New COVID-19 regulation introduces fines and jail time for lying to health authorities


A recent amendment to the Public Health Act (Dangerous Infectious Disease) Regulations 2020 now makes it illegal to lie or withhold information from health officials.

The update, which was posted in the Gazette last week, stated: “a person who knowingly, wilfully, or maliciously provides false information or withholds any relevant information with regards to any question posed by the relevant health authorities in relation to their movements or travel history, commits an offence”.

According to the amendment, anyone who contravenes this regulation “is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars or to imprisonment for six (6) months or to both such fine and imprisonment.”

Since March, 101 cases of COVID-19 has been recorded in Antigua. There are six active cases and three people have died from the disease.

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  1. A step in the right direction.
    Now, let us see if going forwards, this, & all other C-19 regulations, will actually be ENFORCED to all ‘levels’ of society, irrespective of connections, power & kash.

    Also, if someone LIES or has lied, about their travel history &/or test result status, & breaks self-isolation, that person is wilfully endangering human lives and should be prosecuted to the MAXIUM extent of the law $5,000 AND 6-months imprisionment.

    It is the only sentence fit for someone who knowingly endangers the lives of the many diligent citizens who are consistently wearing masks correctly, practicing all the C-19 hygiene protocols & maintaining 6′ distance (as 3′ hugely increases contagion possibilities).

    It is the only sentence fit for someone who knowingly endangers our nations fragile tourism economy by damaging our status internationally.

    It is the only sentence fit for someone who knowingly has increased the potential burden on our healthcare providers and the cost of that, both in $ and human effort, illness, sacrifice.

    It is the only sentence fit for someone who knowingly has given business places & government spaces additional stress, loss of productivity, loss of revenue and cost to facilitate additional deep cleaning & sanitation.

    Stay Alert and let us see what actually happens.

      You need to stay alert to the con job being played on the people of our country regarding the covid-19 scare. They talk about CASES as if that has any importance. The number of cases is meaningless because this virus has a proven survival rate of approximately 99.99% for people between the ages of 0 up to 70. Over 70 the rate is a little lower but still not very dangerous. The yearly FLU virus kills more people but nobody is locking down the country over that.

      There is SOMETHING ELSE going on here and it isn’t about the virus.

      • You sir move to the head of the class……..what will soon come is if you don’t get vaccinated they will jail you.

      • Thank you very much will.. people get covid and get well and move on .. only a small few in relative die or become gravely ill. Antiguans need to be more educated and stop being scared into submission.

        Also to the government, please stop using these scare tactics and stop locking up the people for 6 cases …. there are ways to exist safely with covid… and that’s what we much learn and practice because covid isn’t going anywhere.

        Please stop ruining people’s lives over covid 19.

        Education is a powerful tool

    • This is all lies and propaganda . There is no scientific evidence on this .has there been an independent review on what constitutes someone been tested positive for the so called covid 19 . I hear you all with all these lies about asymptomatic . This is bullshit . Any stranger pathogens that enters into the body the body natural way to react is symptoms . To bring to alert to host that there is an intruder . and if there is no symptoms it means then the body has natural immunity to this intruder . So no need for vaccines and all this evil that you’re all a planning . Gaston brown was someone I admire until he mention that the country won’t go back to normal without a vaccine . He now confirm he sold out for money which will have no value soon .Coronavirus on the other hand is a strain of flu . So you could test positive for coronavirus but not covid . Up to now the virus has never been isolated and tested separately . It’s all lies and deceit in order to disembledge the current system of the world . That’s why they parafrasing terms like the so called” new normal . No scientific evidence that masks works but they are fining people to not wear them . When scientific study even from the CDC has confirmed that mask doesn’t works . It’s depravation of 60% of oxygen that the body vitally needs .not to mention cell poisoning by the toxicity of one own co2 that you’re breathing in constantly from wearing a face mask . The government will have to pay for these crimes that they are committing against the people . It will hit them back far worst when the shit hits the fan . There thousands of doctors and scientist that are being sensored from main stream media. Why would they be afraid to allow ppl to explore other narratives. Isn’t that what they do in court ? To weigh the case of the matter to see if it stands . Our political leaders are not true leaders they are leading us into our own demise with not even the consience to invite us into the conversation and these decisions that they are making over our heads. We need real leaders like Markus garvey , King tace , malcom x Rosa parks ppl who will stand up for what they believe in disregard of the consequences and chets of the globalist . Anyone that thinks , see this for what it is . an agenda secretly being pushed on our society . And anyone thinks that the government is not apart of it and has co-sign at our detriment , needs to remember that slavery was legal , and the governments of the world knew it was unethical and immoral but it was a nescarry evil so they turn a blind eye . According to mark twain it’s easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled . So people do your due diligence and wake and learn . This is all satanic ritual and condemnation of the human spirit to brings us back into a society where we are once again slaves and have no rights . But I must fore-warn you governments and institution , there is a higher law that governs life and whatsoever a man sow so shall also reap . So woe unto those who lead my people astray .

  2. A want see how they go jail and fine all of us. We citizens are far more in number than the idiots in govt, police and and defense force.

  3. It’s time to stop creating criminals and start to educate people. Reach persons in every nook and cranny at their level.
    How criminalizing people build a better nation? Going on the radio and mumble some words may not be understood by many so because you say something everyone automatically understands?

    The approach is a SLAVERY MENTALITY, punishment until compliance. They beat Kuntakinte until he said my name is Tobbyremember riots?

    Invest some time in educating the people. Don’t you think we have enough criminals?

  4. If people are properly educated the police will have more time to focus on Benjamin’s attempted murder and the murder of Christian.

    They got bracelets to deal with COVID19 in a matter of days. Conversely the prison has been asking for bracelets for petty offenders and water bill people.

    So you see they really do not care about the conditions at the prison and has no will to fix it.

  5. Wake up brothers and sisters. What you are watching in Antigua is the slow motion loss of your freedoms. If you do not resist you are soon going to wake up and find that you’be been enslaved.

    This all is being done SLOWLY in the hope that people won’t notice. When you finally DO NOTICE, it will be too late.

    Time to fight back and say, hell no, we will not allow you to steal our freedoms. We want our freedoms back NOW.

  6. MELCHESIDIC YOU ARE SO Right .Some real good comments’on here especially about slavery mentality. I live overseas seas n try to follow what’s n I see it from afar. People they are chipping away it almost feel dictatorship like.





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