New Trial Date Set For Defamation Case Against Queen Ivena


A new trial date has been set for defamation for which Prime Minister Gaston Browne filed against renowned calypsonian, Lena “Queen Ivena” Phillip back in 2017.

The new date was set for February 20, 2020 following an adjournment in the High Court yesterday to facilitate the filing of important trial documents.

In July of this year, the Prime Minister sued Antigua and Barbuda’s first female Calypso Monarch over lyrics in her song, ‘Nastiness’.

Nastiness is very critical of the Gaston Browne government and the head of government himself.

Queen Ivena had since maintained that there were “no slanderous lines whatsoever” in the song.



    • Zackie these days…. You do know there is precedence for this? Eddie Mansoor while serving in the UPP admin took a calypsonian (Eugene Silcot) to court over his lyrics and won. Similar has happened in Dominica with a calpysonian there who goes under the name of ‘Checko’ . Brethen why is is so hard for you to apply the concept of treat others as you (or the party you support) would like to be treated when it comes to the PM? Your not doing this makes you look bitter

      • If he can’t stand the heat and is thin skinned, then he should get out of the kitchen. There appears to be enough ill gotten gains to provide him with a profitable retirement.

    • Defend what?? She can’t be “wrong & strong”

      She allow Kublai to make a puppet out of her. Now where is he to contribute to her defense fund??

  1. What is wicked ? If Ivena defamed our Prime Minister She should be punished. Let JUSTICE take its course.

    Zackie …Please take POLITICS out of this…

  2. I know this is NOT pertaining to this topic. I was hearing in the news that there was SABOTAGE to the Observer Radio Equipment. I also saw on the news the location of the equipment. I listened to Tanny Rose on ZDK Radio a couple of days ago. Tanny Rose said “that there was No Sabotage and The Observer Group allegedly staged this act in order to raise funds for Their Establishment which is at the moment experiencing financial difficulties.” Where the equipment is located I personally find hard to believe that anyone would risk Their life to perform this act. I believe Tanny Rose.

  3. …Wah U say, inna Rum Shap!
    …Wah U hear, inna Rum Shap!
    …mek um tap dey!
    …’cause, a de end a de day
    …wen U put um, inna sang,
    …and, get Cappy Rights fu Um
    …U haffu go prove Um!
    …before, wan Judge
    …and, U dun know
    …dat, a dem run de show!


    Did you listen to the HON. Gaston Browne on Pointe FM 99.1 yesterday ? The Observer Radio antenna is very very old . The breakdown is due to WEAR and TEAR . Observer need to raise money to repair Their ANCIENT equipment and stop blaming the General Public. SHAME SHAME on Serpent and Dave Lester Payne for Blaming Persons when They know the real cause of the problem.

    I will advise you to listen to Pointe FM 99.1 on Saturday afternoons from 4pm onwards to hear the truth . Saturday afternoons all Antiguans and Barbudans are tuned to Pointe fm 99.1 to hear our ESTEEM Prime Minister Hon. Gaston Browne.

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