. No one cares what happens there. Homosexuals should demand a country or island just for themselves and all of them should move there where they can live the life they want and not being bothered by anyone else.
            Did the word sodomize originate from the name Sodom and Gomorrah.

      • It seems as if I am lost somewhere along the line what is the definition of a male and of a female? First question and I need some scholar and science Professor to answer this for me.

        I’m fully aware about the hormones thing.

        1: Can a born male remove their prostate grow a womb, ovaries etc get pregnant carries the pregnancy to full term and give natural birth?

        2: Can a born female grow the male reproducing organ or prostate?
        Persons can take alllllll sorts of stuff to change the structure and the outward look of an individual BUT a doctor can POP you open and internal organs and other stuff can determine the genuine sex so in that case who are you?
        I’m sorry, for me as long as you carries the organs that determines your sex that is what I will address you as, so take me you court! U can wear all the handbags 👜 and heels 👠 as u like they sell them for who wants to buy. Y’all having a identity crisis.

        • @Jj…AI-Artificial Intelligence which produced wombs are doing what the penis and vagina does naturally☠️. One can even design their baby’s and manufacture/breed them like dogs and horses to serve a purpose. Except for natural fun and pleasure , in the not to distant future, the penis and vagina will become relics of the HUEman body’s. A lot of females which I come across, already have a selection, of dildoes(artificial penis to satisfy their sexual desires. As they say, they don’t come with stress and they stay ever ready.


    • My sentiments exactly. Why do we need to follow every nonsensical inkling coming from The US and and the UK? Anyone who thinks they are a gender other than male or female is mentally ill. No two ways about it. The amount of energy it takes to pretend to be the other gender and having to take hormones for life to maintain the charade is indicative of someone who has lost the capacity to form rationale thought. They think fairytales are real. How about a safe space for people who just want to earn a degree?

  4. The powers that be have totally misread their hand just like the bud light commercial with the atiman on the beer can I know Jamaicans will not approve of this.

  5. Until we start to think for ourselves, we would always be digging ourselves in a hole.

  6. Does a University or any other entity have the right to force others to use certain words? A person can always ask to be referred to in a certain way, but it’s up to the other person to agree or disagree. How on earth is anyone supposed to know in advance what anybody prefers to be called anyway? Who has the time or mental capacity to walk around all day asking and keeping track of all these preferences? People who opt for the trans lifestyle should understand and accept that it is highly unlikely that every person that they meet will refer to them in the way they see themselves and they should stop trying to push these things on others. Some people will always disagree with their choice to be trans, some will disagree with being forced to lie (calling he she and she he), some will always be too preoccupied with their own lives to care that much about it, a few will go along with it for their own career advancement, while inwardly rolling their eyes in disagreement, a few will go along with it in a misguided attempt to be kind. Clearly trans persons will never be happy with their choice until everyone else agrees with it and that will never happen.

  7. Because of the current cultural impasses surrounding these and other issues, it might be time for the development of more Christian colleges and universities in this country, the subregion, and region. This would allow both secular and Christian students to get an education in a “safe” and peaceful space without the need for unnecessary confrontations and disagreeable policies. I would love to see the Christian community come together to develop a non-denominational tertiary institution, or a major religion could create one and be open to members of other Christian religions. Once choices exist, if Christian students and instructors choose to be at a secular institution, then they can quietly tolerate whatever policies they disagree with. If atheists, alternative lifestyle people etc. opt to attend a Christian institution, they should also quietly tolerate policies they do not fully support.

    • Rubbish. The issue is not just in colleges and universities, it impacts everyday lives. You cannot just say get separate colleges and that solves the problem. Do you not see how these people who have escaped mental health facilities are pervading all kinds of spaces in US, not just colleges? What about primary and high schools? do we need to separate those as well? and what about workplaces? you do realize that Universities employ staff, and the staff is also subject to gender policies. Surely you must recognize that other workspaces are also being invaded. The answer is not as you have proposed separate institutions, the answer is diagnosing and treating those who are mentally ill…not with affirming care, but with psychological treatments.

  8. There is money to be had for adopting and pushing these WOKE agendas — UWI wants its share.
    There are more rainbow alphabet people running the world than we think.

  9. I think that this is the end of UWI.

    When you want to do things to please a sinful desire, you have compromised your identity as a university.

    God will judge you.

    You either are male or female. Not in between.

  10. Let us not forget the goosy goosy 🪿🪿🪿genders as well. Don’t they have rights as well?

    Look, gooses must not be left out in this gender identification. When you see how they waddle along the road, can you tell whether they are male or female? I can’t!

    I would go further in goosy goosy🪿🪿🪿 gender rights … there should be a ban on eating them around Christmas time as well!


    Bwoy, I’m glad I’m not a goose 🪿

    • Let the Brits and the Americans deal with Gender Identification (they’ll probably make money out of it as well) and we’ll keep things as they are in the Caribbean …

  11. All this come to you by a some persons who suppose to have the highest form of education…. See way the generation of dunce coming from really educated fools…. A teacher once told me if I come to you and say that I want to cut off my hand a perfectly good working body part… most persons will say I’m crazy ….. but if I say i want to willingly cut off my private part most person would think perfectly fine…. Let that sink in…. Teach your child the correct thing stop follow and try lead….

  12. Comply or you die! There is no getting around this policy. They’re forerunners were the head of the Pyramid_Scheme in the New World Order, since, the days of Pius I to Constantinople to Jesus_Of_Lubeck to Windsor Palace to Capitaline Hill.
    A few other observations from the previous comments…
    A…Establishing your own ‘Christian Institutions’ with own values, heck, the vestries and catacombs of the original Christian institutions were the breeding grounds and spreads for the same gender relationships to take hold in society’s and culture’s.

    B. Unless, these Christian Institutions which would be established in the Caribbean region have businesses to absorb their graduates, they’ll still have to play, by the same rules/policies which they’re running from.

    So, which is it? Example, one becomes an attorney through the ‘Christian Institutions,’ that attorney will still have to abide by the laws, sworn to uphold.

    Take for example the Jews. They have their own educational systems in place but, their products, services, businesses are not separated from those that they are opposed to religiously. Take for example the manufacturing of foods, medicine. They stay clear of certain foods but they manufacture them to make money. They have patents galore on pharmaceuticals, yet many of those pharmaceuticals do.not find their way into their medicine Cabinets. Get the drift.
    You can respect everything! You don’t have to accept everything.


    Live and let live otherwise, you’ll stay traumatize.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards


    I can’t take their designations with me but whether or not I like it, I must take my godgiven designation as a MALE with me!!!

  14. I have no issue with a person identifying as WHATEVER, but don’t force it on me. I can’t and won’t accept that.

  15. WOW Finally Antigua is coming into the 21st century !!! Welcome, we’ve been expecting you lol. I can’t wait to see boys in skirts and girls in tuxedo at the junior calypso. Now continue and get this into each and every school on the island bar none. Don’t stop now keep the ball rolling ! All single sex schools like sja and ckhs should be abolished, they are damaging and offensive !!

  16. God created male and female genders but Satan wants 100+ genders to confuse God’s laws. These idiots won’t be able to fix it until they open the Bible, read and obey. You all are confused folks🤔

  17. The sad thing is, they probably don’t really care about the homosexuals, probably just looking to benefit from some “social good” marketing and hiding in the crowd. Beware though, this can backfire (Bud Light anyone?)

  18. Lmaooooooo




    Lmaooooo so what next y’all plan to change the term PROCREATION tOOOOOOO!!!

    Eyyy yoooooooo
    If this country EFFING DUNCE one more time
    Lmaoooo y’all actually thought hey
    Let’s stop using genders lmaooo meanwhile


    Lmaoooooo YALL FUCKING SICK ME!!!



  19. It is a matter of UWI wanting to receive more funding from organizations and countries pushing their “gay agenda “. Anything for a dollar.

  20. @Hmmm that’s my point exactly so it doesn’t matter how much you dress up as a woman born as a male you can never n will never be one hence the reason you will be address as the sex you were as are.

  21. I am currently a black Caribbean student enrolled at UWI. But I identify as a white member of the Royal Family, so I guess I am excluded from UWI’s gender policy …at least until Jamaica kicks out the monarchy…

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