New private medical facility opens in Antigua and Barbuda


OPM: On Monday, Prime Minister Gaston Browne was invited to tour Antigua and Barbuda;s newest private medical facility, the Rovier Surgical Suites.

The surgical center is owned and operated by obstetrician and gynecology physician Dr. Gwendolyn Fevrier-Roberts, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist Dr. George Roberts, and daughter Dr. Nicole Roberts.

The facility, which houses four (4) beds and a fully operational surgical theatre in the Ramco Building, will primarily focus on ambulatory surgery or “day surgery”.

Day surgery is a system in which a patient comes into the suite for a surgical procedure, has the operation, recovers, and is released from the facility in a single day. Dr. Fevrier-Roberts indicated that the new medical facility will also have the capacity for overnight stays.

During the tour, Prime Minister Browne congratulated the family-owned medical practice and assured the doctors of his government’s commitment to supporting medical development.

PM Browne said, “having a close family, and at the same time being able to make a very important economic contribution to the country is significant. Your contribution is not limited to medicine it’s even the business of medicine, which is great and, we commend you. I want to wish you our continued support. Any assistance you may need, once it is within our means, you can rest assured that it will be forthcoming.

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  1. Congratulations Dr. and Dr. and Dr. Roberts. What a great family. As they say Put your money where your mouth is. Do not look to the government to do everything for you. Or wait till a foreigner comes and makes the investment.
    Congrats and all the prosperity in your business endeavor.

  2. A commendable move by the Robert’s family…… However, I hope the services will be affordable for the common man and not dependable on those persons who have an insurance. It is full time that MBS provide benefits for surgical services at these private institutions.

    • They do. People sometimes even travel overseas to get surgery done and get a refund from MBS. However, it is never 100%. Therefore, you must find out how much they will refund.

      • If you are Jackie Quinn, you get a “gift” of about US$500,000.00 to pay for medical treatment and not tell taxpayers if you have repaid even a hairpenny of their tax dollars.

        You think the “common man” could get such a sweet “gift” from MBS at the command of Baldwin Spencer??

        • Getting the money is one thing. Showing that you used it all to pay your medical bills is another. I thought parliamentarians were covered under the State Insurance Company Medical Plan. If that is so, she may have received two sets of monies. Transparency will do.

    • I’m sure they will be willing to cater to anyone who is able and wiling to pay their fee. Let’s not forget that he has invested his time and money into this venture and nothing related to medicine is cheap these days. Many of us would not be alive if it were not for this man. I myself may never be able to afford his services but I congratulate him nonetheless and wish him all the best.

  3. @Smh: What world do you live in? Parliamentarians around the World get the best healthcare treatments. In the USA,the Congress made up of both Houses get the best healthcare coverages anywhere in the World.So why are hung on Jackie? Doesn’t the same coverages applied to all Labor Party Members of Parliament.Stop being a dumb ass.You need to go and swing on the bus pole.

    • No! The same coverage does NOT apply to other MPs. Just Jackie Quinn under the “leadership” of Baldwin “Can’t Call Figures” Spencer. How many more “gifts” does she need? A whole bus from the South Korean president was her latest one. Tired of seeing the average person having to resort to Fish Fry and BBQ to raise funds for medical treatment when Baldwin Spencer ensured that a “gift” of approximately US$500,000.00 was allotted to Jackie.

      MBS has nothing to do with Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 or the one for Jackie Quinn and Lovell. Fair is fair. US$500,000.00 for Jackie Quinn while the custodian at a certain school has to “find their way” to raise $$$$ for medical treatment.

  4. Money n position talk. Poor ppl will always get knock bout not just in Antigua, all over this statement apply

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