New Police Unit To Fight Theft Of Agricultural Produce

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodeny

Anti-praedial theft units are being organized by the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, the government has announced.

Although farmers are encouraged to rely on the new technology to help catch thieves, the Police must play a significant role in apprehension and prosecution, the Cabinet said on Wednesday.

It said rapid response and good communications will form the basis of the teams’ operation.

The country has for many years struggled with the problems and overtime several recommendations have surfaced.

There have been few convictions under the predial larceny act.

The police is expected to provide more details about the unit soon.

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  1. Very well Mr Commissioner. And when you are setting up that unit to investigate anti-praedial larceny, there has been much talk lately about the police unwillingness to investigate persons in high office who is accused of molestation. We cannot have a society where persons are held to different standards simply because of their political or economic status. It is the police force that is being called into disrepute. Do your job and do it without fear or favour.


      Not sure what my good friend Audley is on to.

      The Acting Commissioner never said he was setting up ‘…Anti- Praedial Larceny Units.’

      Agreed, likened to every other member, a Commissioner shall perform his duty;

      (a) ‘…Without fear or favor;

      (b) …malice or ill-will’ according to law.’

      Agreed too, that this shall be seen as consistent with the ‘…subscribed Oath of office’ [Section 17: Police Act: Chapter 330].

      How would you write Audley?

      Remember, ‘…Duncy Bat,’ is emerging with high marks nowadays.

      Got to stay two notches ahead.


    What has the picture of the Acting Commissioner to do with an initiative he has said nothing about, particularly as it relates to ‘…Anti-Praedial Theft Units’ being established within the Police Service he commands?

    If this is ‘…Government Information,’ why not the picture of the Minister with responsibility for Agriculture accompanying this news report?

    It shall not be seen that the government manages the Police Service.

    Not only bad for public perceptions, but also might be seen as a ‘…knee-jerk reaction.’

    Might also be seen as the Ministry shirking and foisting its responsibilities on law enforcement.

    Farmers might be more happy to know that the Ministry was trying to reduce their miseries.

    Not sure how the Units will function, but sure none would wish to be called ‘…Farm Police.’
    Also know that ‘…no Police Stations’ would be built on farms across the nation to house the Units.

    With greater collaboration with the police, the Ministry should be able to bring some respite to the aggrieved farmers.


    From professional and personal knowledge, the Ministry of Agriculture was the ‘…registered owner of several shotguns.’

    There were several employees who were called field-officers.

    They had a dual role in;

    (i) ‘…Shooting stray or trespassing animals; and

    (ii) …Offering protection to the farming community.’

    They were ‘…police-trained in the operation, use and care of the assigned shotguns.’

    They were all issued ‘…Firearms (Employee) Certificates.’

    This initiative can be revived.

    There may also be amendments to the Praedial Larceny Act, ‘…making possession of Praedial produce; …animal; or …meats,’ by eliminating the ‘…evidential burden of identification of property’ and making the offence one of ‘…Strict Liability.’

    Thus, for protection of farms, (with farmers finding a lawful way to protect themselves), and to ensure food security, ‘…convicted persons shall be confined to prison with orders for compensation.’

  3. Famalaaaaay! If it was then who really thief you Hag then maybe you may finally get some redress!

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