New National Identification Card Coming “Very Shortly” – PM


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says blockchain technology will soon be utilized to create a new national identification card for Antiguans and Barbudans.

The prime minister did not go into details about the card but said, “very shortly we should be introducing a national ID for Antiguans & Barbudans.”

He said it would be better “than having these different pieces of ID; drivers licence, Birth Certificate and so one can carry a common ID number or national ID number.”

He said the first step is to obtain the data.

“So we are going to move pretty quickly, so in order to secure the data to make sure that it is immutable and easily traceable and so on we want to utilize that technology.”

Browne added “especially that whole aspect of the immutability of it so you can’t change it. That is very important when you have these kinds of secured documents you need to have immutable records.”

He said the new national identification card will help prevent fraud and improve efficiency in the public service.

“You note too that even at the birth and death registry people have gone and change birth and death certificates for nefarious practices, now if we had those under block chain they will not be able to do so.

The technology itself is far more secured and it will also improve efficiencies within the public sector,” Browne told Pointe FM on Saturday.



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  1. What’s the point of this … no other country has a country ID .. their form of ID is usually a drivers license of a Non drivers ID for those who don’t drive .. it looks like a drivers license but states that it’s a non drivers ID

    Antigua is always doing the most … instead of investing in this use the money and get the country some desalination plants and GET THE COUNTRY CLEAN WATER!

      • Priorities in our country are so backwards. Why is a national Id using blockchain priority? Can you honestly say that this is something that is needed NOW? Let’s not simply defend nonsense for defending sake.

    • Most countries in the world have National ID cards, most of Europe does. Singapore does. Japan does. Mexico does. Antigua needs a national ID card right away! I agree with this proposal!

  2. So the prime minister wants to trace us using block chain technology
    Our privacy is been vialoted with this bull shi. Why is this so important, they just want to keep track of every citizen, people wake up we don’t want this

  3. Is this is another creative way of milking money from the backs Antiguans and Barbudans.? Didn’t we just replace the passport.?
    Stop the madness !!!

  4. This is just becoming really dumb find ways to increase water production and storage is it money that we don’t have that’s going to be used for this

    • @warner,cynthia;There is Apartheid in Antigua.Have you been up to YIDA.The Country within a Country.You would be needing that special issued ID to get into YIDA Country.When YIDA’S Coast Guard stop you on the seas around his Country.You better have good reasons to be in that Country’s water,and your proper ID.

  5. Is Calvin running the country?

    Why why why?

    We can do our own ID system. We do not need any caucasoid to do something so elementary.

    Our school children can do this.

  6. ANTIGUA NEWS ROOM:I am glad that you are letting the people of Antigua and Barbuda know the updated news.However,why would persons have to listen to Point Radio Station.To know what is going on in the Nation.When we the tax paying people financed a National Media House ABS.Who are the financiers of that Point Station.Who are the owners of that station.Could you tell me if Share Charity,has anything to do with that Station.I am just asking a question.I am not implying anything.Just seeking info.

  7. That is the system that is being used in China to date, and was issued to everyone there during the covid pandemic. Ay attention people, who running the country, Antiguans or China

  8. This is what I’m talking about the prime minister don’t even consult with the public first just do as they like with people like we’re some animals. The government is controlling 99% of the people, we as the people should be controlling the government not the other way around. Why the hell we need another ID again. Just ridiculous this makes no sense. They want to tag us like f@#king animals

  9. There are more pressing issues to be sorted at the moment. This is NOT A NEED IT IS A WANT what GASTON WANTS. Man get ur sht together πŸ˜‘πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ

  10. Calvin, Butch S, and to big to fail are running the country.
    The PM and his cabinet are a bunch of buffoon stooges.

    These are the type of blacks that are called traitors.

    Economic wealth should never be used as a threat to the lives of blacks.

  11. So everybody is caught up with this Carona Virus madness its more than a virus its more about changing times the Bible has to be fulfill all if what is taking place is the platform for the AntiChrist dont worry others will be doing it soon itd not the prime minister who so much who wants to track us its the higher heads of this wicked system that we are living under.

  12. This is Signs Of The Times.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Miss Blaize. Eat Healthy. Fruits and Vegetables are very important. Immune System must be healthy to cope with this virus.

  13. Some are saying the anti-Christ is sitting on the throne in the US White House. Could that be? I don’t know?????

  14. Antigua needs a national ID card now. This will help protect against illegal immigration and increase security.

    I fully agree with PM Browne!

  15. You know its Calvin Ayre who will be getting the contract to provide this service. Imagine everyone in the country and everyone to be born will get one, and he gets a slice of that pie. I say open it up to other entrepreneurs to participate in this

    • @Johnny
      You know Calvin Ayre made substantial contributions to Antigua to assist with the corona virus pandemic. I guess he has to repaid somehow with a little left over for his friends.

  16. Waste of money. We need clean water. Buy the parts and fix osmosis plant. Fix the roads , find ways to widen the roadsnd

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