New Timeline- Barbuda Airport to Receive Final Approval for International Flights within Weeks


The Cabinet was assured that the new Barbuda Airport will receive the final approval within weeks that will allow it to receive flights, originating from outside of Antigua and from Antigua.

The air terminal and other systems required have all been installed.

The movement of Immigration and Customs Officials to permanent places in Barbuda is also being arranged.

A full shift of officials will be required at the newest international airport in our Eastern Caribbean, in order to service the visitors who will begin arriving shortly.

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  1. It is called Mellysyndrome. Remember Melfors said every week covid vaccine was coming in weeks. Same applies to what is taking place here.

  2. Gaston “dos semanas” Browne, que sabe, todas las cosas marines y cristo de jesus venir pronto.
    Antiguans donde esta sus cohones?
    Papi no esta bueno.
    Pregunta su bambino’s.

    Spanish y Spanglish no estan votando ABLP. Papi esta un mentiroso.

  3. Water in two weeks. LIAT in the sky in weeks. Cemetery opened in weeks. The courthouse on High Street opened by Friday. That was two weeks ago.
    When will these idiots just stop talking and just do something? The empty promises are just piling up with no end in sight.
    150 million to do roads.
    Lies, lies,lies and more lies,with the piglets and puppies trying daily to justify the failures. The Browne DAWG and his hoodlums just keep on spilling the lies.


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