New Opposition Leader Names His Senators, Leaves Out Lovell

Pringle being sworn in as Opposition Leader
Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle today named his four Senators revealing that Party Leader Harold Lovell will not be going back to the Upper House.
The decision was reportedly taken after consultation with the leadership of the party.
The four persons selected are 1. Richard Lewis 2. Shawn Nicholas 3. Damani Tabor 4. Johnathan Joseph.
The party said there was a list of 8 highly deserving persons but only 4 could be selected.
“We will consider Senate rotations going forward in order to give other deserving individuals the exposure and the opportunity,” a memo said.
It thanked the entire management team and candidates for a “robust and strong campaign” and said it was now time to regroup and move forward.



  1. Why is Damani Tabor back on that list? Couldn’t give someone else a chance to gain the experience? Why not Lamin? He got quite a number of votes.

    • Having a number of votes and having the ability to effectively response to questions, think on the spot and make valuable contributions are totally different. Pringle recognises that he needs people with common sense thus the reason why he choose the way he did. Smart move

      • Could not Lovell “effectively response to questions, think on the spot and make valuable contributions”?? And look where he is for today. Give Lamin a chance. Even though he had to “gather my thoughts” and admitted “I wasn’t prepared” he can be coached and trained in public speaking and critical thinking. He put up a good fight in ASW.

        “Pringle recognises that he needs people with common sense…”

        Are you insinuating that LAMIN NEWTON does not have common sense?

  2. Lovell finish now. This time he’s been kicked to the curb by his own party. He should simply resign as leader and make room for new blood. He tried, but a failed (several times now). Perhaps he flip flopped too much. He change his ideology according to whatever wind was blowing. He can ease off now, take a long rest, and simply retire. I wish him well.

  3. @ CErmle – you really serious? “The decision was reportedly taken after consultation with the leadership of the party”. Please get real.

    • It is quiet obvious what is happening to Harold Lovell he is finish as the leader of the UPP and I can’t be vex with them after such a crushing defeat at the polls. They only gain 1 seat and was by 10 votes and it is clear that the BPM is all of self. Also Mr. Lovell show of poor sportsmanship his long slicence after the elections does not speak well of him. For the UPP to make any impact for the next elections they need a new leader.

    • No one can teach you to think critically ,some things are just naturally inherited traits.. You either have certain skills or you dont.

      @Me -Would you attempt to go back to the polls with Lovell in tow? You had better believe he is the main cause not the only, of the UPP rapid descent to annihilation . As for me he needs to take his top Executive with him also,which means the UPP must make a complete fresh start,with new faces-which also means it will take another 10years before they can be a force to reckon with..The ABLP has dealt the same cards they did to the then PLM/UNDP. Wipe them out..

  4. Oh my why y’all do poor Mr. Lovell like that. The man still believe in delivering hope and you guys kick him to the curb for TaborđŸ˜‚ and what about Chester HughesđŸ˜‚ you could have put him back in the senate. Shawn NicholasđŸ˜‚ in there again after she lost twice to the man who hand pick her to be his replacement but she could not wait her turn so he had to school her again. Look at a weak opposion.

  5. Clearly, nobody who are signaling Harold’s demise asked Mr. Lovell if he wanted to go back to the Senate.

    • Wonder why he don’t want to be in the senate being that when he was elected as leader of the party he made it clear that he a part of the senate hmmmmmm. Lovell is done

  6. LOVELL can now ride off into the sunset. Focus more on his law practice and teach others to learn from his fatal mistakes. He is merely reaping what he sowed. What goes around comes around. What he did to Joanne Massiah, he was doing it to himself (without even realizing it). “Time langah dan rope” me granny use to always say. R.I.P Lovell

    • She also LOOKS TIRED. The bangs under her eyes and the natural hair plait are superficial signs of an internal exhaustion. How many more times will she allow the UPP to use her as their puppet against Robin? Frankie Nunes did wayyy better than her and he was melanin-deficient, so that alone tell you of her chances.

  7. Its good to see some fresh faces in Parliament. Congrats to Mr. Pringle very happy for you and you have a great journey ahead. Doesn’t matter what flavour of pringles you come with Gaston is going to eat you alive so be prepared and make sure you can answer questions forthwith and don’t have to gather your thoughts. And your so called friends from Tyrells and Swetes who think this is a boasting and bragging game in parliament acting like they are the don daddas need to know that you have not arrived as this is some very deep waters and your not groomed for politics as yet but will get there and i hope you can take the pressure

  8. Could someone with better reasoning power and good commonsense join the discussion. Don’t jump on Lovell. When the member from city east could not leave his bed to campaign, I didn’t hear the opposition ridicule his situation, so what is that saying. The UPP obviously has a planned strategy that you do not know about. Let them work it out

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